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Hosted by The Liberated Woman
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About this event

Frome’s only Twerk & Sensual embodiment classes for women!

This is a Twerkshop (Twerk After Work™) where you will learn the techniques of the art of twerking and a twerk choreography. You will connect to your body, your sensuality and your authentic expression and be in an environment of people who are supportive and celebrating each other.


This is for you if you:


❤️ Desire to feel more confident and sexy

❤️ Desire to connect more with yourself and embrace your sensuality/ sexuality

❤️ Desire to bring more self love and fall in love with your body

❤️ Desire to express your authentic self through movement

❤️ Desire to feel wild, liberated and free!

❤️ Desire to feel more fun and pleasure in your life

❤️ Desire to de stress through movement and want to prioritise and do more for yourself! Yes to you!

❤️ Desire to learn how to shake your booty and twerk!


I have been to many dance classes before where I have felt a culture of competition and cliqueyness and have left feeling rubbish and not good enough.


This is not that. At this twerkshop you are in a supportive and welcoming environment where everyone is welcome and we celebrate each other!

You will leave feeling empowered, energised and connected.


I’ll let you in on a secret… this isn’t really twerking. It is SO MUCH more than that.

This is about taking time for you, to connect with yourself and heal through embodiment, because it all starts with you.


Our whole lives are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves and when we start to work on that and feel more of our original essence of who we know ourselves deep down to be, it drastically changes everything in our lives, from our relationships, our work and how we show up to everything in life.

Trust me, I know from experience - my life was completely different when I suffered from eating disorders and had low self esteem and body confidence to how I experience life now.


Daisy is a trauma informed space holder, so you are held in a safe space. All of you is welcome.




Fortnightly Twerk classes in Frome.



You will need to bring:

❤️ Your beautiful self

💦 Water bottle

🍑 What to wear for twerking: shorts are perfect to allow your booty to move! Or you can wear leggings/ joggers. Whatever you feel comfortable and fabulous in! Trainers or barefoot.






I am a self love, embodiment and female pleasure & sexuality coach - my background is in Burlesque and I am a certified Twerk After Work™ instructor, certified Layla Martin VITA™️ Sex, Love & Relationship Coach and a trauma informed facilitator.

I work holistically to help people to bring unconditional self love to themselves through self intimacy and embodiment and educate people about sexuality to support them to live their most pleasurable, orgasmic lives!

I work with people on a somatic level, using deep integration through feeling into the body-mind, sensual movement, burlesque and twerking to awaken and liberate sexual energy and to free themselves of any conditionings or beliefs that aren’t serving them.

I empower people to show up as their truest, most authentic selves and to connect to and love their beautiful bodies!

My own personal journey involves overcoming 7 years of eating disorders, low self esteem and negative body image through lots of inner work and therapy, burlesque, tantra, yoga, meditation and women’s circles.

On this journey I healed my relationship to food, reclaimed my body back from the conditionings that we are not good enough as we are, liberated my sexuality from shame and went from feeling disconnected to loving my body unconditionally. I am devoted to guide other women to reclaim their bodies, their sexual power and most expansive pleasure and release sexual shame.






❤️ This is a space where everyone is welcome

❤️ We strive to create an environment that is about empowerment and celebration, not competition

❤️ We honour our bodies and move in our own unique way that feels good for us as individuals

❤️ We allow ourselves to SHINE and be our fullest versions of ourselves and encourage others to do the same and we CELEBRATE each other

❤️ We practise kindness and compassion and are mindful of our judgements and see them as opportunities for inner growth and insight

❤️ All of you is welcome - all of your emotions and we ask for support when we need it




I can’t wait to twerk with you soon!

With love & bootyliciousness,

Daisy 💋 x


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Solo Twerk £12
4 Class Pass £40
Four Twerkshop Classes
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