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Location Bristol, UK

Ace Collectiv


Ecstatic Dance Bristol

1st & 3rd Sunday of every month
10:30 - 14:00
Simpleweb, 86 Bedminster Parade, Bristol, BS3 4HL

~ Lineup & Tickets ~

01/10 ~ Osara x Kyle Rose (Journey2the1)
~ Ecstatic Dance w/ Live Music & Sound Bath
15/10 ~ Leah Luna (Berlin)
29/10 ~ Anna-Lisa (Ecstatic Dance Brighton)
05/11 ~ Mattana
19/11 ~ Osara
03/12 ~ Mira Khanya (Movement Medicine)
17/12 ~ Gaia Harvey Jackson


Ace Collectiv

Ace Collectiv is an independent and value-driven organisation based in Bristol, UK that produces alcohol-free, sober-curious and intentional parties, gatherings and events. We create held and sacred spaces; facilitating authentic connection with self and others; inviting people to connect with and align heart, mind, body and soul.

- parties, festivals, ceremonies, workshops, lectures, classes, trainings & more
- NFT membership scheme w/ discounts & other benefits
- fiat & crypto payments
- DJs, live music & sacred sound
- sound system culture, diverse dance music & New Era Rave
- free-form movement & embodiment
- held & sacred spaces
- self & community development, awareness & empowerment
- cutting edge mindfulness, health & wellness
- all ages, people & abilities welcome
- community platform & groups on Dandelion, Discord, Signal & more
- HQ in Bristol, UK

EDB Membership

Become a member to support the continuing growth of this community and benefit from a 21% discount on tickets for all of our events.

Choose what pricing plan suits you and setup a monthly Direct Debit with GoCardless via this page:

Safe(r) Space Agreement

By purchasing a ticket and attending our events you agree to respect and follow our Safe(r) Space Agreement. These agreements indicate the behaviour and rules that are acceptable and must be followed. These are put in place to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome in our spaces. 

Safe(r) Space Agreement

  • You are responsible for yourself, your wellbeing & your belongings
  • You are responsible for your own experience & interactions with others
  • Be mindful, respectful & aware of yourself & others
  • You agree to be consensual, respect other people's boundaries & ensure you give as much space as they require - if it's not a clear β€œYES”, everything else must be considered a β€œNO”
  • People can change their mind, therefore remember that a YES can always turn into a NO and that must be respected every time
  • You agree that you are able to say β€œYES” or β€œNO” in an appropriate way (a β€œNO” can be β€˜prayer hands’ or Namaste followed by a bow)
  • If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason then please let our Welfare Angel or a Team Member know immediately

Refunds & Transfers

Please note, we do not arrange refunds for tickets. We encourage ticket reselling via the β€˜Ecstatic Dance Bristol Community' group on Signal OR If you give 48hrs notice or more, before the event, we can transfer your ticket to a future date (email Osara).

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


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Ecstatic Dance Bristol



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