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We warmly invite you to gather in ceremony on the 2nd June, sharing an evening of sacred cacao, kundalini yoga and a deep sound immersion. 

Activating a state of self-healing and transformation, bringing flow to your life force energy, attuning to the vision and guidance of your soul, and harmonising and optimising your sacred body vessel.

We will being sharing practises to celebrate and work with the energies of the full moon in Sagittarius.

This is a passage to connect with Spirit and know yourself as a being of Love.



A deep meditative journey in harmonising sound of Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Shamanic Drum, Light Language and Grounding Percussions. Facilitating an intimate softening into stillness, peace and radiant state of being.


The ceremony will involve a sacred cacao ceremony, where we drink a rich brew of the plant Cacao. A plant medicine that powerfully opens the heart and attunes us to our feeling body - restoring emotional balance, heightening the intuitive and sensory perception and freeing creative expression.

The Cacao we will be communing with comes from Guatemala, lovingly grown and shared by the guardians of the Tz´utujil Mayan tribe


Kundalini yoga is a tantric practice for connecting with the guidance of your soul, expanding in awareness, brightening your inner light and uncoiling toward your greater potential. 

Kundalini yoga has profound effects on recalibrating the nervous and endocrine systems, increasing vitality and opening the channels to your higher wisdom and embodied knowing. We work with pranayama, asana, mantra, mudra and meditation to circulate our life force energy, removing obstacles and healing energetic blocks in the body as it goes - blocks which may be memories or imprints from this lifetime or those inherited from ancestors or past lives.

Increasing both the sensitivity and resilience of the nervous system, we open up to a vaster range of perception and projection, in ways that may seem extraordinary. We can then listen with more clarity to the inner guidance of the soul and intentionally recode our bodies to be in alignment with our heart's true desires - amplifying what's already flowing well in life, and harmonising what's needed to support you in your greater purpose.

We develop strength, flexibility and coordination, and improve the function of our organs and the balance of our nervous and endocrine systems. We nurture intuition, access states of deep meditation, stimulate powerful detoxification and much more. 

The classes are open to all ranges of experience and ability.


Guided with love by Lani Rocillo and Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden


Lani Rocillo is a sound medicine practitioner, a musician and a community creator. The focus and intention of her offering is to open spaces of deep and heartfelt experiences through sound.

She creates harmonising sound immersion and plant spirit explorations, where we are led to be present and surrender to the living moment; states of being where we can touch the mystery of our own inner universe and resonate with our essence as Love. For it is in the presence with our breath that we awaken our natural capacity to self-heal, realise balanced health, compassionate purpose and creative potential.

Her practice is inspired by intuitive, heartfelt and embodied expression, which she weaves along-side guidance from ancient wisdom knowledge.



My name is Annabelle, blessed also with the name Charanbani Kaur.

My path is devoted to the healing and creative arts, supporting people to come into greater presence and to engage with life with more passion, ease, curiosity and confidence. For this, we work towards optimising physical health, creative flow, connecting with spirit, and allowing the heart and soul to lead with greater clarity.

I primarily serve with kundalini yoga and meditation, sound medicine, intuitive storytelling, self-enquiry, channelled energy healing, and holistic massage, accompanied by plants. I like to work in nature, with the organic and vital presence of the elements.

This line of work is ultimately about finding balance. Of solar and lunar, personal and impersonal, infinity and finity consciousness, earth-water-wind-fire-ether. It includes detoxing physically and emotionally, reconciling and releasing tired memories, finding greater flow with creative energy, and stimulating sensuality. We develop our relationship with the soul Self, and we become more awake to the ways in which wisdom and guidance is being transmitted by spirit in each moment.

Alongside my studies and certifications in kundalini yoga and sound healing, my approach is informed by:

- over 15 years study and practice in various lineages of yoga, including nearly 10 years of kundalini;
- living and studying in Chiapas, Mexico for the past few years, learning with nature, wisdom keepers and native medicine practices;
- studies and trainings in the neurophysiology of complex ptsd and its application to embodied practices, alongside my own lived experiences;
- over 10 years of guiding people in intuitive participatory storytelling
- certification in holistic massage with a combination of TCM and Toltec techniques;
- trainings in energy healing and channelling;
- a background in theatre and the performing arts, as practitioner and teacher, with a BA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama;
- the experience of losing parents and a sibling as a child;
- growing up in a rainforest, moving to the city, then finding my way back (on this continuing path) to Nature

I'm in deep gratitude to my many teachers and guides - human, plant, animal and mineral - with whose perspective and company I've had the fortune to be gifted. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


“I've been coming to Lani and Annabelle's ceremonies for years. Whether together or separately, they hold a warm and generous space with time to share what's arising, engage in a deep and transformative practice, perfectly bringing cacao, kundalini and sound immersion, with a wonderful integration under their guidance. I'll keep coming back for more!”

“I had such a wonderful time at the kundalini yoga / sound / cacao ceremony! The yoga was just the right amount of challenging, the instruction was fabulous and I especially enjoyed the EPIC sound bath. Thank you ladies for facilitating such a brilliant experience, and thank you for hosting, Psychedelic fam!”

“Such a beautiful event. I loved the mix of breathing, yoga, chanting and ceremony.”


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