From Roots to Wings; a deeply nourishing retreat infused with breath, ritual & prayer.

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Hosted by Roots and Wings
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Join us on this Summer’s Saturday in a beautiful traditional yurt, immersed in Sussex’s stunning nature for a day of practice, play and prayer. The retreat is an opportunity to be deeply held in your process. You will experience the power of connection as we move together through the practices, ceremonies and rituals of the day.

The flow of the day will move from: grounding - immanence - darkness - root - earth connection to expansion- transcendence- light- spirit- cosmic connection. This journey sets the blueprint for the dance of our day. We will devote our focus to the energy gates that bridge these spaces with specific practises and rituals. 

ROOT- Earthing

SACRAL- Awakening the sexual

BELLY- Activating our solar power 

HEART- Opening to connection 

THROAT- Opening to expression 

EYE- Seeing and being seen 

CROWN- Cosmic connection



  • Conscious connected Breathwork
  • Self guided bodywork
  • Plant ally support
  • Cacao & Hapeh ceremony
  • Breath kriya & activations
  • Nervous system regulation
  • A delicious vegan lunch
  • Therapeutic  inquiry
  • Journalling practice
  • Integration  circle
  • Somatic and ecstatic practise
  • Woodland walk

Meet your guides for the day 

Phoebe Sullivan

Phœbe is a highly skilled therapist and space holder who’s rich experience both personally and professionally through healing with expanded states of consciousness, enables a breadth and depth to her vision. Leading with a bold heart and listening deeply, her work flows between the spiritual and the psychological, the intuitive and the informed, the shamanic and the somatic; with her feet in “both worlds” she holds powerful space and creates both safe and sacred containers for individuals to journey. She works as a psychotherapist and integration therapist in private practise, as a psychedelic guide on the clinical trials at Imperial College in London, and holds both one-to-one and large group breathwork ceremonies and retreats in the UK, Spain and beyond. Her hope and prayer as a space holder is to guide and support you to tap back into your centre, to reconnect your deepest wisdom & intelligence that knows exactly what you need, both for your healing, and your thriving. Her own experience through altered-states ignited her fascination with, and deep trust in expanded-states of consciousness, and how these can be harnessed for healing. This underpins all of the work she does. 

WWW.PHOEBESULLIVAN.CO.UK  // Instagram: @breath.bird

Alice Marie

Alice discovered Breathwork six years ago and knew from her first experience that it was her dharma to share it with the world. She followed her first Breathwork teacher out to India where she assisted on practitioner trainings, cultivating deep awareness in this healing modality. It was through learning Breathwork that she wanted to acquire more skills and knowledge around the diaphragm and embarked on a Chi Nei Tsang training, which only enhanced her love for the incredible human vessel. Alice holds a sacred and safe space in both breath and bodywork and leads from heart and intuition. She truly believes that an open breath, healing touch and a sprinkling of play is an elixir to heal so much of our modern day illnesses - and wishes to share it with as many people as possible in this lifetime. 

WWW.BREATHINGROOTS.CO.UK // Instagram: @breathing.roots

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