Soul Tribe

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Location Manchester, UK

Soul Tribe is a network of people listening to the voice of their instincts. Hearing the call to connect and explore, stepping in to the unknown with surrender and open hearts.

This is a place to share your offerings, gifts & experiences as we navigate the mass awakening. We are a Majority that is based in Manchester with expansion to other locations for retreats & gatherings.

We see the incredible things you're all doing just by being your authentic selves. So we've created this group to stay connected, to remind you all that your Soul Tribe is always here.

Use this as a place to share any thoughts or feelings, projects or events. Anything you're creating at the moment or things that have taken your interest that you'd like to share. Let us get involved and support you wherever your journey is taking you.

We are a community and we want to see you SOAR!

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