IGNITE: Wild Woman's Spring Retreat

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Awaken your pleasure and wild power.

Have you been feeling drained and stagnant?

Are you wanting to connect with your creative spark? 

What in your life are you ready to Ignite?

IGNITE is a wild invitation to embrace the fullness of who you are, to shake free the shackles that keep you small and to feel empowered to own and express your desires. An invitation to ignite the parts of yourself that will lead you into deeper alignment with the life you are longing to live. 

This weekend we will dare to dream our deepest longings & desires as we awaken and connect with our sensual erotic nature and gather as women have done through the ages to access our feminine wild power.

A celebration of womanhood and a place to let your raw wild self be seen and expressed through ritual practices such as dance, drumming, singing, and sacred sexuality.


Key Themes

Body Sovereignty 

Eros & Sexuality

Creative Expression

Nature Connection

“Alana and Gaia are incredibly talented at being able to create, hold and support transformative spaces. This weekend retreat was truly a life changing moment and I am so grateful to them for crafting this moment for us. Thank you.” - Amy L


If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your body, lacking motivation or meaning, or want to deepen your relationship to your sexuality this retreat is for you.

The power of this work is in community, and the healing magic of sisterhood. There is so much separation and competition in our culture, the work that we offer is about coming together to feel supported by each other, to share in our vulnerabilities, and to encourage greater awareness and growth.

As women we are often holding ourselves to unattainable standards, trying to squeeze ourselves into a narrow window of who we feel we’re supposed to be. We hear so many women talk about either feeling ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. IGNITE is about being as big, bold and beautiful as you dare to be, and as soft, gentle and quiet as you want to be. 



What to Expect

We offer numerous wild women gatherings, and IGNITE will focus more specifically on sacred sexuality and self love as a way of re-wilding the self and reconnecting with your innate power. 

Our approach is highly embodied and utilises many modalities to fully explore the themes. Some of the modalities we use are:

Creating ritual spaces for deep transformation

Voice Work
Freeing the voice to be able to clearly express

Weaving together theatre games and tantric techniques to help us connect to our child-like playfulness, breaking down barriers and connecting deeply with each other

Movement and dance 
Learning to connect with the sensations and desires of the body, moving for our own pleasure, listening deeply to the wisdom of the body, and unblocking stuck energy

Self/ group enquiry 
techniques to bring more awareness to patterns, conditioning, unconscious behaviours, and where and how we may need to grow.

Sharing circles 
to build deep intimacy and a safe container


This was everything I expected and more, it was so well organised and flowed from one beautiful ceremony to the next. It was facilitated in a way that was deeply healing and felt like the most open and wonderful space to share without judgment. I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in this retreat so thank you again for creating such a magical space for women to come together and heal. Such a powerful community. - Ellis O



Weekend Highlights and Ceremonies

​A teaser of what's ahead to get you excited… 

Waking the Serpent Cacao Dance

Working with the gorgeous medicine of cacao (raw chocolate) we allow our hearts to gently stir and open. Next we rouse the kundalini energy that lies at the base of our spine through meditation, breathwork and simple movement exercises. This is all in preparation for a delicious and sensual ecstatic dance which weaves together tribal beats and sultry guitar riffs to take us on a journey into our primal, wild sensuality. This session is all about freedom, creativity, expression and enjoying the pleasure of being in our bodies.

Pleasure Manifestation Ceremony

Using sexual energy to manifest our dreams and desires is both fun and effective! In this session we will explore what holds us back from truly owning our hearts desires and experiment with a series of fun games to get the creative juices flowing so joyfully visualise what we really want. We'll take this dreams and guide a simple and sweet self touch practice to charge up your vision with the energy it is to become manifest.

Wild Body

Using drumming to induce a trance like state, we descend into the earth to discover what parts of ourselves we have buried, forgotten or lost. This visualisation will help us bring those parts back to the surface, and into conscious awareness. We ask ourselves 'what do I know to be true about myself?' Reaching deep inside we retrieve that which we want to be made visible again, and bring this intention into being in the form of a clay sculpture. The ritual will conclude with an offering to the land.

Hot Tub and Sauna 

Between connecting to each other and our wild selves, there will be plenty of time to relax and restore in the Hot Tub and Sauna! It's a real treat. 

Fire Ceremony 

A place to share stories, myths and prayers. This will be the culmination of our time together and and opportunity to share our offerings. These may come in the form of songs, poems, a performance or something more abstract! This will be a space to reflect on our journey together and offer anything that we wish to leave behind us, using the transformative qualities of the fire to alchemise our prayers.



"There are almost no words to describe the space held on this incredible wild women retreat by Gaia and Alana. The spectrum of emotions and wilderness I explored within myself and the women in this circle will leave a lasting impact on my life. I arrived a stressed, disconnected person and left spiritually connected with myself, my sisters and the land - lifted, empowered and truly rewilded. Thank you for the invitation, for all us for showing up with such courage, vulnerability and embodiment of our authentic selves. The morning cold river dips will remain as sacred memories in my heart." - Jade S


Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dunedin, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PE


Is This Right For You?
Important - Please Read Carefully

While this work may have therapeutic benefits, this is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges we strongly encourage you to seek 1-1 support from a qualified psychotherapist

During this weekend there may be invitations to explore and express emotions such as anger and grief, as well as invitations to explore nudity and sexuality. Everything is optional and will be made explicitly so throughout the weekend. 

Some of the content shared by participants in sharing circles may of a triggering or traumatic nature. This retreat is designed to create a space for us to be open and honest with each other about experiences, and through this healing is possible. 

While we do our best to create an environment that feels safe and inclusive, it is your responsibility to look after your own needs and boundaries. If this is something you struggle with, or you are concerned about any element of this retreat please contact us in advance. We are very willing to chat on the phone and check in about whether this retreat is right for you at this time.





Your Booking Includes

3 nights accommodation

2 ½ days of workshops and ritual

Breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks

Access to hot tub and sauna

Access to wild nature in Glastonbury


(Does not include travel to and from site)


Payment Options

Single Room - You will have a room to yourself - £600

Twin Room - You will be sharing with one other - £500

Alumni - If you've already attended one of our retreats -  £380

*Low Income Scholarship Places -

*We have a limited handful of reduced scholarship places. 

If you are feeling the call to join us but money is a barrier please contact regeneratingrhythms@gmail.com outlining your situation and we will do our best to make it possible for you come.



  • We ask that all attendees take a lateral flow test 3 days and 1 day prior to attending the retreat.
  • In the case that someone develops symptoms during the weekend, that person will be isolated and we will adjust accordingly.
  • In the case of another lockdown in which gatherings are banned we will cancel the event and you will receive a full refund.
  • Please do not come if you develop symptoms, or come into contact with someone who has COVID, in the days before the event. Let us know ASAP and we will issue you a full refund and offer your place to someone on the waitlist. 


About the Facilitators

Gaia Harvey Jackson

Gaia is a workshop facilitator and artist creating spaces for deep transformation and specialising in women's empowerment. She runs the Psychedelic Women’s Circle Courses, and 4 month training programmes for women.
Gaia is passionate about the revival of ritual and works with communities to co-create ceremonies around the world, helping people to mark significant moments, move through challenges, and celebrate life. Her work combines elements of theatre games, tantra, voice work, meditation, dance and ritual, creating safe and playful environments where people can authentically connect and release.

“Gaia always holds a safe and loving space to explore the depths of our souls. It's one of the only places I have in my life to truly be myself - no expectations, limitations or judgement.”


Alana Bloom

Alana Bloom is an artist, facilitator and activist seeking to share regenerative eco-centric practices and approaches for human and more-than-human liberation. Her work is focused on creating cultural and systemic change through personal and collective healing, centred in our relationship with the earth.

She leads transformational experiences for people to explore their creative gifts through community, connection, ritual, embodiment and many practices inspired by her theatre & dance training. Her aim is to support people unlock their ecological and creative potential through creating powerful spaces of learning & healing that can help humans remember our innate belonging, wildness and wholeness.

"She lives and breathes what she teaches, she shares from her inner well of lived experience"

‘Her mixture of skill, authentic expression, intuition and pure feminine power as a facilitator, ritualist and artist have empowered, inspired and catalysed my own authentic creative expression.’


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