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Hosted by Embrace Connections
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Enjoy connection and community without complexity. Practice consent and communication skills in a safe, structured environment. Explore touch. Feel held. Cuddle Parties are always fully clothed and non-sexual. No touch is required during the event at all. 

We begin with connection and communciation games to arrive in the space and in our bodies. We quickly get to know each other better, and learn how to communicate about desires and boundaries. We also get to enjoy the sensations and experiences of physical touch! Soon, a group of relative strangers learns to trust and enjoy each other in this held space.

Next, we break bread together and share a potluck meal. It's a time for casual socialization before transitioning into the “meat” of the Cuddle Party. This begins with a "cuddle puddle" for a period of shared comfortable, cozy cuddling experience. Pairs and small groups can break away to enjoy their own separate massage and cuddling and conversations. And anyone can circle back to the cuddle puddle throughout the evening. 

Caring for consent is required at all times, using skills practiced in the first hour. The entire workshop is clothed and non-sexual. People of all genders are welcome to cuddle with each other. Safety and comfort are the priority.

I (Treasure) am a certified Cuddle Therapist and experienced workshop facilitator. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message!

“Treasure is a wonderfully open, warm and embracing person who is able to create very safe feeling spaces. I have attended a few of his events and always left feeling uplifted and rejuvenated.” -Dominic

"Just had a beautiful evening at the cuddle party - really well held by Treasure. Great structure and flow, boundaries to keep us all safe. I came to face and embrace some issues and it was the perfect place to do that. Thank you Treasure."  -Caroline

“First time attending a cuddle party or something similar. My initial nerves went away very quickly, the space was help beautifully, I felt very safe and welcome to explore my bounderies by being in my center and meeting others from this place. Treasure did a great job of weaving fun, curiosity, tenderness, safety, healing and expression all togtheer to make a really nourishing evening. 🙏🙌Thank you”  -Breeze

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