Alchemical Gold Elixir Ceremony: Exploring Alchemy With Alchemical Gold- And Rare Crystal-Infused Elixirs

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Join Vajra & Veronica for an immersive day of spiritual study and inner exploration with ancient Amritas & new earth elixirs. This is a direct introduction to Alchemy.

In this ceremony, we will use some of the most intricate and advanced alchemical elixirs, including the treasured Monoatomic White Gold Nectar. It will be an opportunity to explore some of the rarest alchemical metals, gemstones, and other truly precious substances in a playful and engaging way. We will learn about them, meditate with them, and then journey with them through a series of Breaths, Mudras, and Movements.

We begin our focus with ORMUS, the eternal elixir of life of the Pharaohs and Priests of Ancient Egypt. ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) refers to a group of substances composed of precious metals said to exist in a unique, monoatomic form. Einstein referred to this formation as Spooky Quantum Phenomena. 

In the ceremony, you will learn about the unique abilities of monoatomic gold, platinum, silver, copper, osmium, and ruthenium. We will also serve our Lotus Oasis Ormus, which contains high-potency silver and gold, nanodiamonds, real vanilla steam-distilled oil, and magical local Meliponi Bee Honey. 

We will briefly cover the advanced alchemical process of Diamond Rainbow Body Ascension and the quantum medicines used in this process. The Diamond Body is a concept from Tibetan Buddhism that refers to the highest state of spiritual realization, where an advanced practitioner’s body dissolves into light at death.

You will receive a serving of an intricate elixir that contains the essence of gems collected from a handful of Diamond Rainbow Body attained masters, combined with rare Wild Purple Reishi Mushroom. 

Our other three remaining elixirs are a surprise for those in attendance. All our elixirs are created to assist people in optimising the quality of their daily living connection with God/Spirit/all life and assisting them in master plant or other spirit medicine ceremonies. We hope you receive something inspiring and potentially life-changing from this experience. 

Please let us know before the ceremony if you have any health conditions or are taking medication so the elixirs can be adjusted or omitted. 

Your Facilitators

Vajra and Veronica express their love by curating sacred ceremonies, retreats and training alongside their unique elixirs. They have both been initiated in various mystical traditions worldwide, training with master spiritual plants, gems, healers, yogis, and of course, alchemists. 

Veronica’s path has taken her to 90+ countries, where she has been gridding and activating sacred planetary portals. Vajra has been immersed in esoteric wisdom systems while living in Asia and connected to some of the much less-known alchemical secrets of Mexico and Guatemala. 

Their joint activity includes activations in Iceland, sacred Cherokee, Hopi, Navajo lands, the Caribbean, Mexico, and more. The power of their love for God, Alchemy, and one another fuels their rare and captivating offerings. They are a wealth of sacred knowledge that is shared with transmission through experience.

Reviews From Previous Ceremonies

“You and your beloved are certainly a Divine Union, and your combined alchemy is transcendental. You have been an instrumental part in my awakening and ascension process over the years."

"Words Cannot convey my deep appreciation for you, your talents as alchemists and your presence in the world."

"…joyful, exuberant, loving & connected. It was noticeable in my system 3 days later. Very Potent. I was surprised. I’m sold!"




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