Blue Lotus & Kundalini Activation - Unlocking Intuition and Inner Wisdom

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Sacred Blue Lotus and Kundalini Energy Activation with Sound Healing.


>> If you feel the calling to release stagnant energies and feel more energised, joyful, lighter.

Join us for a beautiful, releasing experience with heart-opening Blue Lotus, Kundalini Activation and Healing Sound frequencies in Horsham, West Sussex. 

BLUE LOTUS  is a sacred plant that will warm your body with a light euphoric glow and allow you to access deeper parts of your subconscious.

> The Lotus being a symbol of wisdom helps to unlock our potential. it is said that its feminine energy is unleashed as we drink the tea, that helps to open our hearts and third-eye.

>Blue lotus is linked to relaxation, tranquillity, and spiritual enlightenment. The tea is a channel that allows to show you what you need. Then, hands-on energetic healing will follow.

As the BLUE LOTUS gently helps you connect with your subconscious flowing through your body's wisdom, this facilitates the release of old stories, stagnat energies, or negativity that you're ready to let go of, through the energy flow of KUNDALINI ACTOIVATION.

You end the session with a sense of serenity, clarity, release and becoming whole.

>> This is a small private group, suitable for those seeking. Seekers of relief, peace, guidance, light, forgiveness, love and healing.

>> If desperation, grief, frustration, sadness, anger, or bitterness are calling to be released, soothed, reconciled, then this is the right place. There are no coincidences. We are waiting for you.

Sound frequencies are a key component throughout of this experience. We use sound frequencies and music as the vehicle through which we explore, discover and allow ourselves to deepen trust into our inner wisdom to release, re-connect and balance, as a whole, in a spiritually-held and safe space.

This is a practice of tapping our subconscious through surrender and doing nothing but just being, allowing.  Here, there's no intentional applied conciousness or will e.g. like breathwork or yoga. You are expected to lie back comfortably.  The less you do, the better -no mind or body efforts required.  

As BLUE LOTUS helps your gently relax, while the sound frequencies tap into your cells, your KUNDALINI ENERGY opens up, taking you into various states, may it be tranquility, euphoria, freedom, relaxation, or even tears, laughter, or emotional releases, as your inner wisdom takes charge to restore balance.

Through the session, you will reconnect with your mind, heart and body, releasing stored tension and promoting a sense of embodiment.

We're based in a serene private venue, in Horsham, West Sussex -away from any hustle and bustle.

This is a space intentionally created to be a safe container for those who need to express and heal. All is welcome


If you feel the calling to explore within, heal, let go of the past and negativity and feel free, whole, join us.


You're welcome.

Take this invitation to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Join us at the BLUE LOTUS + KUNDALINI ENERGY ACTIVATION in HORSHAM. 

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