Being Together

Hosted by Embrace Connections
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Connect deeply with lots of lovely people on September 2nd for a day of Being Together.

A collective of Bristol’s conscious connection facilitators invites you to a full day of relating practices and opportunities to meet and go deep with many others from our community. This is for anybody in and around Bristol who wants to broaden and deepen their relationships in community. Being Together gives space, structures and skills for building relationships. We'll end the day in celebration and fun with an ecstatic dance.

Note that the emphasis will be on platonic connections. (Though if you meet somebody and fall in love, invite us to your wedding!) While emotional and physical intimacy is welcomed, all touch in the space must remain non-sexual. 



The day will include embodiment, authentic relating, play, touch, movement, dance, and more, with time for reflection and processing and breaking bread. 

  • Opening
  • Meeting on the Dance Floor
  • Ribbon Dance
  • Lunch (bring & share)
  • Authentic Relating & Circling
  • Contact Napping
  • Dinner (own choice)
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Closing

Meeting on the Dance Floor


This session teaches non-verbal communication tools and gives permission for people to be more authentic and braver in public with strangers. 

A perfect way to meet and open connections with many other participants at the event, before diving deeper later on. 


Treasure is passionate about human connection, and helps people connect better with Embrace Connections.

Ribbon Dance


Wrapping each other in ribbon is a fun way of playing with holding, touch, weight sharing and playfully tying each other up. We move from slow and sensual connection to movement and group play in this platonic, sensual and fun workshop.


Neil helps people rediscover curiosity, confidence and calm in relationship with others and themselves on their pathways of self-discovery with Positively Mindful.

Authentic Relating & Circling


After lunch, we will bring all that lovely embodied connection and start to include the realm of words. We will play authentic relating games, speaking from our embodied truth to connect with ourselves and each other. 

Afterwards, we will go deeper into connection through the practice of circling. In groups of 4/5, participants will explore one person’s world in more depth.


Robin Prospect accompanies people on the path to wholehearted living. Grow in Harmony is the thread of intention running through her work.

Contact Napping


In the evening, we venture into the realms of physical contact. Starting with boundary setting and expressing vulnerability around touch and closeness, we then co-create a faciliated cuddle puddle.

A guided group meditation invites a shared sense of support and security. 


Chris helps people move through life with more ease and purpose. Together we find ways to be less stressed, more present, and more embodied. 




+ 30 people

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