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🌿Join us this 1st of May to revel in the blooming beauty of Beltane, an ancient festival that marks the beginning of the summer months. 🌿

This time of year, the earth is awash with fertility; flowers are in full bloom, trees burst with lush greenery, and the promise of growth and renewal surrounds us. As modern seekers, we gather to embrace this potent energy, celebrating the cycles of life, love, and new beginnings.

This ancient festival marks the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, embodying the peak of spring and the start of summer. 

Beltane is not just a time for celebrating fertility and abundance in the physical sense, but also for setting intentions for personal growth, love, and dreams.

Why Attend?

This gathering is more than an event; it's a sanctuary for women to honour the vibrancy of life, the beauty of the earth, and the power of feminine energy. 

It's a chance to break from the hustle of daily life and reconnect with the simple joys of being in nature, in community, and in tune with the cycles that guide us.

This time of year is considered highly potent for setting intentions, manifesting dreams, and embracing new beginnings. This event encourages looking inward, recognizing personal journeys, and embracing the possibility of what the future holds with open arms and an open heart.

What is a Sharing Circle?

A sharing circle offers a unique space for heartfelt sharing and listening. Participants take turns to speak freely, in response to a prompt, without interruptions or advice, in a completely confidential setting. It's an opportunity to drop any masks and be your true self, surrounded by others doing the same.

Rooted in various indigenous and spiritual traditions, sharing circles have been adopted by diverse groups around the world as a powerful tool for building community, fostering understanding, and promoting healing.

Further details on preparation and what to expect will be sent to you before the event. 

About Faye 

Faye is a creative writer, group facilitator and mother of three. 

Her journey is one of profound transformation, shaped by years of dedication to charity work, community leadership, and organising corporate events. This path, however rewarding, led Faye to a point of severe burnout, challenging her mental and physical well-being.

In her quest for healing, Faye embraced her inner 'wild woman,' discovering a new, vibrant way of life that transcends the demands of performance-driven existence. This journey to alignment with her body, soul, and spirit has not only revitalised her own life but also ignited a passion for creating nurturing spaces for women. 



About True Nature 

At True Nature, we envision personal growth and transformation as a heroine's journey—a profound adventure that invites you to emerge more open, resilient, and vibrantly wild. With over seven years of dedication and having enriched the lives of hundreds of women, our approach to women's work is both dynamic and deeply impactful.

It's not uncommon for women to feel isolated, disconnected from their authentic selves in a world that often demands conformity. Our retreats, events, and training programs are designed as sanctuaries where you can safely explore and express your true self. 

Our work is anchored in four pillars: authentic relating, ritual, embodiment, and connection with nature. These elements form the foundation of our transformative journeys, empowering you to rediscover and embrace your true nature.

Find out more at

Who is the Discovery Session for? 

In response to the lack of belonging many women feel on their spiritual paths, we've established an online community designed to foster sisterhood and connection called The Women's Fire. 

This platform serves as a sacred space for women to express their authentic selves, embrace their journey’s beautiful mess, and find solace among peers who understand and support them.

Central to our community is the exploration of the Wheel of the Year, which guides us through the natural rhythms and seasonal cycles. Through shared experiences like meditations, workshops, and discussions, we aim to deepen our collective understanding and connection to the earth and each other.

Our mission is to create a nurturing environment where every woman can explore her spirituality, supported by the wisdom and strength of a like-minded community. Whether you're familiar with the Wheel of the Year or just beginning to explore, this space is for you to learn, grow, and belong. 

This Beltane Women's Circle is free to attend and aims to give a taste for a supportive sharing space and connection with other women. 

To find out more click here: The Women's Fire Membership


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