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It was in the rainforest when I first experienced what releasing my deepest fears truly felt like.. The liberation I felt was like nothing else - Laura. 

Are you ready to shake off, vocalise & let go of the fear based emotions that you've been carrying around with you? 

In an hour and a half you will be guided through an experiential weaving of ancient and modern day techniques to process and release unexpressed emotions and unconscious energies that have been stored in your system. Develop an accessible tool box to deal with that which is feeling stuck, uncertain, confused and routed in fear and anxiety, as you find the way back to your heart and body's deeper wisdom and internal harmony.

We'll explore an array of deep trauma shifting somatic, Daoist and yogic practices, vocal release, the power of the breath to release and embodiment to move into and through what is stuck and holding us back.

“Extremely powerful workshop which was brilliantly led and held throughout. I experienced a powerful release of long held trauma and emotion. Laura's training and experience make her a valuable facilitator for this very deep shamanic work." ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ Elise W


Join us if you wish to leave liberated and take home simple, practical tools to reintegrate back into your daily life, leaving you more empowered and connected to your heart's deeper truth in a time where it's perhaps more needed than ever before.


For anyone who feels like their current efforts with self-care and emotional healing aren't quite going deep enough, this is for you. Laura is a brilliant facilitator who is very good at creating a calm, centered and non-judgmental space. Definitely the kind of emotional work I need to be doing! Will 100% attend again." ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ Ross W 

We will end the session with an energetic clearing and somatic resourcing, to leave you grounded, connected to yourself and energetically clearer. Just as we shower our physical bodies, it's equally as important to clear our emotional and energetic bodies. However we live in a culture who has never taught us how to do this, so many people walk around with trapped emotions, trauma & energies in their system affecting the ways in which they relate and experience the world. When we perform energetic clearings, we can release that which isn't ours or isn't serving us, to experience a deeper sense of clarity and liberation. 


This session totally transformed how I was feeling. I was sad at the beginning of the session as everyone shared how anxious and overwhelmed they felt, filled with negative emotions. Laura held the space so well and shared her expertise in such a loving, friendly way, giving us somatic practises that instantly changed how we felt. It was a very powerful experience and I feel like it brought up a lot for me that was moved through my body and out. If we all did this every day the world would be a much better place." Khushwant ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑


Your Facilitator

Laura has facilitated with Psychedelic Society since 2017. With 10 years of working with shamanic plant medicine, she offers transformational spaces designed to explore the darker parts of our psyche in order to experience deeper love, expansion and liberation. 

Over a decade ago, she travelled the Americas working in NGOs focusing on ecological sustainability before discovering the ancient keys to the psyche found in the plants of the rainforest. Experiencing a deeper sense of reality inspired the creation of transformative arts company Infinite Experience, who travelled the world with their interactive theatre piece designed to transcend separateness. She now holds workshops, ceremonies, retreats and 1-1 sessions designed to connect people to their deeper essence guided by her experience and years of training in healing modalities. 


• The Wisdom of Trauma course with Gabor Mate 

• QiGong teacher training - 1 year - Mimi Kuo Deemer 

• Craniosacral therapy training - 1 year (in progress - CCST) in depth work with the Nervous System (anatomy & pathology); trauma informed study

• Somatic Experiencing - short course - Peter Levine 

• Reclaiming your six body wisdom areas course with Suzanne Scurlock

• 10 years working with shamanic diets, techniques and practice 

• Masters in Acting from East 15 (Alexandra technique; somatic practice & training; Meisner technique; physical theatre; body connection work; Clown studies; Bouffon)

BA (hons) Philosophy and Theology - consciousness studies/metaphysics - University of Nottingham and Melbourne 

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