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What is it like to be you, right now? 

Imagine feeling safe enough to reveal more of yourself to the people close to you. Would you want to? 

What would it be like to be with another in their world? Would you go exploring?

What if your body and your senses began to speak, giving you wisdom about yourself and others in the present moment?

Curious? Come circling. 

Circling is a practice of being with each other in the present moment - it has been called relational meditation. As we practice, our awareness of our experience grows, and we gain new insights on the ‘we space’: the field of awareness we all share. Every circle is different, but they usually involve sharing with each other what we are noticing about our thinking, physical sensations and emotions. We tune into our curiosity about what it is like to be me, to be you, and to be with each other. We follow the aliveness. The alchemy of circling does the rest. It can be deeply connecting one day and fascinatingly weird and wonderful the next!

One form of circling is the ‘focus circle’, where the group explores one person’s world for a period of time (perhaps 15 minutes). Another kind of circling is known as ‘surrendered leadership', where there is no predetermined focus and we explore what emerges in the group, moment to moment. 

This circling evening is open to beginners as well as experienced circlers. Robin will guide some exercises to enter into the spirit of the principle. The exercises will be a mix of embodiment practices and authentic relating games in pairs or small groups. The rest of the evening will be spent in a focus or surrendered leadership circle as a whole group.

Your facilitator, Robin Prospect: “I certified as a circling facilitator in January 2022 with Circling Europe, the ‘Embodied Presence’ school of circling. The 6-month, intensive training was one of the most transformational and healing experiences of my life. Since then, I have facilitated circling in London and around the world, including in Portugal, Costa Rica, and online. I fell in love with circling and I am in an ongoing enquiry about what it is, and how to hold the space in a way that serves truth, beauty and goodness. I am really happy to have the opportunity to bring circling to more people in Bristol, my new home.”


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