Hapeh & Sananga with Mexican Flowers Ceremony

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Plant Medicine from the  Amazon - Hapeh & Sananga Ceremony

If you are longing to receive and give more love in life, feel more, restore and nourish your heart, let go of sorrows and let in more tenderness, I'd love to welcome you. 

A special ceremony to nourish and connect heart, body and soul.  This ceremony is purposefully kept small to provide space for people who don't like bigger events, so they can feel safe and ease into their process. 

A morning of plant medicine from the Amazon for deep healing and growth. 

We're honoured to be sharing two beautiful, powerful, healing sacred Plant Teachers from the Amazon jungle with you  - Rapéh and Sananga. 


  • Sananga is a sacred healing practice from the Amazon jungle.  The Sananga mix is made of the roots of “Tabernaemontana sananho” and is administered in the form of eye drops.
  • Effects: The plant used in the Sananga drops is rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  This plant-based medicine is traditionally employed to treat eye ailments, improve eyesight, relieve repressed anger, and expel negative energy.   Upon application, Sananga immediately sharpens the senses, swiftly moving to quieten the mind, stopping inner chattering, and settling attention to self-efficacy, finally settling on a profound sensation of gratitude, serenity and bliss.


  • Rapéh is a powerful plant medicine from the indigenous tribes across the Amazon.  This sacred plant medicine has unique purifying, grounding and meditative properties.  We serve Rapéh made by the Yawanawa and Varinawa tribes, and offer different strengths (mild, medium and strong), to suit first-timers or those wanting a deeper experience.
  • Effects: This is a snuff made from tobacco mixed with ash from other medicinal/ sacred plants.  It is applied by being blown into each nostril.  Upon application, Rapéh halts the thinking process and brings the “mind” into the present. It creates the space to sit and release emotional, physical and spiritual baggage, eases negativity and brings about clarity, alignment, and a new sense of inner peace.

Join us for a heart-opening experience with the loving help of jungle medicine: Hapeh and Sananga, plus  Flowers Ceremony.  This ceremony is designed to help you soften your heart, forget about thinking (overthinking) and restore hope.  

** All our ceremonies are designed to work with the HEART. Help it open, and let go of past hurt, overthinking, negativity and toxicity. Restore hope, inner peace, self-love. Come to reconnect with yourself.   If you feel the calling to open your heart softer, and explore a new alternative to restore, heal and uncover the joy within, you are invited.

If you feel the calling to open your heart softer, reconnect with yourself,  and explore an alternative, come to explore.

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Loving Wisdom from Plant Teachers.
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From our hearts to yours: A little help on your path of self-discovery and awakening.
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