The Toltec Medicine Wheel fire Ceremony- “the art of knowing how to live” - with highly respected Wisdom Keepers (visiting from Mexico!)

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The Toltec Medicine Wheel fire Ceremony- “the art of knowing how to live” - with highly respected Wisdom Keepers (visiting from Mexico!)


…. PLUS Last minute addition, we are honoured to also be joined by Grandmother Marta Pico!

SACRED FIRE CIRCLE & ´The art of knowing how to live´

by Tata Miguel Teopixque Ehekamit & grandmother Marta Pico!


Join this special visit of widely respected teachers and elders of the “Mexica” tradition in visit from Mexico to share their knowledge of Toltecal Medicine Wheel & the prophecy of the “Fuego Nuevo” (New Fire). A 3 hours evening of ceremony, song, dance and wisdom sharing around the Salisbury Centre firepit


12th July 18:00-21:00 @ Salisbury Centre

Schedule of the day:

  •   Opening with harmonizations with copal incense
  • Presentation of the medicine wheel
  • Teachings on Toltec philosophy and worldview
  • Sharing the medicine of cocoa (heart medicine)
  • Creation of a Tlalmanalli (altar)
  • Sacred songs workshop: Flower and Song "In Xochitl in Cuicatl"
  • Cosmic Dance (moving the energy of the 4 elements)
  • Closing & Blessings

DATE: Friday  12th July 2024 (18:00 - 21:00)

RESERVATIONS (Max 20 people) - Booking required

COST: Sliding scale £24-£28-£31

  • Funds raised will go support venue hire, organizing and support the  Elder  Ehekamitl in his travel sharing this important wisdom
  • Few bursaries/discounts available if cost is a financial barrier- To request one email 

PLACE: The Salisbury Centre Garden - Firepit

TIMES: 3 hrs

The Toltec Medicine Wheel

The art of knowing how to live'

The Toltec Medicine Wheel (4 cosmic consciousnesses) offers us to seek our balance and perception from our inner center, opening us to the four directions of the universe (South, North, West and East).

Likewise finding the benefit for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It allowing us to be in harmony with ourselves and with everything that surrounds us as we pass through our venerable beloved Earth called 'Tonanzin Talli"

  • How should I go?
  • Shall I leave nothing behind me on earth?
  • How should my heart act?
  • Do we come to live in vain?
  • "Let's at least leave flowers, let's at least leave songs"


Much has been written about the Toltecs and in truth little is known about them.

They say that the Toltecs were "a people" or "a culture", , but the truth is that the

Toltecs were a lineage of knowledge of the ancestral wisdom of the Cem Anahuac, name given to the world of the Nahuas/Mexicas (Indigenous people of Mexico).

Toltec was a degree of knowledge of the Toltecayotl.

What was the Totecayotl?

…. It was the art of living in balance, the philosophical thought that gave meaning to existence.

For the natives, Toltecayotl represented the pinnacle of their worldview.

The Toltec is, symbolically, the artist among artists, the one who makes one's own faces and true hearts emerge, the one who illuminates like a smoking torch, the teacher among teachers...

There existed in the Cem Anahuac a group of Toltecs from all towns and cultures.

These men and women of knowledge studied and practiced the knowledge of the Toltecayoti. The irradiation center of Toltecayotl was Tenotihuacan, the place where human beings achieved divinity.

For the Toltecayotl, the human being is metaphorically divided into four parts starting from its center. From the navel to the head it symbolizes heaven and the spirit; It is represented with the quetzal, the most beautiful bird that remotes the heights desired by human beings

Meet the Elder 


About the Venue: 




The Salisbury Centre is a unique multi-faith spiritual Centre nestled in the heart of Edinburgh. Standing as Scotland's oldest community-owned center, and born from the vision, dreams and prayers of an intentional community, the Centre has served as a beloved global sanctuary for fostering community connection, soul nourishment and holistic wellbeing for over five decades.

Accessibility: The Garden is fully accessible . If you have any access requirement please get in touch beforehand emailing

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