Connection Through Circling - Documentary Screening & Practice with Adam Wilder

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Connection Through Circling - Documentary Screening & Practice with Adam Wilder

“What's it like to be you right now?”

This question is at the heart of Circling, a fast-growing relational meditation practice that is spreading across Europe and the US. It's also the title of a brand-new documentary about Circling and the transformational power of connection, created by the film-maker Andreas Huttel.

During the evening we will watch the documentary together and then try out some of the relational practices.

Circling originated from applying meditative awareness to our connections with others. In the same way a microscope reveals a whole other level of reality, Circling can reveal a new way of being in relationship. While it can have similar benefits to meditation, performance coaching or therapy the point of focus with Circling is what is happening in the present moment in our connections with each other.

There is no trying to get anywhere (although we include our longings and desires); we simply open more skilfully to what is here within us and between us.

With a wide variety of tools we effortlessly uncover blind spots, facilitate powerful trusting relationships, and often experience and open to the mystery at the heart of our being and connection.

"Many of us try not to really feel our feelings. We try not to express ourselves fully, often because we worry that it might not be well received."

"I think most of us lives our lives in a very controlled manner, never really close to embodying our full expression."

“[It is] about what happens when we welcome in our full emotional experience and discover and align ourselves with truth in that moment.”

Your Facilitator: Adam Wilder

Adam is a connection expert with 20 years of practice creating and hosting exceptional experiences of human connection. His passion is bringing people together and inviting a playful atmosphere of permission so we can make more contact with who we really are. He is known for founding the Togetherness movement, hosting the House of Togetherness pop up in London, creating Shhh Dating (the worlds first speed dating experience based on non-verbal connection games), and hosting the largest-ever mass spooning circle at Wilderness Festival in 2019. Adam is a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator and Circling instructor.

The space

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Please arrive from 6.30pm, screening starts at 7pm.



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