Ecstatic Pride with Gaia Harvey Jackson

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Hosted by Faye Louise
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Ecstatic pride is a unique blend of the colourful, queer, self expression of a pride event and the safe and sober space of an ecstatic dance. These two experiences combined can allow you to explore all the different sides of yourself and truly find self love.

Join us for a multi-genre musical journey where you can explore all the parts of yourself. You are invited to move, dance, play and express yourself on the dance floor, however you feel. A space to open yourself up to your silly, sassy and queer parts. You could experience celebration, play, inspiration, rest, joy, self discovery, self love and a whole lot more.

This is a safe and inclusive space for everyone, all humans are welcome.

What is ecstatic dance? 

Ecstatic dance is a practice for people who wish to express themselves freely and explore themselves deeply. It is a place for you to let go, recharge and flow through movement from the inside. Unlike clubbing, ecstatic dance sets are built like "waves" moving from slow and mellow, to very dynamic and everything else in between; gently guiding you to stretch your body and mind in many directions, to experience the vast spectrum of your emotions with mindfulness and wild abandon. Most of the time when people dance it is to look good to others, but here, we dance to connect with our authentic natural selves. You are welcome just as you are. 


Please read through our ecstatic dance guidelines. These are in place to ensure that everyone is welcome and has a safe experience in the dance. 

  • Be Free – dance how you want, be free and express yourself
  • Be sober – this allows us to be fully present
  • Be embodied – no talking - lets put words aside for a few hours
  • Be present – no phones, no cameras
  • Be barefoot – no outsides shoes
  • Be consensual – respect your own boundaries and the boundaries of others, if it’s not a clear ‘yes’, it’s a ‘no’


6:30pm - Welcome into the space, a chance to stretch, warm up or connect

7:00pm - Opening circle

7:15pm - Ecstatic dance 

7:30pm - Doors close

9:20pm- Sound bath

9:45pm - Closing circle

10:00pm - Event finishes - the option to connect with others whilst we pack up. 

Our host

Faye Louise is a holistic health coach and event organiser, on a mission to connect everyone back to their own truth. From this place of self connection and self trust, we can find our own version of a healthy life. Faye is passionate about creating spaces for people to  connect with themselves, express all their parts and live a healthy life.

Our DJ

Gaia Harvey Jackson is an Ecstatic Dance DJ and women and femme flavoured folk's empowerment facilitator who creates playful and soulful spaces for you to feel powerful in your own skin and let your inner weirdo breathe. Her Ecstatic Dance journey's are a sassy mix of tribal beats, sexy guitar riffs and expansive vocals which take you on a journey of snakey exploration, through to full power release and out the other side, into a heart centred place of connection and reverence.

Our venue

Piloxercise, 7 Easton Road, Lawrence Hill, Bristol BS5 0BY

Google maps link: 

The entrance to the venue is a big black door on a red brick building and there is a big yellow x above the door. It is next to LA gym. 

Accessibility: please note that there are 2 steps at the entrance of the building. Please get in touch if this is a barrier for you. 


There are a few areas for on street parking around the venue, please check the restrictions in that particular area. 

The venue manager has also told us that it is okay to park in the business park across the street as long as we stay in the wiper and true car park (first left once in the business park) or the 2 car parks at the far back. Do not park in the car park which is on the first right. This is the google maps link for the car park: 

However, we encourage everyone to walk, share a lift, bus, cycle or scooter to the venue where possible. 

What to bring:

  • Water bottle & water
  • Wear layers that can be taken off/put back on if you get hot/cold
  • Something to lay on/under for the sound bath (there will be a few blankets and mats available if you can't bring something)
  • Ear plugs if you are sensitive to loud music
  • Snacks if you tend to get hungry


Please buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment as our first event sold out.

We will be releasing a very limited number of tickets around midday on the day of the event. This is to increase accessibility to those who need to see how they feel/how much energy they have/how much capacity they have on the day. Please do not buy these tickets unless this is something that resonates with you so we can increase the accessibility of our events.

Refunds and exchange

We do not offer refunds, however, if you give at least 48 hours notice we can transfer your ticket to another event. Please get in touch to arrange this. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch!  -

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