Silvermouse Psychoactive Solistice at Cobberton Gardens

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🌟🌞🌕Join Silvermouse for an evening of live music with consciousness-altering frequencies as we celebrate the Summer Solstice at the magical Cobberton Gardens in Totnes.

Come and experience the magic of brainwave entrainment audio signals for altered states in LIVE MUSIC.

Connect with the alignment of the solstice and the full power of the sun’s potency.

We will be playing sound signals that resonate with the frequency of the sun and correspond with the specific coordinates of our location on this wondrous planet.

These tones underpin and root Silvermouse’s sound… we bring psychedelic Livetronica - live multi-instrumentals & live electronic music… improvisational cocreation with place, space, audience and universe…

Music, food, fire, elixirs, community, sun, moon, stars, cosmos.

🌞🌟This unique outdoor venue, a 15-minute walk enchanted woodland walk from Totnes, offers the perfect backdrop for a night of mesmerizing music and nature's own beauty.🌿

🌟 Whether you're a longtime fan or new to our sound, this is the perfect opportunity to experience Silvermouse in their natural element - outside, in beautiful nature. Bring your friends, your love for adventure, and your dancing spirit as we light up the night with rhythms, beats and melodies that root and move our feet, lift the spirit, echo through the trees and out into the cosmos beyond.

🍃💫 Space is limited, mark your calendars and visit for tickets.

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This event started 27 days ago

Tickets £18
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