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Begin 2023 by moving beyond limiting beliefs and subconsciously stored trauma into an embodiment of your full truth and power with ancient healing techniques and 9 powerful plant medicines delivered to your door. 

In order for us to create inner freedom and connect to a reality that's aligned with our soul's truth, we must first go to where we are blocked and store fear from our past. Delving into the shadow, connecting with our inner child and healing trauma, we journey with tenderness through the darker corners of the psyche and into our light and full empowerment as we strip soul bare together. 

"Laura guides us in a gentle and reassuring way into the dark corner of ourselves and helps us embrace what we find there. Best investment of my time right now." ★★★★★ Emel Gunay

As we begin to move through our fears, we will begin to touch into intuition through a weaving of Ancient traditions and modern day practices such as Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkrais method, Ancient Chinese Medicine, Shamanism, Dream work and plant medicine (medicinal mushrooms and ceremonial cacao - please supply your postal address to to receive). In doing so, we will nurture a connection with a form of wisdom and guidance that's available to us through the language of the body, subconscious mind and soul language. 

Learning about the power of the quantum field, we will harness our ability to create our reality through the resonance of our thoughts, energetics and body with the ancient wisdom of Shamanic Intention Prayer and EM heart coherence. By accessing deeper inner peace and centerdness in our every day life through daily practice, mastering how to obtain inner balance and harmonised Qi (life force energy) with QiGong and Ancient Chinese Medicine, we will drop into an alignment with self like never before. 

“Such a beautiful and impactful course. It was very intelligently designed and facilitated by Laura with a seamless flow of different practices blended together. It got me to reflect, heal and get nuggets of insights and clarity in my Life. Thank you Laura for a wonderful experience” ★★★★★ Marie S 

“Laura is a phenomenal facilitator and wonderful soul. This course really helped me to start reconnecting with myself again and letting go of things that no longer serve me. I'm really grateful to have come across one of Laura's Self Love workshops and then join Recreate Your Reality with a bunch of wonderful humxns. Would highly recommend to anyone <3” ★★★★★ Sapna H

Week 1 - Opening Ceremony: Reset, Presence & start of Daily Practice 

Week 2 - Illuminating the Shadow Realms & Unexpressed Parts of Self 

Week 3 - Self worth and Wholeness ceremony: Inner Child and Healing Past Trauma 

Week 4 - Cultivating Inner Freedom 

Week 5 - Connect to my body: Tools for deep reconnection to the wisdom stored in the physical 

Week 6 - Recreate my reality: Connecting to the Quantum Field through Shamanic Intention Prayer 

Week 1 - Opening Ceremony: Reset, Presence & start of Daily Practice 

Drawing on Shamanic practice from the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon, we will begin our time together clearing our energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical pathways by entering into a ceremony of release and reset. When we do not complete emotional or traumatic experiences through processing and allowing them to pass through, the stuck and stagnant energy can become stored in the body and affect us negative ways.

Entwined with embodiment techniques such as shaking, breath work, qigong, deep meditative practices and vocal opening, we will process and purge trauma and emotions routed in fear with the intention of emotional, physical and spirtual clearing, dropping into our process of realignment and creation from a place of clarity.

This week you will be guided to start a daily process of realigning your life to live more in flow by adopting practices to nourish mind, body and soul to fit with your schedule, sent to you as part of this course. 

Week 2 - Illuminating the Shadow Realms & Unexpressed Parts of Self 

During this week, we will work with the shadow (the unexpressed, unacknowledged and suppressed parts of ourselves) to uncover any subconscious material that we are hiding from ourselves and others. In doing so, we will illuminate and bring love and acceptance to the parts of us in pain, guilt and shame, beginning to enter a more liberated inner state and clearer place to create a reality from a place of wholeness and deep self reflection. 

Week 3 - Self worth and Wholeness: Inner Child and Healing Past Trauma 

When we tune in to how we relate to and treat ourselves we are uncovering the ability to see what’s running our inner story, and creating our outer reality. 

Our relationship to ourselves is the relationship that informs all others. During this week we will tune into our deeper selves and our ability to access self love assisted by cacao. You will prepare the cacao at home before the ceremony and we will open the session and drink together on zoom. Known for its deep heart opening qualities, the cacao will assist us to release any blockages we store within our own hearts and reconnect to our truth, power and deservingness. 

Through meditation, inner child work and the 7 body wisdom areas, we will explore simple and practical techniques for deep listening, reconnection with our true worth, reprogramming of negative self talk and venturing into a deeper communion to the knowledge we contain within our cells. 

Week 4 - Cultivating Inner Freedom 

Freedom starts from within. During this week, we will master the cultivation and clearing of life force energy through Ancient Chinese martial art QiGong, clear the mind and balance our Earth element with meditation and curate more inner space through Somatic Experiencing. This development of tools will aid us in daily life to become less reactive and more in our alignment and centre. 

Week 5 - Connect to my body: Tools for deep reconnection to the wisdom stored in the physical 

We think we know so much when we are coming from the mind: the place we're so used to being in in the West. Did you know that your body as a whole integrated system contains so much wisdom - beyond that which you could think up!

This week we will dive deep into the heart, the gut, the pelvis, the legs and feet, the bones and the brain on a journey to listen more deeply to what our tissues are telling us. Connecting to body wisdom is a key to making more aligned decisions from a more integrated and complete awareness, in touch more deeply with intuition. We will also work on liberating the body from blocks and traumas in order to reach a deeper state of connection with all it's parts and consciousness.

Week 6 - Recreate my reality: Connecting to the Quantum Field through Shamanic Intention Prayer 

During our final week, we will ask our hearts what it is that we wish to create in our lives and sew the seeds within for the creation of this in community.

We will create space to connect deeply within to our hearts, and work with the quantum field to create the reality our hearts know is possible through energetic practice. We will transition to a new way of seeing ourselves, connecting deeper to the understanding of our true power as the creators of our experience. 

"I cried, I laughed, I danced - and was able to connect with a wonderful group of people once a week - the highlight of my week for sure. Lockdown saviour. Laura is so present, approachable and easy to talk to - always there to help and give advice I've done a few workshops with her now and I’m always in awe of her knowledge and the different techniques she weaves together. Grateful for the tools she's shared that I keep coming back to again and again. Thank you Laura ♥️" ★★★★★ Alex G



We understand that price can be a barrier to joining. As such, payment plans are available to fit your financial needs. Please email to set up payment plan option. 

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Laura Reeves is creative director and founder of Infinite Experience, creating experiences designed to ignite oneness and release illusions of separation. She has designed and held workshops and interactive performances on physical release and heart connection all over the world and is excited to be back in London sharing the release space, a physical medicine for the body and soul.

More about Laura: 

"A really beautiful experience - It was delicately led and a real journey through the senses and emotions - The sensations evoked were electric at some stages - Thank you" -  Emotion Release Workshop participant


• Masters in Acting from East 15 (Alexandra technique; somatic practice & training; Meisner technique; physical theatre; body connection work; Clown studies; Bouffon)

• QiGong teacher training - 1 year - in progress Mimi Kuo Deemer 

• The Wisdom of Trauma course: Gabor Mate 

• Healing Trauma course: Peter Levine 

• TRE (trauma release exercise) trainee 

• Feldenkrais 12 week course with Lavina Plonka 

• Reclaiming your six body wisdom areas course with Suzanne Scurlock

• 9 years working with shamanic diets and practice 

• Diploma in Ayurvedic studies 

BA (hons) Philosophy and Theology - consciousness studies/metaphysics - University of Nottingham and Melbourne 

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