Kundalini Activation Energetics for Emotional Healing

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Welcome.  Your essence is calling you.  This is the sign you were looking for. 🙏

Kundalini Activation sessions are like nothing else.  An ancient practice of vital energy transmission known to help release trapped emotions, deep healing and spiritual awakening.  

This is a transformative session of emotional releases and deep healing through the transmission of love energy that will help you activate your own love energy.  Your ability to let go and embrace this energy, opens the door to answers and to healing emotional wounds, stored trauma, tension in the nervous system, and shed what's holding you back in life right now.  

Join us for a beautiful, immersive psychosomatic experience, and tap into your own life-force energy.  Let it help you find your way to inner peace, deep healing and spiritual growth.  An experience of surrender offering a psychedelic state, higher states of consciousness, and re-connection with yourself.  A chance to heal emotional wounds and evolve as a spiritual being on a beautiful journey of growth.

The session follows therapeutic protocol standards.  Your ticket includes Kundalini activation and follow-up 1:1 integration session. 

We start with an intention setting, and mind & heart opening meditation.   You're invited to do nothing:  just be open to receive and let go -at your pace.  A loving transmission of energy follows to help you activate your own energy.  We end the session with a sharing circle for grounding and integration, with tea & fruit.   


  • 👉If you're feeling stuck in a rut.
  • 👉Emotional blocks and life seems dull, lifeless. Lacking purpose.
  • 👉You're going through life changes, and need a break.
  • 👉You're seeking "something", but unsure what.
  • 👉The stresses and demands of life are pilling up.
  • 👉 You feel "empty", uncomfortable, disconnected, BUT you know it's not your true essence, and want to change that.
  • 👉You know you have potential, but something is holding you back.
  • 👉You want to improve your relationships.
  • 👉You're looking for joy, purpose, energy, fulfillment. Peace.
  • 👉Want to feel and be vibrant, radiant. Content. Transformed.

Then, this is the place for you if you're looking to expand, feel love, inner peace, joy, and growth.  Come to reconnect, heal, and renew.  

Ultimately, you want to be at ease, find joy, feel connected within, improve your relationships, appreciate your life more, find gratitude, love, and unleash your amazing, beautiful soul.  We are waiting for you. This is the right place for you. 


  • Wed 22nd November
  • Doors open 19.00
  • Arrival & smudging 19:00-19:15
  • Ceremony: 19:15-20:45pm
  • Sharing circle & Grounding

📍 West Sussex in a private, intimate location for a small group only.  So, if you feel the calling, if this is your time, we're waiting for you.  🙏


✨️AWAKEN your life force energy.  Connect with yourself, and release blockages (emotional, physical, mental and energetic) preventing you from moving forward, and being in your true essence.

✨️GROW out of existing ruts and old stories. Liberate yourself and release past hurt.  Welcome healing, spiritual growth and deepening of your consciousness. 

✨️EMOTIONAL RELEASE through energy healing.  Give yourself the chance to move on, be happier, release what no longer serves you, to shed the old and find what you're looking for.  This pure energy is incredibly intelligent, it will reveal to you exactly what you are ready to see.  Come with an open mind.  Everyone is welcome.  During the session, you only need to lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the process. That's it.  

✨️ A beautiful transformation within begins after you've awakened your Kundalini. Heightened consciousness, relief, anxiety, trauma, and trapped emotions are released.  A state of bliss, calm, and harmony open. 

✨️One single session of Kundalini Activation can be as powerful as years of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices.  If you already do these, it will heighten them.  But, no experience needed.   

✨️Attendees go through deeply healing transformative experiences at both, emotional and spiritual levels.  A beautiful transformation unlocks during and after the session, with meaningful changes in your life: inner peace, relief, harmony, gratitude and joy awaken.


  • 2hr-healing session, complete with priming, emotional release, grounding & integration circle with tea & fruit.

✨️ Follow your intuition. You deserve to find the way back to you.

✨️ Secure Your Spot.  We have limited spaces (small group max 6). Book now. 

Lots of love, 

Olivia ✨️💚

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We're honoured to be part of your healing and expansion journey.
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We look forward to sharing in your journey. 🙏
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Everyone welcome. We support anyone who feels the calling to join and heal. 🙏
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