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A cuddle workshop is an oportunity to explore and enjoy non-sexual physical connection in a safe, structured environment.

This experience begins with a series of connection and communciation activities that help participants arrive in the space and in their bodies. Through the activiites, we get to know each other better, and learn how to communicate about desires and boundaries. We also get to enjoy the sensations and experiences of physical touch. This allows a group of relative strangers to learn to trust each other in this held space.

After a shared potluck meal, we will gather for a "cuddle puddle" all together for a period of shared comfortable, cozy cuddling experience. Eventually, pairs and small groups can break apart and enjoy their own separate dynamics.

Caring for consent is required at all times, using skills practiced in the first hour. The entire workshop is clothed and non-sexual. People of all genders are welcome to cuddle with each other. Safety and comfort are the priority.

I (Treasure) am a certified Cuddle Therapist and experienced workshop facilitator. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message!

"A fave moment from LoveJam was going to this connection and cuddle puddle workshop. Can't recommend Embrace Connections enough to my Bristol based friends. There is nothing like a human blanket to keep you warm in a freezing festival field."


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