Self Explorers Club - 5 Week Circling & Authentic Relating Course

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In this course, you will learn powerful self-reflection and communication practices based on the 5 Principles of Circling. You will gain a solid grounding in this cutting-edge relational intelligence technology and have the opportunity to be ‘Birthday Circled' and to 'Birthday Circle' everyone else in the group.

This course is aimed both at those new to Circling & Authentic relating and those who want to deepen their experience.

What happens on the course?

We meet with the same group of 10 people for 5 weeks in a row. Each time we learn about and practise one of the Five Principles through interactive exercises in pairs and small groups.

In the second half of each session, we hold 'Birthday Circles' with participants. This is a common form of Circling where all members of the group bring their attention to one participant for a fixed period of time. This practice can bring deep insight to who we are and how we relate without the goal of needing to fix or change anything. A previous participant said:

Each week we will explore one of the 5 Principles of Circling

Commitment to Connection

An invitation to stay in connection with whatever is arising between you and others. This includes revealing yourselves and being open to the impacts from—and on—others. This does not mean any forced sense of having to be open or vulnerable.

Owning Your Experience

Getting to our deepest truth, our unarguable experience beyond our projections. Encourages us to take responsibility for what is happening within us, and being open to that changing. Often this requires letting go of outcomes and admitting feelings that challenge our sense of who we are.

Staying With the Level of Sensation

By including the subtle bodily sensations in our awareness and expression, we can share with more power, presence, and discover more truth. These sensations often contain the least interpretation and therefore can surprise us with connections.

Trusting Experience

Invites us to honour the relative truth of any given experience inside of us, while discerning what is happening. It is often an invitation to trust the unknown, to include non-rational experiences and points to something beyond our individual consciousness.

Being With the Other in Their World

Deeply appreciating the perfection of someone in each moment, while getting penetrating insight into the nuances of their way of being. Seeing their inherent innocence, assuming nothing, and being willing to challenge assumptions.

What you get

✅ 5 in-person relational meditation sessions

✅ Online materials to deepen learning

✅ Opportunity to be ‘birthday circled’

✅ Exploration of what really matters to you

✅ Developing your emotional range

✅ Building self-trust and self-confidence

✅ Dissolving unhealthy habits through quality of connection



Meet weekly on Tuesday evenings 24 Oct, 31 Oct, 7 Nov, 14 Nov and 21 Nov 

Maximum of 10 participants.

Takes place in the Skydome, SE8 4BY, 10 mins from London Bridge Station by train (full details of how to get there on booking)

7-9:30pm each night

Is this right for you?

Circling is not psychotherapy. It is a practice of meditation and connection focused on the present moment and maintains a non-goal orientation approach that is encapsulated in the principle of “being with the other in their world.”

Our workshops can be intense. People encounter places, states, emotions, beliefs, and sensations in themselves and others that are sometimes unfamiliar. We explore the unknown, the volatile, the ambiguous, as well as welcome emotions many deem as “negative” or “inappropriate” such as feelings of inadequacy, anger, sexuality, and joy. We refer to the willingness to feel difficult and uncomfortable truths as the “commitment to connection,” which of course includes a willingness to set appropriate boundaries and speak a desire for space, distance, and non-contact.

By attending our events you take responsibility for choosing to leave the practice or participate in any given moment—which might include getting intimate with these kinds of experiences.

We will often explore multiple sides of seeming opposites at once, such as independence and interdependence, chaos and order, and agreement and disagreement. We believe this can reveal an underlying unity of the immediacy of experience.

If the above description of our workshops sounds potentially overwhelming or destabilising for you, if you have a mental illness or significant emotional challenges that you feel may be exacerbated by this type of transformational environment, or if you are not sure that you can be self-directed in taking care of your needs during the event, then we advise you not to enrol.

Your instructor

This course is led by Adam Wilder. Adam is a human connection & boundaries coach, facilitator and founder of the Togetherness movement. He is known for creating Shhh Dating, the world's first speed dating experience based on non-verbal connection games. In 2019, he launched the House of Togetherness pop-up in Covent Garden which welcomed 8,000 people through its doors to learn and experience new practices for vibrant and authentic relating.

Adam curates the Togetherness venue at Wilderness festival annually, making exceptional experiences in Human Connection accessible to a festival audience. The venue was voted in the top 3 experiences of the festival. It was there in 2019 that he hosted the largest ever mass-spooning circle with 1447 spooners.

Adam has worked with more than 20,000 people in person and online. He is a trained counsellor, a certified wheel of consent and Circling facilitator and a big advocate for playfulness and creativity. He regularly delivers creative and culture-changing workshops to businesses and organisations. More at

About Togetherness

Togetherness is the movement for meaningful human connection. It was founded to help individuals and organisations wake up their natural ability to experience healthy and enriching relationships with themselves and others. This is done through workshops, trainings and retreats. For more information on Togetherness and Togetherness at Work, head to



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