ĀKĀŚA presents RUMBO TUMBA: Ceremonial Cacao, Breathwork, Sound Bath, Live Performance

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Join us for a transformational gathering where you’ll experience our heart-opening ceremonial cacao, followed by somatic exploration, breathwork, and a sound bath. Our theme for the evening is JOY, and to celebrate, our evening will conclude with an intimate live performance by acclaimed Argentine folktronica musician, RUMBO TUMBA!



Doors Open 

Doors open from 6.30pm for a prompt start at 7pm. This gives you time to land and connect with the community before the event begins.Please plan your travels accordingly as doors will close at 7pm. This is so that we honour the integrity of our ceremonial container, respect everyone else in attendance and allow our schedule to flow as planned. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. 

Cacao Ceremony

ĀKĀŚA Ceremonial Cacao is grown from ‘Arriba Nacional’, an endangered heirloom strain prized for its exceptionally complex and unique flavour profile. Sourced from a family in Quevedo, Ecuador, our cacao is grown in accordance with traditional agroforestry principles that protect unique biodiversity.

"At ĀKĀŚA, we are passionate about co-creating a more joyful,  compassionate, and loving world. To even be able to fathom how such a world could look, we need to be able to slow down, take deeper breaths, and engage with the reality of the present moment. 

When our nervous system is on high alert (fight/flight/freeze/ fawn), it's near impossible to dream big or connect deeply.

The stimulating effects of caffeine were pivotal to the success of the Industrial Revolution. Coffee helped to sever our connection to natural cycles and replaced it with clock time; enabling us to work around the clock. We believe that the time is now for the reemergence of an ancient plant ally.

In her purest, unadulterated form, ceremonial cacao can help us slow down, reset our body’s circadian rhythms, nourish us, and help us dream a more harmonious future together."

Affectionally known as Mama Cacao, cacao is a potent heart-opening plant medicine that helps us to reconnect with love, joy, and play - our birthright.  When partaken in intentionally as a collective, she unifies our heart-fields and grounds us to the reality of abundance and love available. The ceremony will begin with an introduction to the history and properties of cacao, and will weave in elements of sensory meditation, music, vocal activation, and intention setting. 

While we are passionate about the many health-giving benefits of ceremonial cacao, there are  potential contraindications if you have any health conditions shared via this link. Should you wish to join us but have any of the listed contraindications, we can offer you a rose tea which is a beautiful plant attuned to the expansive frequencies of love. Please email us in advance to let us know so we make the necessary preparations. 

Somatic Exploration

We will drop into the felt sense, or sensations in our body to increase our perception of what we are holding onto physically, emotionally, and mentally. The latest in the field of trauma research shows us that we carry our experiences in our bodies. Through gentle guidance, we will become aware of any areas of tension in our bodies, inviting relaxation and surrender, and become aware of areas in our body that feel good to us. By becoming aware of what feels good to us, we map our pleasure, facilitating the rewiring of our nervous systems by focusing on building new neural pathways focused on the possibility of all that is good. 

Breathwork Journey

We are delighted to be co-facilitating this breathwork journey with our beloved collaborator and friend, Giulia Vaccari. 

Breathwork is a powerful tool for self-discovery and emotional release. It promotes deep transformation on all levels, and is a practice employed by mystics across cultures and history to enhance health and connect with a spiritual dimension.

How one breathes is deeply revealing of any stress or past experience that has yet to be transmuted in the body. Just think back to a time when you were stressed, anxious, angry, or sad but did not allow yourself to feel the full extent of that emotion - you more than likely held your breath, constricted your muscles, and contained that emotion as a result. These patterns of constriction later become armouring that you hold in your body…waiting to be transformed through the gentle power of your breath. Breathwork journeys are a space where you are invited to feel, to be, and to allow your full emotional range to be expressed. 

Our theme for this breathwork journey is JOY. How many of us suppressed our happiness, our pleasure, our sense of gratitude because our mind got in the way and gave us reasons why we should not feel this way when so much suffering and injustice continues to take place in the world? In this journey, we shift our attention, expand our awareness, and allow ourselves to connect with the resilience and magnificence of the natural world, of the indomitability of the human spirit, and our capacity to create the reality of our dreams. 

As a group, we'll be guided to envision, feel and embrace our highest potentials - serving as permission slips and co-regulatory partners for each other in the process. This guided breathwork journey will be supported with a combination of electronic and live music.

While we will be offering a gentle breathwork journey on the evening, there are potential contraindications for breathwork which you can check on this link. . If you have any of the conditions listed, you can still participate in the journey with some modifications in breathing style, we will offer you with options on the evening. 


We are delighted to have Molly Anne Chinner share a sound bath to support the gentle integration of insights and soothe our nervous systems as we ease into the intermission and second half of the evening. 


During this short intermission, you have the some space to journal if you wish, or to connect with other participants over light refreshments in our chill out space.


We close the evening with an amazing 80 minute set from RUMBO TUMBA, whose sounds will take us on a journey across the world to the purest places in nature…


RUMBO TUMBA is the electro-acoustic music project by Argentine multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Facundo Salgado, who has toured Latin America, Europe and Africa incessantly over the past 10 years to over 30 different countries. A craftsman of organic loops, Salgado is a one man orchestra; playing, recording and mixing an array of exclusively artesanal wooden instruments native to South America in real time. Rumbo Tumba’s live sets feature his impressive all wooden solo ensemble which constructs a unique natural sound and atmosphere that takes audiences from all over the world on a journey to the purest places in nature. The loop-based compositions highlight the refined beauty of traditional folk roots and delicately uses cutting edge digital tools to project South American folklore into the future.







Molly-Anne Chinner is a British sound healer, devotional musician and vocalist.

Hailing from the rural and wild South West, Molly’s music weaves threads of her native folk sound with her extensive work in ambient, healing, devotional and world music genres to offer a soulful listening journey as a celebration of music as healing, and a guided remembering of the Earth and all Her wonders.

After awakening to Yoga and meditation in 2017, Molly’s music blends an East-meets-West sound, incorporating elements of Bhakti Yoga (devotion) and sacred mantra with the ancient heartbeat of her beloved homelands to rewild and remember our sacred connection to the voice of the Earth.

With an extensive background in sound healing, folk music and songwriting, Molly's work today is a curious exploration into voice, sound and music as a language of the soul - creating through the weaving of her uniquely healing and ethereal soundscapes and songs - guiding the listener deeper within the body as a vessel and inviting connection with source, consciousness, Earth and Self.


Molly-Anne Chinner Spotify

Molly-Anne Chinner Website 


Giulia Vaccari is a beloved collaborator and friend at ĀKĀŚA, holding compassionate space for transformation in her workshops. Giulia found her way to yoga, reiki, breathwork, trauma releasing exercises (TRE), and biodynamic craniosacral therapy as conduits to deepening into her body and connecting with her purpose. Giulia’s mission is to help you feel more alive and safe in your body - safe to be yourself and to embrace all that life has to offer. Giulia is a registered biodynamic craniosacral therapist and certified breathwork facilitator and trainer.

Giulia Website



Lina S. Didi is co-founder of ĀKĀŚA and a trauma-informed somatic therapist working with cranio-sacral therapy, fascial integration, breathwork, embodied movement and energetic modalities. She has more than a decade of experience in the healing arts studying with global masters and is passionate about helping individuals expand the regulatory capacity of their nervous systems beyond individual and ancestral patterns so that we can co-create a more embodied and playful reality. 


Founded in 2020, ĀKĀŚA ignites connection through transformative events at the intersection of art, culture, science, and spirituality. Fueled by ceremonial cacao and the guidance of our experienced facilitators, our gatherings offer a safe space for exploration, play and growth. Unleash your potential, celebrate vibrant cultures, forge connections, and discover the power of conscious exploration with our growing community.

We look forward to sharing this special gathering with you!


PS: The venue is a private warehouse and the full address and preparatory information will be shared with you via email upon ticket purchase. *The venue has a resident cat who will not be joining in the event but if you suffer from severe cat allergies please take this into consideration.*




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