An Introduction to Authentic Relating

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An Introduction to Authentic Relating

A Practical Workshop for Creating the Relationships You Desire


“I feel confident and empowered to put these principles into practice… fun and explorative!”

- previous participant

What is Authentic Relating? Watch this video!

“Authentic is being real, honest, revealed, and transparent, allowing others to see, hear, and know our inner world. Relating is recognizing that there is someone else on the other side of the relational field, having a unique experience as rich and complex as our own, and that space and invitation must be given to weave their experience with our own to create a dynamic dance of both authentic human expression and reception.”

- Authentic Relating Training International

How would you rate the quality of your connections with others?

Have you ever left a conversation feeling somehow unfulfilled? Perhaps you feel like you’ve not been properly heard, or that you didn’t discover much about the other person beyond the surface. Do you sometimes find yourself lost in a group dynamic, or taking on a role you didn’t ask for?

These are some of the common situations we might find ourselves in when relating to others – no doubt you have your own versions of these unsatisfying spaces to inhabit! It’s unlikely that you had healthy and effective communication modelled to you in your families growing up, or taught to you at school – and so you adapt to situations as best you can.

What if there’s another way – a way you can be welcomed by other people, exactly as you are? No need to hide what’s going on inside, pretending to be someone you’re not to get what you need. By dropping into your authenticity – and sharing it with others – you can start to create the relationships you truly desire.

In this day-long workshop, you will learn about the fundamental principles of Authentic Relating: an effective practice to start taking charge of your real self and, from there, your relationships with others. In our well-held facilitated container, you’ll get to practice communication skills through conversational games and activities with others seeking to step further into their authenticity.

“A fascinating and powerful experience - I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough.”

- previous participant

You will…

  • Learn the five core principles of Authentic Relating
  • Play structured games designed to create closer connections
  • Meet others who want more fulfilling relationships


This is for you if…

  • You want to generate more intentional, richer relationships
  • You regularly find yourself playing a role that doesn’t truly feel like you
  • You want to explore your current communication habits and strategies
  • You want to step into your own power in shaping existing relationships to serve you better
  • You are a facilitator / workshop leader looking to develop your space-holding skills
  • You manage people at work and want to create healthy working relationships


Dan says:

“I have found the skills I learned at Authentic Relating transformational in my life. Through the practice, I have been able to welcome more of myself and bring that to others, creating richer, more nourishing relationships. The games we’ll play in the workshop are like riding a bike with training wheels. They’re a good experience in and of themselves, but leading towards something more advanced: being able to effortlessly flow through relationships with authenticity in everyday life.”


If you are struggling to afford the ticket price but are keen to join us, get in touch to request a bursary place. Email: 

"My experience was healing and enlightening."

- previous participant

Your Facilitator: Dan Simpson (he/they) 

Dan Simpson has facilitated groups in different settings for over a decade, and has trained with ART International (Level 3). He holds a certificate in Counselling Skills, and has additional experience with Internal Family Systems and Wheel of Consent. He holds safe, brave, and empowering spaces in which participants can explore to their edges. 



The hall is down a little side street off Compton Avenue…

And this is what the entrance to the hall looks like…

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