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For locally led, Global - GLocal re-connection and restoration!

XR Being the Change Affinity Network invites you to join us for a series of presentations, co-learning and co-labouring discussions on strategy.

Because it is our heartfelt belief and intellectual understanding that:

  • We have been living in a domination paradigm for 5000 years, which sped up in the last 500 and is now reaching an end game. Strategy has to be founded in a deep understanding of what this crisis is really about, a vision of where we want to get to and a practical programme to go there. There are also known phases and components of social change work that need to be included. To address systemic issues, strategy has to harness natural forces of attraction and understand power and how to shift it..
  • Extinction Rebellion was originally launched as a tactical move as part of the strategy of Rising Up (which grew from Compassionate Revolution - a platform for “acts of art, heart and civil disobedience”). Much has been learned since then and it was suggested that a review in 2022 might be appropriate. Strategy and tactics overlap but are different. 
  • Our movement is currently largely working on the same tactic (refining and improving it) rather than developing the wider strategy. Money Rebellion was brought in as a strategic development, to focus on the economic system, and this is mirrored in the broad focus from a variety of groups (Free the Press, Trust the People, XRUnify, etc). Most importantly we have understood the need (thanks to XRISN colleagues) to work globally and concretely with communities of resistance, largely in the global south, if we are to have any chance of success.
  • An alternative strategy, which is probably not fully understood by most of us, is being driven by Roger Hallam - we will share our understanding of what this is and some friendly critique. This to provide an overview of why we feel the XR strategy needs to be different.
  • Our deepest concern is about the dangers of ecofascism when strategy and tactics centre the global north and “whiteness”, when it doesn’t share a compelling vision for how and where we are going and which doesn’t sufficiently tackle global finance and its sites of extraction - there’s much to discuss!

Note: This is a series of 3 presentation & discussion spaces on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, May 9-11th.

A small panel will make presentations, engage in discussions and take questions on the following:

  1. Monday May 9th 6-8:30pm UK time - Understanding what constitutes a strategy and the context / history of XR strategy, based on Compassionate Revolution and learnings together in XR
  2. Tuesday May 10th 6-8:30pm UK time - Understanding the nature of the crisis we are in as the basis for strategising
  3. Wednesday May 11th 6-8:30pm UK time Components of the Being the Change strategy and how this could secure deep relationships, a global rebellion and planetary repairs

You are heartily encouraged to come to all three discussions – they build off one another.

Who is initiating Being the Change?

We are the beginning of an Affinity Network, comprised of:

Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion

Kofi Mawuli Klu, co-founder of Stop the Ma'angamizi and XR Internationalist Solidarity Network (XRISN)

Skeena Rathor, co-founder of XR Visionary Cultures

Esther Stanford-Xosei, co-founder of Stop the Ma'angamizi and XR Internationalist Solidarity Network (XRISN)

Kobina Jerry Amokwandoh, Affinity Youth Network (AYN), Global Majority Vs

Stuart Basden, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion

Robin Ellis-Cockcroft, co-founder of XR Youth and RYSE – Radical Youth Space 4 Educations

The founding members of Being the Change Affinity Network

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