Grandfather "Medicine of the Heart" Spiritual Retreat, West Sussex

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Hosted by Kundalini Activation
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✨️💚  Feel the immense love & gratitude locked inside of you.  


2 days in beautiful Grandfather Ceremony and Spiritual Journey.    

Feel your heart loving you.  

Connect with your light.  

Find the way back to your heart. 

A journey within, heal from within, lovingly, in  beautiful all-day ceremony.

Unlock the Inner Love Within.  


✨️💚  Let your Heart lead the way.  

Come to connect, forgive, let go, soothe and heal the inner pain, the blocks and fears that you're ready to release, so you can have the space to feel your heart and the immense love within.   A clear, rested heart brings us the clarity, strength and peace to move on, forgive, accept, heal and grow.

💚   Healing Space.   

>>. This ceremony will be held during the day.  Guided breathwork, meditation, energy work and medicine music will be played to support your process. Optionally, Hapeh will be offered to deepen your journey.     

>>. A safe space to heal.  We come to heal grief, anger, shame, loss, guilt, regret, traumas, pain, repression, numbness, confusion, loneliness, hardness, inner walls and sadness.  In tears, laughter, silence, movement, stillness, expression or loudness.  We allow our hearts to lead the process.  All is welcome. 

>>  Throughout the ceremony you will be transported to the love within, above, below and around you.  You will be once more, embraced and held and loved.  Reminded of how to match your capacity to receive, to that of giving.  Gently, safely, lovingly, you release all that which no longer serves you.

An intimate, safe container. Only 3 spots (..or 4 if sharing the large double ensuite :)).  

✨️🙏   If you're longing to reconcile aspects of your life, your past, or yourself, this may be for you 💚 

If you're seeking to be able to receive and give more love, shake off emotional pain from the past, move on from grief and loss, forgive, heal, accept what is, expand your awareness, find your path, unlock your light and gifts, and just be you.  

If you have been building internal walls, but are ready to take them down and reconnect. 

If you feel a struggle,  a block to receive love, or maybe even give love.   

You may be looking for that “something”, or feel like something is out of balance, like something is missing in your life, or inside of you … but you haven't found it yet.  

Then, this healing retreat may be your invitation.   Only 4 spots. 

Awaken Your Heart Retreat by Hypnotic Remedies 

✨️🌵 Find Guidance, Peace and Be Healed ✨️💚

Plant teachers give us exactly what we need.   
This ceremony works in a gentle, some say “subtle",  and in the most loving way.  

Profound teachings and gifts unfold gently, and softly.  Speaking to your heart with tenderness, to help it release, heal and open.   

We'll go on an inner journey to help open our hearts softer and lighter, while we quiet noise from inner narratives, ego, old stories and unhelpful thinking.  So, we are open to feeling our emotions flow as they are, not as we have made them to be with our minds.  An invitation to explore unfolds, without the (inner) judgement or negativity but with gentleness and understanding. 

✨️🌵  A Spiritual Weekend  Working with Your  Heart. 

  • Friday  all-day ceremony.
  • ADD  SATURDAY  ceremony  for £200
  • Overnight stay included to ensure grounding and aide integration.
  • Saturday circle /integration, breakfast.
  • At least 2 facilitators, including an on-site psychotherapist. Small group (3 people) for maximum 1:1 attention.
  • Prep: There is an advised dieta before the retreat, it is easy to follow and we'll advise fully upon booking.
  • Integration:  Guided sharing session to exchange insights and help with your integration work and, to download any gift messages in a safe, confidential setting.

✨️🌵 The Medicine of The Heart ✨️💚

Connect with the love within you. A beautifully complete retreat using ancestral remedies and modern tools. 

  • Medicine music
  • Healing frequencies
  • All-day Andean Ceremony
  • Hapeh/Rapeh, aromatherapy, teas, smudging,  etc
  • Energy work / Kundalini Activation
  • Nature Immersion
  • Guided Somatic Work
  • Nourishing vegan meals
  • Intentional healing space laced with care and love
  • An inner journey to yourself in a space created for healing and discovery
  • Only 4 spots per retreat
  • Two facilitators.

Let the Grandfather spirit teacher show you the way in tenderness to open your heart:  receive the guidance you need right now, release and let go of what you're ready to release. 

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Ask questions from others who are on the path, share insights.  Connect.   

💚 Spiritual growth. 

Leave emotional burdens behind you and be transformed by gently opening to self-love, inner peace, forgiveness, self-compassion, gratitude, acceptance, freedom, and understanding.

Awaken Your Heart Ceremony by Hypnotic Remedies March 2024 

Let the powerful love and gentleness of the Andean Spiritual Teachers guide you back to your heart.  We're honoured to walk alongside you on this path of your expansion journey.

💚  If your heart is calling, you've arrived. You're welcome.

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2 Ceremonies + Meals + Accommodation + Psychotherapy support on site + Transformational healing from within.
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We look forward to welcoming you.
Dharmic abundance £330
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Pay it forward if you can. Syntropy creating collective prosperity by sharing with those who need it.
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From our hearts to yours: A little help on your path of self-discovery and awakening.
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