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Our retreats are powerful 2 day processes where we take you on a careful designed journey to find your own answers on the edges of what is known to you relating to your sexuality, desires, fears, and boundaries. As with every Sex Club, it's a clothes-on space where we guide you through spoken inquiries and embodied explorations all influenced and informed by modern psychology, psychotherapy somatic experience and conscious sexuality practises.

Whether you have participated in similar workshops or not, you’re single, partnered, monogamous, polyamorous, have a lot of sex or none at all, you’re invited to come as you are by yourself, with your friend/s, lover/s or partner/s. You’ll leave feeling more connected, empowered, and with practises to continue at home.

★★★★★ "What an amazing experience! Jules and Conor held a gentle, loving, and tender space that allowed me to go deep into my own experience. On day 2 they read the room and changed their plans to accommodate the mood - a masterpiece of facilitation. I would highly highly recommend any course with these gifted space-holders." - Josh Brostoff

You might be out of practise or want to refine knowing and communicating your desires and boundaries around intimacy and sexuality. Or perhaps they have shifted due to personal change. We will hold a space where you can reclaim, deepen and redefine intimacy and sexuality towards yourself and others with focus on:

  • How can we become completely comfortable communicating and hearing desires, fears and boundaries?
  • How can we become completely comfortable giving and receiving touch?
  • You will spend the weekend with a group of like-minded people enquiring and practising a series of carefully-designed exercises based around authentic connection, boundaries, communication and touch. 

★★★★★ It's not what I expected. But what I expected pales in comparison to what it actually was. This weekend was like stepping into another consciousness for a couple of days. A place to leave your social norms at the door and be playful and explore and learn about yourself. And become comfortable connecting with strangers." - David F.

★★★★★ “I can't thank you enough for the weekend. It opened my eyes to a lot of what I've been hiding from myself and really shook up the way I connect with other human beings in such a positive way. Each exercise brought me further in touch with myself and closer to understanding my sexuality. Some things were challenging to face but I am incredibly grateful I have been able to drop some of the burdens I've gotten so used to carrying." A.

★★★★★ “Very intense and confronting internally. Great work on boundaries and communication. I left with clearer clarity that my sexuality is for me and I am allowed to say no - I don't have to pretend to be into things I'm not or even desire sexual touch from another. Thank you for helping me find my no so that I can also reach my yes." - A.


As with every Sex Club, it's clothes-on space where we inquire into our sexuality via spoken inquiry, embodied explorations all influenced and informed by modern psychology, somatic experience and conscious sexuality practises.


  • 12pm - 6pm: On Saturday, we arrive together, get to know each other and build trust. We will enquire in our desires and boundaries and how to communicate them authentically. You will be encouraged to be explicit to practise articulating in a low stakes environment whilst at the same time hearing from other people and therefore expanding your vocabulary around desires, fears and boundaries.


  • 11am - 5pm: On Sunday, we go deeper together, we practise in a more embodied way, becoming comfortable with touch - how to give touch, receive and experience pleasure and will flow into an Intimacy Jam together putting together all we practised.

Over the weekend we will create a container together where through shared vulnerability and a commitment to each other we’ll create group trust so it will feel safe to go deeper into our experiences, de-armour insecurities and shame through exposure and find new confidence and comfort in ourselves as sexual beings.

We will take you through group exercises and inquiries inspired by ancient wisdom and modern psychology. Whilst we will offer a framework of exercises, this course very much focuses on tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of the group. No one has figured out how to do sex or intimacy, yet we’ve all learned something along the way. These learnings we’ll share, and piece together the puzzle of our ever evolving sexuality, whilst creating a sense of community and deep connection to your fellow explorers on the way. The space will be held safely yet bravely. It is confidential and we each share only what we feel to share. 

★★★★★ "Loved the weekend. Was so good doing the workshops in the flesh with people. It helped me to get a better perspective on some interesting behaviours and subconscious programs still at play. Love how Jules and Connors energy complement each other. They work perfectly together. It was so good that the second day was flexible. When peoples rawness came up from the second day some of the activities changed to accommodate this which was perfect! Can't wait for the next retreat in person. - George G.

As with every Sex Club it works on multiple levels. You have the opportunity to:

  • Practise speaking about sex in a trusted, non-judgemental and low stakes environment
  • Connect in person with likeminded people and join the Sex Club Community
  • Hear and learn from other peoples’ learnings, knowledge and experience
  • Process your sexuality and translate your experience into words
  • Inquiry into your desires and fears, and through awareness acquire agency to change patterns that don’t serve you anymore


  • This course is fully inclusive and valuable to everyone regardless of relationship status or model you’re in, age (18+), ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and experience, religious beliefs, income and otherwise. 
  • Although this course can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Whilst we set up a container that enables trust and honesty, we ask everyone to take responsibility for their experience. Please speak to your therapist if you have experienced abuse or trauma through touch or otherwise before you decide to take this course.
  • No previous experience in Sex Club or similar workshops is required.  
  • No partner is required and everyone will have the opportunity to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experience. You don’t need to have attended previous Sex Club workshops. Join by yourself, with your friend(s), lover(s), partner(s).

★★★★★ “Sex Club stirred up things that weren't even in my consciousness and allowed me to release some deep stored emotions. Having the space to explore my own needs and desires, hearing others sharing and seeing things from a male perspective was eye opening, freeing and has given me a lot to work on. The energy created from these course is special. I experience big shifts from this work and I am incredibly grateful to Jules and Conor for the safe space they hold and for modelling vulnerability and openness. I can't recommend Sex Club enough. In fact I've recommended it to clients, friends and colleagues, some of which have attended and have had positive experiences to share.” - Binta Patel - Personal Development Coach


  • The Sex Club Retreat is a pants-on workshop exploring non-sexual, but highly intimate, human contact. 
  • Please come wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle.
  • There will be a break for lunch. Please bring any food or snacks you’ll need to sustain you. There are also shops close if you prefer going out for lunch. We’ll provide coffee, tea, and fruits.


This is a 2 day workshop which will run on Saturday 24th September from 12pm - 6pm (London, UK Time) + Sunday 25th September from 11am - 5pm (London, UK Time). Please arrive on time as latecomers may not be admitted to create a safe space.


This venue is accessible for wheelchairs. There is one step to enter. Toilets are located on the same floor. The workshop features minimal visual cues and can be suitable for people with visual impairment. The workshop features talking and listening and might not be suitable for people with a hearing impairment. Please enquire with us if you have questions. Our UK events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask that you respect this request.

We want Sex Club to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. If you are a high earner please consider the Supporter Ticket which sponsors people with low income. We have a limited amount of concession tickets available for people with no income, please apply for a concession ticket at with your motivation to join the course



★★★★★ "Jules and Conor held the space beautifully and created an environment where I could share things I'd never spoken about before. They also encouraged us and created a framework for us to feel into how much was right to share at any moment, to stay in the learning zone rather than the panic zone or comfort zone. Lots of depth, and also lightness and joy" - Emilia M.

Juliane Mueller
I am a facilitator of transformational spaces, community builder and artist developing holistic structures and processes that further our collective evolution.

Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation, without which there can be no meaningful societal progress. To this end, I have co-founded Sex Club in 2017. A space where peers exchange knowledge and experiences, to learn from each other, deliberately process and develop their sexuality. 

I have co-founded and lived in an intentional community project in London for 4 years, developing frameworks for group process work and community maintenance. I consult on collective experience design at festivals, artist residencies and co-working environments on how to build true community, amongst others The Psychedelic Society, of which I became a co-director for 2 years. I study to become a Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy in Germany. My artistic and personal enquiry is the authentic expression of self through creativity, intellect, emotion and sexuality. I spent 10 years in the corporate tech industry before my calling into the not-for-profit sector and I remembered that I'm an artist, as we all are.

Conor Cregg
I’m a psychologist trained as a counsellor and coach. I design group processes and offer one-to-one sessions to help people to deepen their self awareness and return to their natural state of ease and flow. 

I’ve been leading Sex Club with Juliane since the beginning and I’ve found it deeply touching to see the impact it has had for participants on the courses and in the workshops. . 

My background is in psychology with a B.A. in psychology and an MSc in behaviour change, I’ve also trained as a holistic counsellor.



David Chambers - Authentic Dating Podcast: 
★★★★★ - WOW.... Just WOW. So much fun, so insightful, so open, accepting and the space was so well held. Met some amazing people and we discuss topics that i hadn't thought I would be interested in. I can't wait to the next one. My only complaint is that I wish it was all day. :)

Amy Cooper - Secret Seed Society: 
★★★★★ - I have taken part in these conversational Sex Clubs before and found them really fascinating, safe, reassuring, enlightening, lightening, stimulating and opening I recommend them. It is not therapy but it is therapeutic, it is not about kinks or being straight or queer, it's whatever the group brings. The variety makes the conversation richer and the difference between us has always seemed to be reassuring. Come if you have sex, come if you don't have sex, come if you feel convinced you know something about sex and would like to share, come if you have no idea what questions you would ask about sex or what you would share. My take home was that we navigate sex for ourselves and can find inspiration and connection from others. Try it..."

Mark Wagner - MKII: 
★★★★★ - What a blessing to have discovered Sex Club! A sharing circle where we can finally impart our experience, thoughts and feelings on a theme that concerns all of us: Sexuality. Staying well clear of personal judgement, opinions and dogma the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and most importantly acceptant of one and all. For me personally, the 'session' facilitated the integrated realisation that from here on, the evolution of my sexuality was intricately connected to my ability to communicate about sexuality.... So what better place to start than Sex Club!"

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