Kissing The Snake - One day workshop for women

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Hosted by Jewels Wingfield
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A one-day workshop on sexual empowerment & healing 

with Jewels Wingfield and Sonia Sung

Re-rooting women back to our natural Eros & the wisdom of our bodies
Jewels Wingfield has been teaching Sacred sexuality for nearly 30 years
Curious to explore sexual transformation in a safe and gentle way ?


Welcome sister, you are beautiful just as you are

Do you have an intuitive sense that there is SO much more to your sexuality that you have been able to find thus far ? Well, you're right.. there is !!

You are a beautiful, powerful, wild, and deep woman waiting to be discovered. Like a diamond covered in a bit of dust. We have so much we would like to share with you and a passion to create a safe, slow, and gentle space where deep healing is not only possible but accessible to all. 

We honour the sacred intelligence of a woman’s body, and embrace the power we hold to potentise our sexual energy. 

If we can come into relationship with our sisters and come to know them as a sanctuary through building trust, we are then much better equipped to navigate sexual intimacy with others. It is with the support of other women that this work is most potent. From this circle, we can venture out and return to our own hearths to reflect and learn from the experiences we are having. In the ancient sacred sex teachings, this was the way. The elder women held and guided the maidens on the ways of sacred sexuality.

As women we can all too easily launch ourselves into sexual encounters with partners and lovers before we have really felt into what is right for us in each moment. Desire can be a powerful thing and can override what it is we really want or need. Our clear expression of our ‘NO’, or the more subtle dance of asking for what we need.

Whether heterosexual, bisexual or gay, we are all sexual beings. We need to know how to navigate our sexuality in the world as well as in the bedroom, whomever we choose for intimacy. This training is offered to you as a container to heal your own experiences of sexuality as well as heal and transform something in the lineage for us as women.

There is no one ‘right’ way to be as a sexual woman, all are welcome. Whether we are engaging our sexual energy for intimacy with another or using it to birth a project into the world, for personal creativity, caring for family or for healing, the course offers an in-depth journey to turn over every stone that is in the way of our total magnificence.


About the workshop

During this workshop we will explore ….

  • The foundations of how to empower ourselves as women
  • How to feel safe and boundary setting
  • How to connect to our bodies and energies more in a way that feels easeful, delightful, gentle
  • You will be given the essential teachings of our body of work and some experiential explorations

There will be a balance of different things throughout the day to experiment with. The whole day will be held in a safe, trauma-informed container for those vulnerable moments to be fully supported.

You will at no point be under any pressure to do anything that does not feel like a strong yes for you. After all, this is the deep wound women carry in their bodies and have done for millennia – so this is how we heal, to take time and slow down enough to be able to feel where we are, and how we might want to express ourselves or not. 

This one-day workshop includes core skills, practices and insights from our six-day nature immersion we will host in July 2024 at EarthHear in the Forest of Dean. 
To read more about the six-day immersion and to see if it aligns with you, check out my website HERE.


The Space

To help create a safe container in this short amount of time we have together, we ask you to comply with the following:

  1. Be comfortable, open, and respectful - This workshop is to stretch and nurture you. Talking about these subject can be intimidating, confronting, and challenging to some women, so you are asked to be as comfortable as possible. There is no sexual interactions or nudity in this workshop.
  2. Keep confidentiality - Please don't talk about other people's experiences outside of the workshop. If you wish to discuss with a participant after the workshop, ensure you ask for consent.


Is This For You?

This one-day  course (and the full week-long course) is fully inclusive to everyone regardless of your ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, age (18+),  and otherwise. There is no previous experience in this subject field needed; this will be a very safe and calm environment. 

If you have any questions about this workshop, you can book a video call with me directly HERE.
or email me at 

I am always open to discuss if this work aligns with you to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible.


Meet the Facilitators

Jewels Wingfield

Jewels has been passionate about creating a better world from as far back in her life as her teen years. She has spent much of her life involved in activism in various ways. She has always held a deep connection to the more than human world and a calling to contribute to a world of balance.

With over 30 years experience supporting thousands of people to make profound shifts in their lives, Jewels brings a rare wealth of experience, wisdom and skills. Because of this, she is able to meet the wild edges of transformation both personally and collectively – she knows the landscapes that lie on the other side of such a shift. 

“I enjoy working with the edges of life and the aliveness of the places in us we fear to meet. I am devoted to bringing these places out of exile and back into the realm of love. I have been a spiritual seeker since childhood and asked those deep questions about life: why we are here. Since I was a small child I have been a seer and I have developed this ability over my life in supporting others to get to the heart of their blocks and move through them. I passionately believe that our own personal journey is the most powerful gift we can bring to others. This is the foundation from which I facilitate my work as it continues to grow.”

To find out more about Jewels and her work : 

Sonia Sung

Sonia has trained extensively with Jewels over many years as well as many trainings in sexuality work and other healing modalities. She has a rare gift and the spaces she creates are powerful fields for healing. She has a natural gift for putting women at ease and feeling safe and relaxed, her gentle and light touch bring many opening doors to transformation.

She was was born and raised into a traditional Chinese family and then started her spiritual path when she moved to the UK in 1991. She spent many years apprenticing as a Reiki master and complimented this experience with becoming a Shiatsu practitioner. Yoga, five rhythm dancing and meditation are things she practices regularly. Vipassana retreats have also been a real source of nourishment for her.

Her intention and passion is to share her teachings with Jewels in collaboration with women who want to explore the wisdom and landscape of their own bodies and their authentic selves. She believes the body is our teacher she is a powerful and loving space holder. 

To find out more about Sonia and her work : 



Sunday 21 April 2024 

10am – 4.30pm (doors close at 9.50am sharp)

Venue :
Bonnington Centre Community Association
11 Vauxhall Grove
London, SW8 1TD

Cost :
£120 Standard Ticket
£80 Concession
£65 Sister ticket 

What to bring :

  • A bottle of water (stay hydrated)
  • A big floor cushion and/or sheepskin to sit on
  • A thick blanket
  • Lose comfortable clothing to move in
  • Notebook/journal and a pen
  • Lunch/snacks for yourself or to share for a pot luck lunch

Booking policy :
We request that you take the time to read our cancellation and booking policy before purchasing your ticket.
We ask this so you can be sure you’re making an informed choice about your ticket purchase as we do not make exceptions to the policy.
This is important to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time. 

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