The Magik Carpet - A Kaleidoscope of Visionary Artists, Musicians and Speakers from the Psychedelic Therapy Community

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The Magik Carpet

Journey Beyond: The Magik Carpet Exhibition 

Step into a world of wonder and transformation as The Magik Carpet lands in Frome! From October 4th to 11th, The Silk Mill Gallery will come alive with a kaleidoscope of visionary artists, musicians, and esteemed speakers from the psychedelic therapy community. 

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and be part of this consciousness-expanding week of activities. Come to ignite conversations, forge connections, and unlock the doors of perception where the ordinary transcends into the extraordinary. 

In collaboration with The Psychedelic Society, this event is an invitation to expand perspectives, ignite creativity, and connect with the enigmatic realms of consciousness. Come, invite fellow explorers, and be a part of this thought-provoking journey. 

Let's ride The Magik Carpet together, your voyage of discovery begins here.

Event Schedule


Wednesday 4th October, 6pm-11pm: Opening Night

Step into enchantment at the Magik Carpet Psychedelic Art Exhibition's opening night. Join artists Harry Pack, Jus Gana, Natalie Dixon, Wooorm, Madagast, Jake Ewen, Jonny Zerox and Sandra Surdu as they unveil their captivating works, while you enjoy refreshing drinks and delectable bites throughout the evening. Dress in the mystique of the theme with magik carpet-inspired attire, and let dub and ambient tunes create a chilled out backdrop as you explore the art. 

This night is all about forging connections with kindred spirits in the psychedelic community - a moment to unite, share, and celebrate the boundless creativity within. Join us for an evening that transcends boundaries, celebrating art, connection, and the vibrant pulse of the psychedelic movement.

(free entrance, tickets required)


Thursday 5th October, 6pm-11pm: Dr Rosalind Watts & Justine Corrie

Join Justine Corrie and Dr Rosalind Watts to hear about local psychedelic integration community initiatives in the Frome area.  

In-Person Tree Journey Workshop, Dr Rosalind Watts

 ‘The Douglas Fir’ is a 20 minute guided imagery journey, set to beautiful bespoke musical composition, designed to help strengthen  our mycelial connectedness to local community.  The journey will be followed by a sharing circle. These workshops are part of the ACER global online psychedelic integration course, and are very rarely offered in person, so do come along to experience the power of Dr Watts’ Tree Journeys in real life, and to take your seat in the circle of the ever-growing Frome community of Connectedness  

Community Psychedelic Integration Circles - Healing for the Whole, Justine Corrie

Psychedelic comes from psyche (life; spirit; soul) and delic (to make manifest, to reveal and make visible). Psychedelics manifest soul, they make spirit visible, they reveal life itself. 

Integration (the root word of which is entire), is defined as the restoration to wholeness; the process of renewal; the making up of a whole by combining the separate parts or elements.

People have long-gathered in circle to share, ground and integrate expansive states. Many indigenous cultures have, throughout history, known the importance of bringing back home, the insights, visions and trials, into circle, to support growth, healing and renewal - not only for the individual but for the whole community and for the natural world that they are a part of.

Justine’s talk will explore the importance and practice of community integration circles and how these spaces can support the shared understanding & grounding of expanded states, and so foster growth, healing & ultimately connection to self, one another and to the world we are a part of.


Friday 6th October, 6pm-11pm: Lana Jagger & Carrie Tree

Join us for a mesmerising night of live and soulful music, featuring enchanting performances from Lana Jagger and Carrie Tree. . Immerse yourself in an evening that seamlessly blends soul-stirring melodies and mystical insights

Lana Jagger: Musician and Mystic

Guided by a deep connection to Spirit, Lana’s mission is to help catalyse the global consciousness shift by bridging ancient wisdom and the modern world through her soulful and psychedelic music.

Carrie Tree: Soulful Singer-Songwriter 

With a troubadour free-spirit, and creative passion for life, UK singer-songwriter Carrie Tree sings with an honesty and devoted love for this earth and all within it, touching a deep place inside the hearts of her listeners. Creating a deeply intimate setting and with a powerful capacity for storytelling, Carrie weaves her soulful voice around guitar, piano and percussion, often touching on poignant subject’s and melting borders within us.


Saturday 7th October, 4pm-Midnight: Magik Carpet Party / DJs and Live Music

Step into a realm of enchantment at The Magik Carpet Party and join us for an immersive psychedelic experience, where visionary art comes alive, accompanied by live music and mystical beats spun by Whirlin Mirlin, Parallel 7, and Koupzkami.

Embrace the creative vibrancy of this gathering, as you connect with artists and musicians, all while supporting the psychedelic movement. Be part of a vibrant community that celebrates unity, creativity, and the limitless power of the imagination. 

Let us come together under the spell of The Magik Carpet and create memories that will linger long after the night has faded.


Sunday 8th October, 11-2pm: Sunday Soul Service (then gallery open until 11pm)

Sunday Soul Service with Lana Jagger and Jade Gaia involves coming together in circle to support the healing, liberation and empowerment of one another in sacred ceremony. Through this ancient and timeless practice, we break down the boundaries of our separateness, and serve each other as compassionate witnesses and reflections. In the circle, we are free to express ourselves authentically and honestly with no fear of judgement. Social roles and labels are left at the door and we each enter into a safe container where: we are seen, we are heard and we are held.

What To Expect

Opening & Cleanse

Opening prayer and smudging cleanse of your energetic body. 


In the service, we will work with Ceremonial Cacao concocted into a warm and soothing drink. Cacao is an ancient medicine which floods the body with healing compounds to facilitate deep relaxation, emotional release, and the opening of the heart centre.


Everyone in the circle will have the opportunity to share their intention for the ceremony with the group, this may be something you wish to release, or something you wish to call into your life to support your dreams.

Soul Journey 

We will then take you on a guided soul journey, with immersive sound healing, to clear unconscious blocks in the psyche, to tune in deeply to the wisdom of your heart, and to receive inner guidance from your soul. 

Sharing & Celebration 

Upon returning from the soul journey, everyone will have the opportunity to share and integrate their experiences with the group. 

Finally, we will celebrate with uplifting medicine music to give our thanks to Spirit for the opportunity to heal and rise together. Everyone is invited to participate fully, bringing their own unique voice forward in a collective sound. We will close the service with a prayer. 

Stepping together, hand in hand, into conscious unity is one of the most powerful acts of healing and activism we can do. Through circle and ceremony, we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, in the hope of a brighter, more colourful future for our planetary home.

Please bring: A yoga mat, a pillow, a warm blanket, a notepad and pen, water and a piece of fruit to eat at the end of the ceremony if you would like.

Following the transformative Sunday Soul Service, ease into a blissful afternoon of psychedelic displays and projections by world-renowned digital artists. This is your chance to connect with kindred spirits, bask in the creative energy, and share meaningful moments in our vibrant community.

Monday 9th / Tuesday 10th / Wednesday 11th October, 12pm - 11pm: Gallery Open and Jam Session 

From Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th, the gallery doors remain open for three captivating days of artistic exploration and community connection. 

Immerse yourself in the world of visionary art and engage with the artists who breathe life into these visions, sharing stories and insights. 

Bring your instruments and drums - let the creative energy flow - and partake in spontaneous jamming sessions throughout the day.

These final days of the exhibition are an invitation to weave your own melody into the vibrant tapestry of our collective spirit, forging connections that resonate far beyond the walls of the gallery. (Drop in exhibition, no tickets required)


Speakers, Musicians, Artists and Facilitators

Harry Pack

Harry Pack is a British multi-media artist who renders surreal depictions of alternate dimensions that seek to engage and activate the unconscious mind of the viewer.

His practice, which spans painting, drawing and digital mediums, reflects themes of human perception and psyche, influenced by psychedelic culture.
His work encourages the viewer to turn their mind from the fragility of the material world and towards a contemplation of something more stable and infinite. The kaleidoscopic paintings depict a visual realm at once fantastical, foreign and strangely familiar. Three-dimensional, dream-like landscapes composed of fractal shapes and ordered geometric patterns are populated by extra-terrestrial forms: strange humanoids, anthropomorphic machines, animals and plant-life moving purposefully throughout spaces that operate as portals into the personal and psychological.

His work is a vessel for self-exploration and understanding as he examines his past through older eyes.

IG: @harrypackart

Dr Rosalind Watts 

Dr Rosalind Watts is a clinical psychologist and the founder of ACER Integration. Her contributions to the field of psychedelic therapy are numerous and include the development of the the ACE model ‘Accept, Connect, Embody’, which has been used in clinical trials of both psilocybin and DMT, as well as the Watts Connectedness Scale, which is a psychometric tool for measuring outcomes of psychedelic therapy. Dr Watts is the former clinical lead on the Psilocybin for Depression trial at Imperial College London, and sits on the clinical advisory board of the Usona Institute.

IG: acerintegration

Check out Rosalind’s latest Acer Integration research

Jus Gana

Over the years James has come to understand and learn the practices of flow and intuition with the arts... James loves all things abstract and flow. With a very individual technique to his art, James lets the pen flow and glide intuitively with an empty mind creating a story from within. Starting with a dot and expanding through the surface the flowing meditation creates intriguing images that are worldly, psychedelic, tribal & ethnic patterns.

James has taken part in many live draws and gallery events across the Uk… including Love Jam, Noisily, Virgo, Medicine Festival & more  and encourages passers by to get some paper out and start drawing to..

James has a fun, vibrant and most unique style and regularly runs workshops..

Contact me anytime regarding products and workshops at

IG: @jusgana

Justine Corrie

Justine Corrie is a Somerset-based Psychotherapist and facilitator who enjoys working at the intersection of embodiment, ecology and ritual. 

She has worked as a psychedelic guide on a current clinical trial investigating dimethyltryptamine (DMT) as a treatment for depression. Justine also sits on the advisory board for The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy (IPT) and chairs the IPT Spiritual Emergence special interest group. 

Alongside her psychotherapy practice and work as a facilitator, Justine is also the co-founder of Bjärkan - a regenerative community centre in the wilds of northern Sweden. 
Together with psychologist Elsie Parker and GP Tim Rigg, Justine holds the Somerset Psychedelic Integration Circle in a local woodland Yurt, just outside Frome.

Carrie Tree

With a troubadour free-spirit, and creative passion for life, UK singer-songwriter Carrie Tree sings with an honesty and devoted love for this earth and our humanness, touching a deep place inside the hearts of her listeners. 

Starting to make a living as a busker in East Coast Australia at 18 years old, Carrie never looked back, carving her life and experience around music. She has toured in countless retreats, festivals and concerts across the world.

Creating a deeply intimate setting and with a powerful capacity for storytelling, Carrie weaves her soulful voice around guitar, piano and percussion, often touching on poignant subject’s and melting borders within us. She draws on inspiration from the English forests, as well as her travels through many cultures and landscapes.

'a gift to be savoured like a summer breeze'


' to carry a strong message... An early Marianne Faithfull''

BBC WALES, Frank Hennessy

‘As a whole the album is a reminder for us to reconnect with ourselves, the human race and nature.’


“(Human Kindness) could easily become an anthem for a campaign on human rights”


'her nomadic heart, absorbing lyrical imagery and deftly arrangements allow her to cross genres as easily as a canoe rides the waves.'


Natalie Dixon

Natalie Dixon is a self-taught artist based in London, UK. Her childhood mainly involved drawing pictures and writing words next to them; not much has changed. Initially a writer more than an artist, she suppressed her visual side until a personal crisis revealed that some things are beyond words. An emotional landscape unfolded, and she began painting in earnest, drawing on a palette discovered in earlier travels: the breadth and beauty of nature, and the world of visionary and psychedelic art. Her art is a work of integration, mapping nature to emotion, soul to matter, and stories to the human form.

Since 2020 she has exhibited online and at festivals (Noisily, Something Different, Lovejam Campout, Anthropos), enjoying the opportunity for inspiration and direct connection.

IG: @nataliedixon_art


Worm specialises in hand-drawn abstractions, inspired by themes of psychedelic consciousness, human perception and patterns found in nature.

Using intricate forms and vibrant colours, worm builds on top of the foundational tetrahedral structure underlying spacetime to create a bridge between our inner and outer worlds - portals to dimensions beyond the confines of our five senses.

IG: @wooorm

fb: wooormart


Madagast is the pseudonym of UK based artist Max Ligema, known for his artworks that convey the experiences of altered states of consciousness within the natural beauty of the world. Bringing together experiences from meditations, explorations, and the psychedelic experience, Max sees his art as a way to remember and share the beauty of existence. 

IG: @madagast.arts

Jake Ewen

Jake Ewen is an artist and designer based in Somerset, UK. Having exhibited his work in several group shows, you may also have seen his visionary creations decorating the fields of both Glastonbury and Medicine festivals.

Under the banner of Wylderness Arts, Jake creates mesmerising, totemic interpretations of animal spirits and otherworldly beings. Striking, yet ambiguous, highly detailed, yet intangible, Jake’s work depicts fleeting spirits that seem to emerge and sink back into the field of their environment, drawing the viewer into a dreamlike state, of ebbing and flowing forms.

Jake’s work stems from a lifelong fascination with algorithmic art, altered states of consciousness and the hidden workings of the brain. As part of his creative process he uses a convolutional neural network to mimic aspects of the human brain’s perceptive functioning. The resultant images are then digitally manipulated before further processing, and repeatedly worked on in this way to bring out the spirit of his subject.

IG: @wyldernessArts

Lana Jagger

Lana Jagger is a medicine woman and poet walking the path of mysticism. Guided by Spirit, Lana’s mission is to help catalyse the global consciousness shift by bridging ancient wisdom and the modern world through her soulful and psychedelic music.

IG: @lanajagger_

Jade Gaia

Jade is an intuitive channel, energy healer and spiritual mentor. It is Jade’s mission to help empower people to reclaim their power and live a soul-embodied life by overcoming their doubts, releasing the limitations holding them back, and guiding them to lead from their hearts. She has studied extensively with mentors around the world and works with a range of healing modalities including spiritual healing, Reiki and Quantum Angelic Healing to name a few. She also has a 1st class honours Integrated Healing diploma from The London College of Psychic Studies.

IG: @jade_gaia_

Parallel 7

Join us as we journey through the nostalgic & abstract frequencies that Tribal Dub, Mystical Down Tempo, Psy & World Beats have to offer. In a no border style, we have selected beats that take you far and wide across this existence. Music for the mind, body and the soul.

Parallel 7! A sound system grown out of Birmingham UK, has a love for all things mystical and magik. Parallel 7 loves all types of world music with that ethereal, deep and enchanting edge... Soulman 77 & Jus Gana have enjoyed playing out to crowds at festivals/gigs across the UK -  Whirly Gig Festival, Love Jam, Return To Nature, Muzikstan Festival, Tribe of Baloo, Noisily and Listening Sessions to name a few.

Parallel 7 have a number of EP releases on Band Camp... enchanting, soul nourishing, abstract and sometimes comical sounds can be found within the Dirty Toad EP and Orange Moon EP among others....

IG: @parallel.7 @jusganamusic 

BandCamp - Parallel 7 

Soundcloud - Parallel 7

Whirlin Mirlin

A sonic sorcerer and longtime student of dub and alchemy, which he combines to open portals into otherworldly, and yet strangely familiar realms. He is currently brewing up a fresh batch of bleeps and bloops, expected to crystallise in a magik carpet collective near you.

Sandra Surdu

Sandra Surdu is a visionary artist, creative writer and ceremonialista, currently living in London. 

Her paintings have been described as a fusion of figurative art with surrealism influences, a transcendental journey through lucid dreaming, weaving spiritual symbolism and sacred geometry rhythms. Through this medium her intention is to soften the chaos of our reality and dissolve concepts of separation and duality, envisioning a new earth through creation and connection – a communication through art that will bring more gentleness, tranquillity,equilibrium and equanimity to a decadent and senseless evolving society. By nurturing the grace dwelling inwardly she artistically awakens the most intense essence of her creativity. 

Over an aesthetic and decorative purpose, she wishes with her art to inspire, heal and empower, and boundlessly to encourage the creative process within every being —a wild imagination, to take form, contour and color, setting free the magic and the fantasy beyond rational and conventional, embracing the beauty and the uniqueness of oneself consciousness.

IG: @sandra.surdu


Koupzkami aka Chris Cooper creates atmospheric emotive instrumental productions experimenting with different instruments and sounds, taking influence from a hugely eclectic range of sounds from psychedelic, world, folk and classical through to hip hop, soul, dub, dance, and jazz.

Scarlett Butters

Growing up by the Atlantic coast of North Devon, Scarlett has always had a deep affinity with the wild land.  Since childhood  she has been musing with this love and kinship for living earth through her hands and heart in some way. Watercolour painting in particular has been the chosen practice in recent years in how to attempt to communicate her relationship to the breathing, interwoven intimacy of life.

Her work is driven by a deep longing and remembrance for a life that is lead by devotion to our ancestors, our bodies, each other and our more than human kin.

Scarlett hopes that her images provide doorways to inner worlds that help weave us back into the humming fabric of life and open eyed, soulful wonder of belonging.

IG: @scarletto


Keana Sears aka KE_visuals creates multidimensional worlds influenced by his psychedelic visions and journey through the creative practice he has developed over the years. An expert on blender with a portfolio of collaborations with some of the leading artists from the visionary art scene. His work will be projected throughout the week.

IG: @ke___visuals

Hosted By

Carly Burke

Carly is a facilitator, event curator and co-director of the Psychedelic Society. She holds a reverence for the transformative potential of immersive retreats, and crafts events designed to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world. 

An advocate for the safe and therapeutic use of psychedelics, she is currently pursuing accreditations in Transpersonal Psychology Coaching with the Alef Trust and Psychedelic Therapy and Integration with VITAL, aiding her experience in creating transformative passages through expanded states of consciousness.

IG @reishibutton

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Wednesday 4th October
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Thursday 5th October
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Justine Corrie / Rosalind
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Justine Corrie / Rosalind
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Justine Corrie / Rosalind Watts
Friday 6th October
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Lana Jagger / Carrie Tree
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Lana Jagger / Carrie Tree
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Lana Jagger / Carrie Tree
Saturday 7th October
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Magik Carpet Party / DJs and Live Music
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Magik Carpet Party / DJs and Live Music
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Magik Carpet Party / DJs and Live Music
Sunday 8th October
Abundance £25
Soul Service with Lana & Jade with Cacao
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Soul Service with Lana & Jade with cacao
Low-Income £15
Soul Service with Lana & Jade with cacao
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