Blue Lotus Breathwork Bliss & Death Meditation

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"People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” - C.G. Jung

The blue lotus is a true mystical flower, blossoming only tree days per year, rising up from the mud, symbolising purity and resurrection. Traditionally used as a sleep aid, detoxifying agent, and aphrodisiac, it is rich in antioxidants and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. In ancient Egypt and in Mayan culture the flower was used for rituals and shamanic ceremonies. It’s not a coincidence that the symbol can be found on every single sacred structure in Egypt; on pillars, thrones, and even crowns of the Divine Kings.

Doing inner work, and specifically shadow work can be daunting. Perhaps we subconsciously know that when we begin this work, there's no way back, pushing us to make significant changes to how we're living our lives. There are plenty of tools to support us on this journey, two of those are breathwork and meditation.

Breathwork has many benefits, including physical benefits and regulating the nervous system. It can also influence our mental and emotional state, and it's a powerful practice to explore and alter our consciousness. It's a tool to uncover our shadows, inviting us to experience snippets of (or full-blown) enlightenment.

Meditation is a useful tool to firmly ground ourselves, obtain new perspectives and to integrate powerful experiences, death meditation adds an additional layer. Why would we contemplate death already? It's a way to become familiar and intimate with endings; your skin, organs, lifeforce, your breath. This physical experience will end some day, and as some claim… death could potentially be the most significant moment of enlightenment. Avoiding the fact that we are mortal obstructs our sense of peace, freedom and sending & receiving love. In other words: when we innerstand that death means irreversible change, we are able to live our lives more meaningfully.

The subtle effects of blue lotus tea are a perfect companion for breathwork, gently blurring the border between the seen and unseen dimensions. It can help us relax, make us more open to receiving, it boosts creativity and enhances lucidity, visions and introspection.


Are you ready to embark on an inner exploration? To breathe, pause & imagine. We hope to see you there!

About the facilitators:

Myrthe is a certified birth & end of life doula, offering people choice and companionship during life’s greatest transitions. The end of life space is one of her biggest passions, and she firmly believes that embracing this particular space as an entire chapter opens up a whole new experience of life.

She creates a safe space for individuals and groups to explore and experience death & dying, grief & loss. This space is characterised by total transparency, bridge building between the medical world and our human experience, and simple ways to integrate new perspectives.

Working with altered states of consciousness takes an important place in her work as this can be a powerful catalyst for healing, becoming familiar with death & grief and therefore, living life more fully.

Nicolas is a certified Breathwork facilitator, DJ, storyteller, and psychedelic medicine spaceholder. Nature lover and deeply passionate about altered states of consciousness, he is on an ongoing journey learning about himself, holistic practices & therapies, and psychedelics. For him, altered states are not only tool to heal our deepest wounds and obtain new insights, but also a key to surpass our economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

Founder of Mud Moss Magic and co-founder of Chival, Nicolas has impacted many lives during his weekly breathwork journeys at the Little Yoga Space in the heart of Lisbon. He has organised and hosted many successful events related to altered states with Psychonauts Lisboa, which he founded druing the spring of 2022.

Myrthe Nicolas, make up the Chival team.

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