All-Night Sound Journey: Awaken to Your Dreaming

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All-night sound journey in Glastonbury - a sanctuary for dreaming and restoration

You are warmly invited to join us through the night from 8pm-8am in a retreat space upon Wearyall Hill - named for being a place of rest and rejuvenation on the ancient pilgrim's path in Avalon.

On the potent land of Glastonbury, we will prepare for the all-night sound journey with kundalini yoga and meditation and a group energy healing session with ritual sacred smoke cleansing, along with a knowledge-sharing on how to invoke various plants for use in your own sacred practice. 

We will share a dream tea to accompany us in our night quest, before reclining into our own simple beds to rest and dream through the night together, supported by live sound to enter into deep states of meditation, dreaming and self-healing. 

At dawn, there will be time in silence to take a cleansing sauna, to journal, or to continue resting, before we close with a sharing circle and light breakfast.

Many people will sleep during the night, whilst some prefer to stay in a waking state - either, or a bit of both, is welcome.


Dream incubation temples have existed in ancient cultures all over the world. Some common practices involve rituals of preparation and cleansing in order to enter with reverence and meet the night with presence; approaching with an intention, question or prayer (for instance, for healing or guidance on a life matter); stewardship by trained guides; and rituals for integration on the onward path. These temples were often cultivated on power spots or sacred land.



8PM - intro and opening meditation 

- intention setting

- kundalini yoga and meditation 

- group healing session with ritual cleansing, including knowledge-sharing on how to work with these particular plants/resins for one's own sacred practice

- dream tea

11PM - all night sound journey until dawn

6AM - optional silent dawn sauna, rest, journalling

7AM - morning tea and sharing circle

8AM - close


Sound therapy

Sound therapy helps to regulate the nervous system and come into states of deep relaxation, encouraging the body-mind to function more harmoniously. Amongst many other things, it promotes healing on a cellular level, improves circulation and people often report feeling revitalised afterwards and with improved quality of sleep. 

The sound frequencies can help the mind to enter into very deep states of meditative awareness, opening to intuition and sometimes leading to profound insights, visions and subconscious processing and release. Everyone will have their own unique experience.

Instruments for the night will include a Chiron gong, crystal and himalayan singing bowls, handpan, kora, celtic harp, various drums, bansuri flutes, celtic whistle, voice, chimes, guitar and more.


Facilitated by:

Annabelle Charanbani - kundalini yoga, meditation and sound

Clara Luz - energy healing , cleansing with plants, meditation, dream tea

Arjun Magee - sound

(See below for bios)


The retreat space, The Gables


What will be provided:

- yoga mats

- thick cushioned mats for the night

- a cushion and a blanket each

- spring water from the red and white springs in Glastonbury

- tea and organic fruit in the morning


What you will need to bring:

- covers to be warm and comfortable through the night (the space is heated)

- towel for sauna, optional bathing suit

- journal/paper and pen

- any healthy snacks you might like to share to break fast together in the morning


Optional preparation:

In order to make the most of the night, in the week leading up to the date you may like to keep a dream journal. Amongst other things, this will help with dream recall.

It is also recommended to eat as cleanly as possible in the days beforehand - removing or reducing processed foods, alcohol and recreational drugs.

On the day, please try to eat your last meal at least two hours before arriving. (Light snacks closer to the time are okay.)


View from the retreat

Travel by public transport

The venue is about a 20 min walk from the centre of town. (There are also taxis if you prefer.)

Travelling from Bristol, the 376 bus goes direct into Glastonbury Town.

If journeying from London, there's a direct coach with Berry's Coaches (£36 return). However, it doesn't arrive until 10pm so it would meaning  arriving the night before. On the return, there's a Berry's coach to London that departs at 8.35am. Other options from London could be  a train to Castle Cary station and  a bus to town or taxi to the venue. (Be sure to check bus times, and taxis are approx £50), OR, a bus or train to Bristol and then the bus down.



Annabelle Charanbani

My name is Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden, blessed also with the name Charanbani Kaur. My path is devoted to the healing and creative arts, supporting people to come into greater presence and to engage with life with more passion, ease, curiosity, confidence and love. We work towards optimising physical health, creative flow, connecting with spirit, and allowing the soul to lead with greater clarity.

I primarily serve with kundalini yoga and meditation, sound, intuitive storytelling, movement, self-enquiry and holistic massage, accompanied by plants. This line of work is ultimately about finding balance - of solar and lunar, personal and impersonal, infinity and finity consciousness, earth-water-wind-fire-ether.

Alongside my studies and training in kundalini yoga and sound, my approach is informed by:
- over 15 years study and practice in various lineages of yoga, including 10 years of kundalini yoga;
- living and studying in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico for a number of years, learning with nature, wisdom keepers and native medicine practices;
- studies and trainings in the neurophysiology of complex PTSD and its application to embodied therapies, with JRI (established by Bessel Van der Kolk);
- over 10 years of guiding people in intuitive participatory storytelling, a practice in waking dreams;
- certification in holistic massage with a combination of TCM and Toltec techniques;
- trainings in energy healing and channelling;
- a background in theatre and the performing arts, as practitioner and teacher, with a BA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama 

instagram: @annabelle.charanbani


Clara Luz

I am a Mystic, Psychic Healer, Visionary and Spiritual Advisor. I have studied Western and Eastern Philosophies, Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage, Theta Healing and I am currently studying Acupuncture. I have a passion for Astrology, Aromatherapy and Herbology. I am a Witch and I work with trusted Spirits and the Elements. 

From a young age I have had an interest in Holistic Natural Health and Well Being and a fascination with Nature and the Supernatural. I have been blessed to travel and have the opportunity to learn the Spiritual Disciplines and Healing Arts of other cultures.

I completed my 4 years of Vision Quest in 2018 and received the blessing to hold Temescal (Sweat lodge). My Altar, from the lineage of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, was passed to me with the specific instruction to use to it to remember our own ways, to recover our own ancestral origins and sacred practice.

I live in Glastonbury, England where I offer one to one healing and group healing sessions with clients seeking Spiritual Support and a clearer vision of themselves. I offer Mediumship and Spiritual support in times of evolution, challenge or crisis. My work is versatile and I can offer instruction to build your own sacred practice and as a muse for creative offerings. Step into the magick with me and we can see what we can conjure.

I also work in a well loved Magical Apothecary, Star Child, and I work with the YMCA doing Youth Groups for Young Carers aged 8-18 years.


Arjuna Magee

I am a multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years of experience in music performance, recording, and teaching drums across the UK and abroad, and was raised in Glastonbury.

From an early age I developed a passion for music and rhythm. I was born into a bhakti tradition, and whilst on a family holiday to India at the age of 10 I fell in love with the ecstatic heartfelt folk music, kirtan. This began my journey of music education, receiving lessons on the Mridanga, the Harmonium, the drum kit, the African djembe, Indian, Irish and Japanese flutes, guitar, hand pan, kora and singing.

Since the age of 14 I’ve been performing with bands around Europe, playing and exploring many styles including Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Folk and World music.

As well as making music, a lot of my focus is now directed toward studying music and rhythm therapy.


"As guide, Annabelle's expertise will make of your journey a comfortable and safe space from beginning to end, without a doubt in good hands for the powerful kundalini yoga. A beautiful Cacao ceremony and the tapestry of sound harmonisation driving my imagination vividly wild. A majestic inner exploration with unique transcending qualities."

“Really lovely and enlightening journey, both Annabelle and Arjuna were great... The sound healing at the end was incredible and I really enjoyed learning about the magic of kakaw.”

“Such a beautiful evening, so touched by all of the love that was offered into the room. Thank you again for a deeply nourishing evening.”

“Absolutely incredible experience -- I left feeling light, healed, and energised. Wonderful & skilled practitioners who made me feel very safe and held.”

“Such a beautiful event. I loved the mix of breathing, yoga, chanting and ceremony.”

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