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After a long winter break we are back with our event series "Deep Listening Experience“. This time we picked an exquisite location to allow for an even deeper immersion into the music and sounds. Equipped with a high quality 4 point sound system in a minimalistic studio space, this place offers perfect conditions for the experience we share.

The 3 h session includes:

- Breathwork
- Humming practice for self soothing
- AAA Sound Journey „AIR“ (guided trance induction, 1 h ambient music sound journey & combined with live group sound bath, different individual treatments)
- personal reflection and integration with drawing
- Sharing Circle

The “Deep Listening Experience” is a practice of active listening to the present moment, encompassing not only the music and sounds, but also the surroundings, physical sensations and internal processes. It aims to create room for self-exploration, mental and emotional release, mindfulness and creativity. An integral part of the experience involves a drawing exercise, to reflect and integrate the experience and sharing of the personal observations in a closing circle.

Our wish is to create an atmosphere and space in which everybody feels free and safe to express authentically, where we can have real connection with others and dare to open up. We invite you to allow yourself to be real and go deep <3
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*Please note that tickets for this event are non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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