HEART ALTAR: Cacao & Rose Ceremony

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Hosted by The Sacred Sisterhood
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Join us for a devotional journey with Ceremonial Cacao and the frequency of Rose to lay flowers at the altar of your own heart. 🌹

We will gather as a unique constellation of sisters on the rising of every Venus day (Friday) to welcome in the sweet nectar of this decadent, feminine energy and bask in the ambrosial hour as a new day dawns.

You will be guided on a deep, inward voyage - journeying with the medicine of Ceremonial Cacao & the Rose Codes to attune to a deep, feminine frequency of loving awareness.

Every ceremony will be a bespoke co-weaving in response to the energy and the group gathered, but you can expect; Venusian Rose Codes, Sacred Songs, Light Language, Heart Alchemy, Energy Activation, Embodiment & Sound Healing.


🌙 The Sacred Elixir of Cacao 🌙

Cacao (THEOBROMA: Food Of The Gods, Heart-Blood), is the sacred key that unlocks and awakens the portal of our heart. This mystical elixir has allied with humanity for centuries, connecting our heart's with higher frequencies, attuning our intentions and desires and lifting our frequency. In this ceremony, we will unify with Cacao's cosmic consciousness - allowing Her energy to guide us into the depths of our soul. 



🌹 The Medicine of Rose 🌹

Rose is the highest frequency flower. She is beloved by the Goddess and Her priestesses, resounding as a symbol of the awakened feminine for millennia.

Symbolic of the dance of Venus in the night skies and the sweet unfurling of feminine wisdom, Rose is an ancient guardian of the Goddess codes and the rising of feminine consciousness upon the Earth.

Her medicine is a beautiful invitation to soften fully, like her delicate petals and delicious scent. We commune with the medicine of Rose to meet the fullness of the feminine and spiral into the Venusian mysteries.


You will need: 

Ceremonial Grade Theobroma Cacao*

Pure rose essence or rose tea

Roses for your altar

Crystals, incense, candles, cushions, pillows... anything to set your sacred space

Headphones, internet connection + quiet space

Journal + pen

*You will need to prepare Cacao & Rose at home and the cost of Ceremonial Cacao is NOT included in the ticket price. If you need to purhcase Ceremonial Cacao please order in advance from Gemma HERE. Allow a minimum of 7 days for delivery.  (Use code SACREDSISTERS10 for 10% off your order). You will be sent a Cacao & Rose recipe to follow upon booking.



About Your Facilitator - Molly Anne Chinner @mollyannemusic

Molly-Anne Chinner is a sound healing artist, vocalist, songstress, circle weaver, Cacao guardian, Earth-lover and Yogini. ​

Passionate about the ancient healing powers of sound, music, voice and plant medicine - Molly finds great joy in weaving her beloved crystal alchemy bowls, pure and soulful voice and hand-crafted shamanic drum into her uniquely ambient and explorative soundscapes that inspire deep connection and kinship of the heart. ​

Molly uniquely combines her ethereal channelled song with a lifelong connection to the beauty of our planet Earth - sharing deeply emotive, otherworldly soundscapes that guide the listener deeper within the inner landscape and invite connection with source, consciousness and self.

​ Her leadership with the Cacao medicine comes through a seven year self-initiation and deep relationship with the feminine. She shares and serves the medicine from a place of heart-centered joy, calling in a new paradigm frequency of love and harmony, for an ancient Earth to rise.

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