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Join Assamiya from Heart Song Collective for an afternoon of embodied connection, self-care and creative expression in South East London, all through the magic of singing together. 

Scientists, Healers and Elders across the globe agree that group singing in a relaxed and unpressured way is highly beneficial for the body, mind and soul. It really is Medicine. We believe that this medicine is our birthright, and warmly welcome you to come and experience Song Medicine for yourself. Every voice is welcome, because every body can sing.

"If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing" - Ghanaian saying

What to expect:

At Heart Song Collective, we've moved beyond the traditional "choir" set-up as a way of singing together, and into something more flowing, less formal, more inclusive, and totally focused on how it FEELS to sing (rather than what we sound like). No sheet music, no rehearsals, no performances: just relaxed and heart-centred singing, playful connection and nervous-system-nourishment via simple, soulful music and community. You are always in choice in these sessions: stand or sit; stillness or movement; choose the voice part or parts which FEEL most pleasurable to sing; take a break and just listen for a while. The human voice dances far beyond the gender-binary, and we’re passionate about including and celebrating every adult voice. 

As well as having a nourishing and enjoyable experience of singing in harmony in a group, you will pick up professional voice tips for greater ease and confidence with singing, co-regulate your nervous system with the others in the room, and experience a human soundbath (they're super scrummy!). The songs we'll sing are especially composed for this kind of community singing by members of the Natural Voice Network, with themes of nature, what it is to be human, and gentle spirituality.

By the end of the session, our aim is for you to feel fully embodied, connected both to yourself and to the others in the room, very relaxed both physically and mentally, and musically satisfied. 

Song Medicine is for you if:

  • You used to love singing, but lost your confidence for some reason
  • You think you can’t sing, but you would like to, and you’re open to being lovingly persuaded that you can
  • You love to sing but formal choir structures don’t do it for you
  • You have been exploring different creative wellbeing practices and this calls to something in you
  • You’re a regular Song Medicine participant, and would love to get more of the good stuff from a longer, weekend session

How the afternoon will flow:

  • Group check-in, introductions and intention-setting
  • Physical warm-ups
  • Vocal warm-ups
  • Learn & sing a warm-up song together
  • Learn & sing a fun, upbeat song together (or two)
  • Tea Break at approximately half-way point (please bring a mug and biscuits/snacks to share - we’ll provide teas & plant milk)
  • Learn & sing a more mellow, meditative song together
  • Create and experience a human sound bath
  • Sharing Circle
  • Closing ritual & optional hugs
  • For those who wish to socialise afterwards, heading to the Hill Station Cafe bar next door and possibly sampling the epic a pizza from Dinner for 100 

All the exercises, shares and songs are optional, so you are in choice throughout the evening. Take time out if you want, go to the loo when nature calls, sit on a chair or the floor or stand depending on what is most comfortable for you; choose more personal space during the circles, sing with your eyes open or shut... you know yourself and your needs best, so you choose how to take part. You can't get it wrong, and your choices and boundaries will be honoured and valued. 

Please note, these are sober events, free from alcohol and substances.

Facilitator: Assamiya

Assamiya (A-sa-mee-a, she/her pronouns) is a professional choral singer and singing teacher, trauma-informed transformational coach, conscious communication teacher, and the Creatress and Song Leader of Heart Song Collective. Combining her passion and experience of group singing over the last 30 years, understanding of the voice and human nervous system, and the Natural Voice Network’s accessible teaching style and song library, Assamiya has created Song Medicine: the ultimate musical self-care practice for humans of EVERY level of experience. 

Assamiya’s deep understanding of the conditioning that can lead to disempowerment of the human voice, her passion for community and desire for ALL to have the chance to sing freely and joyfully run at the core of this practice. She is an active LGBTQIA+ ally and climate activist, and brings these values to Heart Song Collective as a community. 
As well as regular weekly sessions at the Telegraph Hill Centre (SE14), Assamiya recently led a Song Medicine session at the Ecstatic Dance Festival at Osho Leela (Dorset), and will be touring other UK festivals this Summer, including the Oxford Storytelling Festival in August. 



"It's just wonderful! I know I'm gonna really enjoy it and I know it's gonna make me feel really lovely. And I think you facilitate and hold the space really beautifully. I often feel euphoric afterwards. Very connected with everyone who is there, very calm. Like I’ve used my voice in a really nice way - a really powerful way. 100% for me!"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - David N

"This is the highlight of my week. There's a real sense of peace, especially by the end, even when the songs have been a bit tricky. You are a wonderful facilitator Assamiya - you’re joyful, playful, honest, authentic. You bring people together in a really lovely way.There's a lovely connection with the group and I really appreciate that there’s no performing, because there’s just no pressure. It’s like soul singing and I think anyone would love it." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Becky

"Before, singing was something I was quite shy about. Withheld. I didn't feel so free in my expression. Finding this was perfect! A non-competitive, non-judgmental space where everything is welcome, including my own sometimes out of tune-ness. I definitely find a sense of freedom in my voice and a feeling of togetherness. And it means a lot to me that the group is so diverse. The day or two after, I am so free and bouncy. I really recommend it!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Zahara

"Heart Song Collective’s weekly Song Medicine is a perfect way for me to find my voice in a more informal and spiritual way, giving voice to songs grounded in nature, spirit and love. Also, as a bass, it’s makes a lovely change to be able to sing in whatever range suits me. There’s no right or wrong way to sing, so I can fully be in the moment and relax into my singing. Assamiya leads in a gentle and supportive way, always with a dose of self-deprecating humour." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - David C

"As a lifelong, 50+ non-singer, I was surprised (and a little terrified!) to find myself drawn to join a singing group. However, HSC very quickly became one of the highlights of my week. Assamiya is a very welcoming, inclusive and passionate group leader who has drawn me out of my singing shell, built my confidence and helped me realise that I can actually sing!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nancy

“I just love it.There's something really magical about lots of voices coming together especially when it's in harmony. It's otherworldly. I loved the first session. There were all these different kinds of voices and didn't matter if we could or couldn't sing. It's just about expressing ourselves through voice. And it's community. I feel like there's been such a beautiful reunion between myself and my singing - to find my voice again and speak my truth a little bit more and be a little bit more.I feel so comfortable - it feels like coming home.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Roseanna

For more information and to see videos of the songs we sing, please visit


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