Embodied Psychedelic Journey: 4-week Course with Ciara Sherlock

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Activity Harm Reduction & Psychedelic Integration
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"Excellent course, wonderful mix of the practical and the spiritual. Most appreciated, thank you."


The potential benefits of psychedelics are becoming well known, but how can you empower yourself to have a meaningful experience outside of a clinical or retreat setting?

Embodied Psychedelic Journeys is a unique practical group experience taking place over 4 weeks. This is an experiential and educational course that teaches embodied practices to create meaningful connections at all stages of the psychedelic journey, from preparation to integration. 

You will learn and experiment with tangible practices and tools rather than only learn intellectual information. You will be added to a group chat for the duration of the course and encouraged and guided in taking time outside of our Zoom calls to create and practice skills learned, to share reflections and creations along the way. 



  • You are new or experienced with psychedelics. All stages of experience are welcome.
  • You are interested in forging a respectful relationship with psychedelics while not expecting them to be "magic bullets".
  • Are curious to learn how to bring more intention and depth into psychedelic experiences in a safe and responsible way



Session 1 : 7th February 7pm - 8.30pm

Introduction: An educational introduction on psychedelic safety, harm reduction and concepts such as set, setting and dosage.

Session 2 : 14th February 7pm - 8.30pm

Preparation: Embodied practices to prepare for a ceremony, including exploring intention setting

Session 3 : 21st February 7pm - 8.30pm

Journeying: Embodied practices for navigating a psychedelic experience, including releasing emotions and navigating challenges.

Session 4 : 28th February 7pm - 8.30pm

Integration: Embodied practices for integrating a psychedelic experience, including Processing experiences, creative expression and embodying lessons.


"Ciara delivered both talks so well! She held an inclusive container where it seemed all were welcome to bring their enquiries. It was evident how much she cares about her work with psychedelics and this was inspiring without being intimidating to a layman or experienced psychonaut!"


Practices we will draw inspiration from:

  • Celtic shamanism and nature connection
  • Creative expression
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Visualisation and meditation
  • Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

By the end of this group experience you will have:

  • Learned important harm reduction information
  • Learned about ritual and the natural world relating to psychedelics
  • Been equipped to create your own ceremony in a personal setting
  • Created your own psychedelic playlist
  • Gained embodiment practices to support you in ceremony and in your daily life


"A well-measured, engaging and insightful talk. In my view, Ciara shows deep spiritual and ecological wisdom of psychedelics and foraging. I learned a lot. Thanks."



  • This course does not include the ingestion of psychedelic substances at any stage.
  • This is not a facilitator or sitter training course, it does not qualify you to guide other people using psychedelics. This course is designed for people who want to be empowered to create meaningful experiences for themselves.
  • The information shared in this course is aimed at those who are not suffering from mental health issues, including those on SSRI medication or going through a mental health crisis.
  • Psilocybin is also not recommended for those who suffer from anxiety or PTSD.



Ciara Sherlock

Having worked in psychedelic spaces for 10 years, including 8 years of psilocybin retreat facilitation, Ciara Sherlock has a rich and deep insight into how bringing intention and embodied awareness into psychedelic journeys can create the potential for real connection and healing. She is dedicated to holistic wellbeing in many ways and is passionate about the therapeutic application of psilocybin mushrooms. Ciara aspires to educate and empower people to have safe and meaningful experiences with altered states of consciousness. In 2020, Ciara wrote "The Spirit of the Liberty Cap: A Guide to Foraging & Journeying with Magic Mushrooms", which weaves her knowledge of nature connection, the wisdom of Celtic shamanism and her passion for foraging Liberty Cap mushrooms together into a practical resource for those interested in connecting with the native plant medicine of the Celtic Isles. As well as a psychedelic facilitator and educator, Ciara also is a body therapist, shamanic counsellor & birth doula. She is based in Somerset. 

Learn more at www.ciarasherlock.com.


Ciara is a very special individual. A wise and lovely soul. Softly spoken but instils confidence and offers inspiration by example. Experienced in her craft and a true teacher. And delightful to be around. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this retreat with anyone else and I’m really glad I met her. Keep up the wonderful work.



Ciara brings an authenticity to her work which is strongly evident when you meet with her. She deeply believes in the power of psychedelics for healing and growth, but also embodies a philosophy that most healing and growth is done outside of the experience itself. I look forward to working with Ciara again in the near future as I continue to explore this healing modality.




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