Unveiling Aphrodite Temple - London

Hosted by Temple Nights
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Beloveds, namaste, 

                                   welcome to the Temple, Unveiling Aphrodite

This sacred devotional temple will be an meditative ritual journey into adorning ourselves, and each other with maquiage, jewellery and temple clothing - as a spell, or prayer of love, s*x  and spirit. Unveiling  within us the beauty, love and s*xuality of Aphrodite and her lovers. 

We will be offering an Aphrodisiac tea made from  the herbs & flowers of this land (Rose, Mugwort & Fennel) to guide us in, towards her. 

The second half of the night will open into a free space where we can explore in pleasure play, or whatever we need to Be,  guided by this ritual energy of Aphrodite. 

This is a journey into the sacred space of the heart and sex, allowing ourselves to be seen and to see each other in our erotic, sexual beauty, in all the vulnerability and pleasure it may bring. 


Date : Saturday 6th July

Time : 10.30am to 5.30pm

Venue : A beautiful home in St Albans, London (Actual address will be emailed to you in the week before the Temple)

Cost : Price £75, Low income £65, Abundant supporters £85

Preparations & arrival: 

Please eat a good breakfast before the Temple. Come freshly showered. 

Arrive in your normal clothes as we will dress and adorn ourselves and each other in ritual space. 

Please do not wear strong smells as others may have very sensitive noses.

Please arrive on time at 10.30am. The doors will close at 10.50pm.  


Things to bring: 

  • An offering/flower for the temple shrine for Aphrodite
  • Make up, gorgeous jewellery and something comfortable, beautiful and sexy to wear
  • A veil 
  • A yoga/camping/roll matt if you have one
  • One or two pillows
  • Your lunch
  • Something tasty and delicious to share with the group for snack during the day (mince pies are welcome).
  • We will provide herbal teas and a fruit platter.
  • Bring a couple of sarongs or a bedsheet to lay on and make yourself comfortable - especially if using oils etc


Shanti & team are creating and holding a safe loving space for you, filled with beauty, ritual and play. 

We have roughly a male/female balance AND all genders are welcome and celebrated.  

This temple will be an exploration into non penetration play and devotional worship. 

This Temple is open to everyone and a certain level of awareness, openness and willingness to explore is essential for your own self-care and also the synergy of the group.  

We invite you to come, just as you are and feel. We know that being in these environments can bring up a lot of emotions. This is a safe space to welcome them and work with them in an embodied, held and ritual temple space. The evening will be held throughout. 

FOR COUPLES: Please make your agreements together before you arrive at Temple. It is totally fine if you wish to stay purely with each other during the Temple. 



We have a no refund policy for the Temple. However, you are welcome to sell your ticket on to a friend. 

If you do so, please make sure they have experience and do let us know and send us their email so we can give the info about the temple. 

If you have any questions before the night, please do get in touch with us: 

Shanti: 07875151582 


On the night itself, please call Shanti’s phone: 07875151582


Welcoming you with an open heart, 



About me


Shanti has been practising Tantra for 25 years.
She is Mama, Healer, Mover, Somatic Educator, Artist and a Creative.
She is intuitive, playful, a tribal gatherer and a little bit witchy.







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