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For those who are ready to live more presently through meditation.

We're coming together for a month, to go on a deep meditation journey, 
living the insights from ancient traditions and modern neuroscience on 
meditation, relationships, and life…
While getting our remote work done, surrounded by nature.

  • Join a tribe of warm & conscious people, by the famous surf-coasts of Peniche, Portugal
  • Do a meditation every morning & evening, guided by experienced teachers
  • Join and share sessions from the tribe too – from movement & yoga, to ecstatic dance & sound ceremonies.
  • Get your work done during the day – with fast wifi and desk-spaces.
  • Relax with deep conversations by the pool, some sunset volleyball, or going for a surf(!)

This is not a retreat... this is a month creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I would recommend it to anyone that wants to connect with like-minded people, and the present moment everyday, in nature .. while still being able to focus on their own life" – Glenn van Roggen, past colive attendee



It'll take place at a beautiful campus on the beach, an hour north of Lisbon.
With five modern villas – clustered together around pools, yoga shala, mini-gym, half-pipe, on-site surf school, and a sand volleyball court.
You'll have a double-bed room en-suite. With desks to work from in your room, open kitchen/lounges in each villa to chill in, and a main cowork area too.



Every morning we'll have an hour  meditation session.
Alongside a  50 minute early evening sit.
And a 3 hour mini-retreat each Sunday.
All of these are optional; come to as many or few as you'd like(!)

Here's an example of the journey we'll go through over the month:

Week 1: Connection to self, Connection to other

In week one we build a strong container for ourselves and the group. We'll introduce the mindset needed for individual meditation, and introduce innovative techniques that harness the power of the group. 

  • Introduce principles of a strong meditation practice
  • Consciously opening up to gratitude and appreciation
  • introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy

Week 2:  The Doors of Perception

You’ll learn basic techniques validated by recent neuroscience to enter calm, spacious and open states for flow, healing and connection. 
Morning practice will connect you deeper into the present moment and the aliveness of your body.

Practise include:

  • Open focus
  • Mind games for modern mystics
  • Full body awareness

Week 3:  Waking into Awareness

Awareness is at the heart of non-dual meditation, and with your practice stabilising and a strong container, perception will now be subtle and ready for non-dual awareness.  We’ll revise the Internal Family Systems techniques so that mediation supports us to engage more deeply with life, not avoid it. 

Practises will include:

  • Group awareness exercise
  • Headless Way
  • Integrating meditation with your parts

Week 4: Making the practice your own

Meditation is unique to everyone - an art as well as a science. With three weeks of solid practice behind you now is the time to mix and match, developing a practice that is uniquely your own and works for you. You’ll also learn how to generate more pleasure and bliss.

Practises include:

  • Meditation improv jam
  • Silencing the mind
  • Connecting with presence and purpose




Your Facilitators

Sophie Maclaren

Sophie has coached some of the world’s most influential leaders, drawing on a lifetime of meditation and compassion practice. From a young age she trained intensively in philosophy and meditation practices completing tens of thousands of hours of personal practice and teaching and has  facilitated more than 100 retreats.

She has worked as an executive coach and facilitator for the UK Parliament’s Mindfulness Initiative, the European Commission, the OECD, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Formula 1,  and more. She’s often asked to speak for conferences, panels and BBC programmes.

She serves as Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Said Business School, where she lectures on neuroscience, psychology and leadership studies, together with ancient wisdom traditions. 

Amir Giles – Doors of Perception Tour Guide

After facilitating our first meditation colive in 2022, Amir returns!

Amir runs Adventures in Awareness, and multiple events, courses and retreats for The Psychedelic Society exploring consciousness, perception and our relationship to reality.  He is trained as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy, was a facilitator on The Finders Course, trained in Vortex Healing. He has a background as performer, dancer and choreographer, having worked for MARVEL, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, the BBC and a range of theatres from the Royal Opera House in London to the Joyce Theatre in New York. 

★★★★★ The glimpses of what I experienced were revelatory. I felt very supported in the fellowship and in the experience and compassion showed by Amir. Thank you” - Erika

★★★★★ Amir created such a friendly, open atmosphere and guided us to explore lots of fascinating states of mind. He also has a good balance between facilitating but not being too dominant; it felt like a shared journey. Lovely bunch of people and it was also nice seeing the same people every week. Can't wait for further courses like this.” - Alice

Anna Friberg – community manager, Innate 

Anna has been running communities for years now; online and in person. Swedish-Italian, she has also lived in over ten countries whilst living the digital nomad lifestyle. Combining her love for Muai Thai and philosophy with meeting amazing people and building wonderful tribes. 

​She will be facilitating the community during the month; ensuring that the vibe is exuberant.



In the evenings, there will be free time.
For people in the tribe to share sessions with each other.

We believe that those who have an interest in altered states have so much to share, and lots in common.
We tend to have a love of connection, altered states and inward practices.

Ecstatic dance, breathwork, sound ceremonies, circling, yoga, authentic relating, calisthenics, improv comedy
… the session you could share is up to you (you don't have to run a session btw, but it is fun)

You can learn more about our community here >


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "If you are looking to connect with open-minded, kind-hearted, fun, adventurous and supportive people and also want to deep dive on a theme, then this is absolutely for you!" – Vanna Barber, past colive attendee




Everyone we select has work to do, remotely. There’ll be tables and fast wifi. So you can get your work done, collaborate & make your calls.

Start the morning with a meditation together. Then grab a spot of breakfast in your kitchen. And start your work. Take a break to walk in the forest. Or share expertise with a fellow tribe member on their project, by the pool. In the evening, join the tribe for a shared session; maybe this day it's an ecstatic dance & cacao ceremony! After, get some dinner together and have some reflective conversations under the starry night sky. End the day by retreating to your room to journal and sleep.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My whole being felt so content and joyful being so close to great people. I absolutely love the people I've met and I learned so much. – Robin Prospect, past colive attendee



✔ your own double room en-suite 
✔ a full meditation journey over the month, with 8 hour sessions per week
✔ 3 hour mini-retreats each Sunday
✔ Experienced meditation teachers
✔ a full-time community manager
✔ accommodation, including rooms, kitchens, lounges, cowork area, pools, volleyball court, yoga shala & more
✔ surrounded by green fields, near the surf beaches
✔ communal lounge, kitchen, firepit and more
✔ fast wifi & desks in every room for your private calls
✔ 25 inspiring people, carefully selected from across the world


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "nothing less than a transformational experience. The concept of experiencing a different way of life while working is so simple yet so powerful, and the practices were introduced gently and with care" – Egle Vinauskaite, past colive attendee



Early Bird Price:  £2200 (For Psychedelic  Society  or Adventures in Awareness members, otherwise £2440)
Standard price:   £2600
Abundant price:  £2800

To join, register your interest. Then we'll arrange a time to have an online conversation.
We have this conversation to ensure we're a good fit for each other, and ask any questions we may have.
If we're a good fit, then you can sign-up and join(!)


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