Belly2Belly Alchemy - for the heart, mind, body and soul *SOLD OUT*

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Hosted by Eshana Spiers
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"Belly2Belly has given me the template of what I want to call in for my next relationship"

This magical practice keeps completely igniting my soul in a way that nothing else does. Belly2Belly gives a new imprint for relational safety, a new experience of staying with yourself whilst being in connection with another, a new opportunity for emotional intimacy and attunement. A heart lead practice that is so deeply touching to its core. It feels like the most tender privilege to welcome people into this space of the heart, body and soul.

Belly2Belly is a relational breathing meditation, that supports you in to the sweet softness of your parasympathetic nervous system. You will be guided into connection with yourself first, to slow down and feel, to be curious about what is present and alive for you. In this rich place of self intimacy, you will be filled with your own love, your own presence, your own realness. From here, you will be invited into connection with another person, slowly moving into physical contact, resting in stillness, resting in being. This is an intimacy practice, with nowhere to get to, nowhere to go, but to be present to yourself in relation to the other. It is simple. It is deep. It is profound.

This will be a non sexual space where touch and holding is offered from the heart. 

"It was a sheer delight to feel so blissfully relaxed, in touch with my emotions and so in tune with my partner, the others in the room and your beautiful self"

Would you like to deepen the connection you have to yourself and your body? To feel nourished in your own skin and to let your essence shine through?

Do you want to feel supported to down regulate, to feel a sense of calm and ease? To understand how to anchor inner safety? To slow. right. down and tune in to the call of your heart?

Do you long for more connection and community? To learn a new way of being with yourself in relation to others? To connect in an authentic way, where you can build trust and be held in a gentle and loving healing space? To connect with another to the level you feel safe and comfortable with.

This workshop will support a deep coming home to yourself, connecting to who you truly are beneath the layers of conditioning and trauma, a remembering of who you really are.

Each exercise will support you to rebuild your inner guidance system, learning the wisdom of your body, experiencing what your boundaries are and learning how to communicate what is true for you in each moment.

"From this practice it felt like I was not alone anymore, as if I had eased into a lightening of the spirit, like a release that puts me back into connection with others"

Investment for this workshop

£50 - £70 (£1 booking fee)

£50 - Low income

£60 - Standard ticket

£70 - Abundant / pay it forward

"It felt like something especially magical happened in the space…You definitely waved your fairy dust!"

Workshop Facilitator

Eshana is a Cuddle Queen. She started running snuggle spaces after lockdown, in response to the negative impact people were experiencing from not receiving any touch during the pandemic. She felt so passionate about this that she flew over to the Netherlands to train as a trauma informed cuddle workshop leader and more recently attended the Belly2Belly facilitator training developed by David Cates and is being mentored by Rachel Rickards.

Eshana delivers cuddle and connection workshops in Brighton, Forest Row and West Hampstead, has facilitated at many conscious festivals across the UK as well as training other practitioners to become cuddle and nervous system regulation workshop facilitators. 

When she is not supporting people to get super snuggly, she works one2one as a Psychosexual Somatics Coach, online and at her practice in Forest Row and is training to become a Clinical Sexologist. She also teaches Relationships and Sex Education in schools and colleges, from freshers students at Cambridge University, lively 14 year olds in South London and home schooled young people in Sussex. 

Connection, intimacy and sexuality are the golden threads that run through her work. Passionately supporting people to engage with life from their hearts, power, sexuality and vulnerability.

This event is sold out

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