Womb Mystery School: 3 Month Initiation

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"Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts." - Katrin  


Welcome to Womb Mystery School: a three month shamanic journey and training programme designed to awaken and heal the Womb space, anchor your devotional path as a Womb Priestess, supported by three powerful plant allies in Womb work: Mugwort, Lady's Mantle and Rose.


A three month container to guide you to the ‘blossoming you’ - the essence and spirit that lies at the heart of your Womb. 

Through this experiential programme you are taken on a journey with sacred plants and symbols of the feminine - which act as keys to accessing deeper wisdom & understanding of oneself. 

Together with other women, we share our stories and begin to weave the magic of plant spirit healing, tea ceremonies, somatic and shamanic embodiment, ritual and delicious self-care modalities to live a more full & rich life, in touch with our Wombs - the source of our power.

Each module forms an initiation into the sacred arts of the feminine with a 3 hour live call, recorded meditations & video content, PDF document with Womb Mystery School teachings, ritual and embodiment practices, Womb medicine making all held in an intimate container of women, forming a supportive space as we learn, heal and grow together.


Artwork by Elisa Riemer 


“Absolutely beautiful course with Bryony and a powerful group of women. To create such a magical, protected space over Zoom is really an incredible talent. I feel the power of my womb has now been unlocked, and I can't wait to see that blossom moving forward. Thank you for everything Bryony.”


The Call

This is for Womxn who feel the drum beat of their Womb, calling them back to the ancient ways. 

It is for those hold a deep remembering of when a Women's body was seen as an embodiment of the Earth, revered as sacred and whole.

In this modern age, the symptoms of a society disconnected from our bodies and the Earth are becoming more prevalent. The rise in Womb health conditions, such as PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and chronic fatigue are a by-product of a world that is far removed from the cyclical rhythms that are here to guide us through this ever-changing landscape. This course is about returning to ourselves in our fullness, integrated in all aspects: health, wellbeing, creativity, spirituality, nature connection and community. 

Here we honour the intelligence of the Earth and our own bodies. 

Within a supportive group of Womxn, we unearth our wild feminine power through an in-depth programme discovering the multi-dimensional nature of our Wombs and Sacred Plants of the Feminine.


“This was an amazingly deep journey into the Womb Cave, a place of learning, resting, nourishing, enquiring and meeting new Womb guides. As with all the work I have done so far with Bryony, she holds a profound and magical space filled with love and passion for this most life-changing work. Thank you.” - Alison


Through our three month training, you will discover tools, knowledge and practices that have been integral to my own healing & empowerment, whilst discovering your devotional path with the Womb:


  • Shamanic Embodiment through each of the Plants, Elements & Symbols
  • Personalised Coaching & 1:1 Support for healing and removing specific blocks you may have in stepping into your service and truth
  • Cyclical Awareness with the Moon, for all life cycles of the Womb
  • Flower Essences to deepen healing and activating your pelvic power
  • Self Care Practices including: Castor Oil Packs, Yoni Steaming, Mizan Massage, Using a Faja, Herbal Medicine, Diet & Nutrition, Womb Anatomy
  • Initiations into the Womb Priestess Path opening the way for sovereignity, self love, trust and devotion to your calling
  • Plant Diets and Tea Ceremonies as a gateway for deeper communion with self, the Earth and intimacy with the plant spirits
  • Alchemical Meditations & Breathwork to awaken personal power - both live & recorded
  • Light Language to activate & heal the Wombspace
  • Ritual Practices for you to dive into between sessions, for creative exploration, integration & deeper embodiment
  • Sharing Circles & WombBuddys deepening intimacy with other womxn through authentic & vulnerable sharing
  • Womb Expansion Journaling Prompts to increase awareness & inspire
  • Resources & Playlists a library of meditations & playlist for your personal practice


“Thank you for such crafting and holding such a powerful space. I can't express how meaningful and potent this journey was for me in the context of healing sexual trauma.”


Three Month Structure

Thursday's 16th February - 11th May 2023, 19:00 - 22:00 UK on Zoom

Meeting every week in our online temple space, we will journey through the elements and sacred archetypes and plants of the feminine:

Module One: 16/02
Bud: Opening Ceremony: Entering the Temple of the Womb

Module Two: 02/03
Mugwort: Witch: Shamanic Journey & Tea Ceremony

Module Three: 16/03
Waking the Witch: Wild and Wise Wisdom of the Feminine

Module Four: 30/03
Lady's Mantle: Alchemist: Shamanic Journey & Tea Ceremony

Module Five: 13/04
Stirring the Cauldron: Combining the Elements for Transformation

Module Six: 27/04
Rose: Priestess: Shamanic Journey & Tea Ceremony

Module Seven: 04/05
Voice of the Earth: The Essence of Creation and the Womb

Module Eight: 11/05
Blossom: Closing Ceremony: Awakening the Path of Devotion and Service


What to Expect:

  • Learn plant spirit communication and how this can be utilized for healing the Womb space
  • Journey with three major plant allies in Womb work: Mugwort, Lady's Mantle and Rose through plant diets, shamanic journeys, meditation and medicine making
  • Step into your devotional path as a Womb Priestess and voice of the Earth
  • Re-wilding your relationship with plants and your feminine nature
  • Unearth ancient wisdom and how this can be applied to your everyday life
  • Discover shamanic tools for awakening the transformative powers of the Womb
  • Awaken your inner Witch: the ancient archetype of the female healer and medicine woman
  • Walk side by side with other Women in community as we reclaim the lost feminine wisdom of the Earth
  • Increase awareness and intuition, whilst building inner trust and confidence
  • Work with embodiment and body awareness practices to deepen intimacy with self and the natural world
  • Release blocks in creativity and expression 
  • Improve fertility, and reduce symptoms of Womb-related health conditions
  • Methods for Ancestral Healing honouring the past whilst writing an empowered present & future for ourselves, eachother and the Earth


"This is an amazing and generous gift of a talk from Bryony. She has clearly been a student of the womb for many years, building knowledge from different perspectives including art, yoga and shamanism. She communicates with authority and passion. I learnt so much! Would highly recommend."


What's Included:

  • 8 × 2.5hrs Live Workshops & Ceremonies
    We meet every other week on Thursday evenings, for a 2.5hr live session delving into Sacred Plants of the Feminine, journeying through Shamanic Embodiment, Creative Ritual, Guided Meditation, Sharing Circles, Womb Activations and Light Language.
  • Womb Medicine Bundle
    As part of your investment into the course, you will each receive a personalised medicine bundle containing: Flower Essences & herbal blends of Mugwort, Lady's Mantle and Rose, Yoni Steam Herbs, Anointing oil & other Womb surprises!
  • Resources & Homework
    Each week you will receive a recording covering the plant and symbol for  your personal exploration, a guided meditation, a PDF with resources, and optional homework, typically in the form of a creative task or ritual.
  • Sxsterhood Pods
    You will be placed in a pod of 4 or 5 other Womxn, so that you can share in depth and form close connections. 
  • Integration Meeting
    The final session will occur a few weeks later, to see how the work has been integrating into your life as you continue your journey into the Womb.
  • Womb Buddy Work
    You will have the chance to connect deeper with other Womxn from within the circle, to share stories, and insights from practices.
  • 1:1 Womb & Flower Essence Coaching
    As part of the course, you will each receive a 1:1 personalised coaching session, designed to support you on realising your specific intentions and calling on the Womb Priestess path.
  • Option for continued Shamanic Mentoring
    To deepen on your personal path of healing and devotion with the sacred plants and the Womb, you will be offered a special opportunity for continued support and mentoring, intended to anchor this work into your body, and infuse with your service here on Earth.


"Bryony’s Womb Alchemy gatherings never cease to amaze, inspire and create magic on a deep level. She holds the space with reverence and guides ever so gently." - Pippa


Using these five components, we will create an informative map to guide us deeper into our Wombs and intimacy with the Earth:



Practices in self-care, working with healthy boundaries as we discover cyclical awareness and natural healing modalities. 
This is about creating a balanced lifestyle that works in harmony with your Womb, allowing you to feel more energised, supported and nourished.


Here we tap into the feminine principle, which is all that is witnessed: ritual, dance, creativity, and emotion. 
Developing tools in courageous expression, as we manifest our dreams and desires.


Discovering your personal path, we explore your unique expression of spirituality, and embodiment of the divine.  
Informing a Womb-led spiritual practice, that meets your needs as a sovereign being.


Community is a fundamental aspect of growth and healing, as through our collective experience and being witnessed - transformation is amplified.
Gathering in circle for ceremony,  intimate sharing and reflection, we are deeply supported in our journey of awakening and service.


To be in service requires that our work is Earth honouring, otherwise we step out of integrity of where life comes from. 
Forming an intimate connection with Nature allows us to become a channel of this divine wisdom, reminding us of our place here on Earth, as a co-creator and steward of life.


This is the path to empowerment, a deep remembrance of something ancient within us that many of us are being called to awaken.


“Bryony is absolutely incredible. This is one of the best courses I have ever taken in it's layers of depth, curiosity and inspiration. Bryony is present, thorough and inspiring. I couldn't recommend this course more.” - Jess


Why the Womb?

As the interface of elemental and cosmic rhythms, the Womb offers a gateway through which one can travel through and to the other-world. 

It is a place of alchemy. Within her void like chamber, holds the capacity to trans-mutate energy, the current of life force from one form to another.

As the source of our feminine essence, it houses our power, passion and purpose. 

However, through living in a fast-paced culture that reveres “progress” and superficial beauty over the depth of wisdom our body and Earth holds, many are disconnected from the source of our creative essence. We have come to fear the dark, ignoring the cyclical rhythms that call us home to restore, reflect and incubate our inner knowing. This separation causes us to doubt and question our intuition, undervalue our creative expression and ignore the signals from our body when it asks us to slow down and listen.

This course is a calling to return to the wisdom of the Earth, the medicine that lives beneath our feet and the restorative dark of our Wombs - to retreat, find nourishment and explore practices that bring balance to the body and soul, awakening the creative and sensual essence.

As we begin to embody the wisdom within us, we can grow a deeper trust and sense of acceptance towards ourselves, honouring the inner knowing that we have when we let our intuition and our Womb lead the way.


"Truly eye opening and life changing. Since the beginning of this course I have felt so much more connected and aligned with myself and my womb. Huge thank you to Bryony!"


Why Flowers?

My journey with plant spirits began when they started showing up for me in dreams, guiding me to otherworlds and magical planes of existence. In these experiences I began to see through the lens of the plants, learing directly from them the medicine I needed to heal my lost and grief stricken soul.

Our existence here on Earth is intrinsically interwoven with the natural world, yet many of us have forgotten this fundamental wisdom,  often causing us to feel seperate, abandoned, and confused as to who we are, and why we are here. Through my personal journey with the plants, I have begun to heal the scar tissue from the debris of life, and soothe the orginal wounding of seperation in my soul - bringing a state of wholeness, and learning the art of bridging worlds.

In shamanism it is understood that plants have a highly evolved conciousness that allows them to exist in multiple dimensions at once. Without the outer distractions of the human mind, plants have a direct line to source energy - connected to the core of existence, yet a unique frequency of the seed that sparked the universe. Through their pure vibration they can accelerate healing, promote clear insight and intuition, and return our vibration to a state of balance, health and wholeness. At a quantum level, they are able to access knowledge and wisdom from higher planes of conciousness, whilst simultaneously existing on the Earthly plane. They are great teachers of embodied wisdom, anchoring into the knowledge that some of our greatest teachings arise from deep within the body and the Womb.  For true healing to occur,  it needs to not only happen through the mind, but through the body and spirit, so the transformation can be integrated at a cellular level.
It is important to remember that plant sprits are guides to healing, and are not intended as a ‘quick fix’ to any sort of ailment and misalignment. They can support the awakening of spiritual conciousness here on Earth, facilitating the movement of emotion and energy, allowing us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that need to be expressed, released and held in love and compassion.
Our bodies and emotions are deep expressions of the soul, so we can use them as a compasss for our healing path, whilst feeling the graceful support of the plants bringing us home.

The three plant allies we journey during this programme (Mugwort,  Lady's  Mantle and Rose) have been fundamental in my personal healing of sexual trauma, lack of self worth, confusion and painful Womb conditions. I cannot guarantee what will unfold for you through working with them, as we each are so unique in experience and what is required for our personal development,  however I have full faith in the expanded awareness, and insight that these plants compassionately offer us. 

Note to add
Please inform us of any physical or mental health challenges unpon enrollment to this course. These plants are very gentle and are generally safe to work with,  but it's  important for us to know so we understand how to best support you through this journey.
Mugwort should not be ingested whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, however it is a powerful ally to work with in conception and birth preparation.


"Absolutely amazing. Bryony is such an incredible teacher - so humble, gentle, and goes at the perfect pace. Really grateful to be a part of this group of wonderful women." - Maddy  


This is for you if…


You desire to discover natural healing modalities for Womb health conditions

You want to increase your fertility and Womb awareness

You're ready to reclaim the Witch 

You're longing to discover your purpose and devotional path

You wish to learn more about flower essences but are unsure where to begin

You're tired of repeating old stories and patterns that keep you feeling disconnected and small

You hear the call of the plants and the path of the Priestess

You are seeking to experience and allow more pleasure into your life

You're dissatisfied with the answers handed to you by the medical system and want to heal at the root

You are wanting to connect to Earth and body wisdom increasing your intuition

You have been searching for a deeper form of Womb Work that speaks to your wild feminine nature

You are desiring for community and a space amongst Women which is inclusive and liberating

You are looking for meaningful ways to unlock your sexuality and ignite your power

You're yearning to feel more alive and at home in your body

You are curious about shamanism and learning about plant spirit communication

You're ready explore and express your sensuality

You're familiar with Shamanic and embodiment practices and are ready to dive deeper

You feel the call of the natural world and want to apply that wisdom in your life


To note...

Although the effects of this work may be therapeutic, it is important to know it isn't therapy. If you are moving through something extremely challenging, we strongly recommend that you combine this work with a somatic/ psychotherapist who can offer you one on one support.

"I absolutely loved Womb Alchemy - it was beautiful and so deep and powerful. Bryony holds a wonderful sacred space with her welcoming and wise energy. Amazing!" - Candice Kali Snow


The Modules

Module One: Bud

The Opening Ceremony

Entering the Temple of the Womb

Our culture has become far removed from the intelligence of the body and Earth, as can be seen in a system that encourages heavy hormonal therapy over simple lifestyle changes as a solution to Womb health conditions. We need to honour the bodies that birth and nurture us if we want to have balance in our lives. 
In this module we establish our bodies as our inner temple, and begin forming a co-creative relationship with the Earth.
We begin our descent into the realm of the Womb, and open the space with a ritual to honour our sacred vessel. 
Reclaiming our Womb as a sacred space, we release myths around shame and perfectionism. Witnessing each other in our fullness, we begin to build our sxsterhood and delve into practices such as altar creation with the sacred elements and directions, cyclical awareness of body and Earth, and daily practices for clearing our vessel for potent creation.

Module Two: Mugwort

Element: Earth 

Shamanic Journey & Tea Ceremony: Goddess of the Wilderness

In our first tea ceremony and shamanic journey, we meet Mugwortherb of the night and keeper of the mysterious feminine. The genus Artemisia comes from Artemis, Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, the Moon, animals, child birth and women’s health. 
This plant of moonlight and archetype of the Witch grows with tall fragrant branches, with leaves that are green on top and dusted silver underneath. 
Mugwort is undoubtedly one of the oldest shamanic herbs, as it opens the soul and sharpens mental perception, whilst enhancing dream recall and lucid dreams.   
This plant is highly valued as a Women’s herb for bringing on menstrual flow, easing in birth and delivery, and is often mentioned as an emmenagogue in modern herbals.
As a ritual and dream herb, Mugwort is powerful at inducing trance in a safe way in reasonable amounts.
In our tea ceremony with Mugwort, you will be guided to the heart of the wilderness, the place untouched by human intervention to meet with an ally and wisdom keeper who will become your supportive and informative guide on this path. We learn tools in concious dream work, and how to navigate the unseen realms as a source of guidance and nourishment in our everyday lives. You will discover how to ritually cleanse your space using Mugwort, and ways to work with this plant spirit for clarity and precision.


Module Three: Waking the Witch

Element: Earth & Water 

Wild and Wise Wisdom of the Feminine

Witch is a word that has been misunderstood, shamed and misused for centuries - here I use it as a  reclaimation of the forgotten feminine, the wise women who communicated with the plants, flowers and trees, trusted her intuition and was guided by spirit. When we reclaim these rejected female archetypes, we awaken to our sovereignity and power.
In this session, we delve into the mythos and history of the Witch, discover plants for enhanced perception and protection, with a shamanic embodiment journey to retrieve this archetype from the depths of the Earth, activating our intuition and reclaiming our Womb Sovereignity.

Module Four: Lady's Mantle

Element: Water

Shamanic Initiation & Tea Ceremony: The Womb Alchemist

For our second tea ceremony, we gather with the auspicous plant ally and Womb medicine that is Lady's Mantle. The Latin name for Lady's Mantle is Alchemilla Vulgaris with Alchemilla meaning ‘alchemy’ - the inner and outer transformation of spirit and matter. A powerful companion in Womb work, Alchemilla is ruled by Venus, who dances the flower of life pattern in the night sky, and whose symbol is emblematic of the feminine, the Womb, and the potential for transformation in the human form. 
In our journey with Lady's Mantle we meet with the Womb of the Earth, working to heal our relationship with the deep feminine, and eachother, the wounding that has us feeling seperate from the whole. Here we reunite with spirit and the Earth as our home. 
In our dance with this benevolent plant, we offer all that does not serve to be alchemised by the intelligence of Water, creating healing on the emotional plane, and clearing negative imprints in the Womb. Lady's Mantle has been referred to as the alchemists secret, teaching us the art of transformation - bringing acceptance and compassion into the challenging situations of our lives
Working with tools for inner alchemy, we learn the practice of becoming the hollow bone - the vessel through which spirit moves through uninhibited, able to potentise healing and transformation on a macro and micro level.  


Module Five: Stirring the Cauldron

Element: Water & Fire

Combining the Elements for Transformation

It has been suggested that the spiral is the most ancient symbol of human spirituality. The downward, inward spiral that transforms spirit to matter, and the upward spiral motion that turns matter to spirit. It is fundamental in the structuring and manifestation of nature, and so it is through the spiral that we return to our true essence of love and wholeness.
We are each unique emanations of the whole that birthed the universe, within us we house the sacred elements that desire for us to remember our inheritance as co-creators in this life. 
Using the allegory of the Spiral, we undergo a ritual to discover what lies at the very centre the Womb, the core of our feminine essence. This is a journey to authenticity and belonging, as we shed the skins of the past to come home to ourselves in our fullness.
Stepping onto the spiral path is like a metamorphosis, those who enter its serpentine path, don't emerge the same.
Exploring techniques in alchemical embodiment, we enter an altered state recognised as Womb consciousness, learning how we can anchor ourselves in this place, guided by our Womb - the inner compassThrough developing an informative map into the Womb, we learn the art of combining the elements to create practices for transformation and empowerment.

Module Six: Rose

Element: Fire

Shamanic Journey & Tea Ceremony: The Elemental Priestess

The iconic Rose – the mystery and history of this plant is beyond comparison to any flower; the oldest fossilized rose is dated to be 35 million years old. These ancient flowers contain within them a wild beauty - grace found within its blooms, and darkness among its thorns.  
This powerful plant has captivated people for millennia, along with it’s usage in folk and women’s medicine.  
Its magical uses connect it to both love and grief, offering medicine for the heart. Medicinal usage is vast, extending from being a cooling agent for the mind and body, restorative and balancing to the nervous system, supportive to digestive health and the immunity.  
Rose has a long affinity with the feminine, known as the “Queen of Flowers" - and it is with this flower that we discover what it means to be an Elemental Priestess and conduit of Earth medicine.
In our tea ceremony with Rose, she initiates us into the path of Love and our higher devotional service, supporting as we soothe the cracks formed within our Wombs, so that we may step forward in our fullness, integrated and whole. This ritual will be a Sacred Marriage of the Elements, uniting the different aspects of ourselves - realising that we can be both/and - wild and wise, sovereign and supported, express beauty and our rage, each forming a unique yet complete petal on the mult-dimensional Rose. 
This alchemical flower teaches us inner union - how to be present and in a state of balance in a world which is so fragmented. To love in these times is a courageous act, and so needed for our collective freedom as it is through compassion, that we can transform.

Module Seven: Voice of the Earth

Element: Fire & Air

The Essence of Creation and the Womb

Forming a co-creative partnership with the Womb and the Earth, allows us to become a conduit for it's wisdom, held in equal standing in our relationship with nature and creation. Here we discover that channeling isn't necessarily about hearing voices or having psychedelic visions,  but about waking up to the knowledge that lives within our bodies, that is in deep communication with the Earth. It's important that we do this work on a foundation of discernment, healthy boundaries and inner-knowing, as to give our authority over to an unseen energy would be disempowering. 
Here we remember that all of our cells form a direct communication line to spirit, just like the plants, so we are always intimately connected to this source, and able to ask for guidance and give voice to this primal wisdom.
Learning how to cultivate a deep relationship with self, spirit and nature, we discover the method for birthing your Earth Song -  your unique medicine and gifts that comes from the deepest embodiment of your essence. As we continue to empty our vessel of the stories that have you living in fear, we open our hearts and Wombs to the possibility of expansion, and co-creation with the unseen realms, to bring the life you truly desire into fruition.


Module Eight: Blossom

Closing Ceremony.

Element: Air

Awakening the Path of Devotion and Service

This final gathering will be a ceremony of Womb empowerment and blessing, as we reflect on the steps taken from bud to blossom, and witness each women in her reclamation of the feminine essence.

In this integration meeting, we are connecting to our personal divinity in a collective prayer space, reflecting on what we have shed and gathered in the continual process of rebirth, through our journey with our Wombs and the Earth. Having begun weaving the practices into our lives, we witness each women as she shares her experience, seeing how we can be inspired and uplifted  by another's unique expression, and support each women as she comes into her blossoming. 

Something really powerful happens when womxn come together, we find ourselves interconnected through our shared journeys, empowered by the solidarity of both being held and holding.

Through collective intention, we have the strength of the group to manifest and make magic, transmuting centuries of separation and competition, that have held us back from our authentic selves and being supportive to each other.


Why participate?

The world needs empowered and liberated women. 

The restoration of the wisdom of the feminine, draws closer each time a woman takes her own power. 

By coming together as a collective, we are part of this rebalancing act, as we restore what was once 'lost' or 'hidden' behind the veil - recognising that it begins with womxn both honouring themselves and their stories. In undergoing this course in a weekly format, we build lasting friendships and connections that will be supportive as we move deeply with the Womb and our own empowerment. This is an in-depth programme that is designed to meet you where you are at, inviting you to go deep as you wish, or take a more gentle course if desired. Through a holistic approach, you are given a strong foundation to make informed lifestyle changes, on all levels - through wellness, expression, spirituality and community. 


If you are curious and want to find out more, or are unsure and want to have a little taste of the work before you commit, then you can join one of Bryony's one off workshops, such The Womb Cave on 30th May or Serpent Dance of the Womb on 14th June.

All events can be found via the Womb Alchemy Activity Page.


About your facilitator


Bryoni Bee


"Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts."


Bryony is a shamanic practitioner and facilitator, skilled in bridging worlds and turning the mundane to magic. Passionate about the revival of ancient Womb wisdom, she approaches her work with a sense of playfulness and curiosity - committed to the path of learning and discovery through creativity and inner inquiry.

Through her offerings she weaves practices for empowerment, alchemical embodiment, movement and meditation, drawing upon a process she has crafted called ‘Womb Metamorphosis' - a unique fusion of shamanic Womb practices and intuitive techniques, designed to bring clients and students a restored sense of balance and embodied presence. 

Bryony's intentions for her service is to support others in discovering tools for self-healing, softening into be-ing, allowing them to lead more empowered and enriched lives with feet firmly planted in the Earth whilst exploring their inner sensual and stellar selves. 

She has extensive training in yoga and shamanic practice, which allows her to navigate the architecture of holding sacred space - through ceremony, classes, workshops, retreats and one to one sessions. She offers alternative and nourishing methods for students and clients alike to discover their own medicine through movement, magic, myth and mystery school teachings.




"This was such a special course which helped me to connect with myself in a way I have never done so before. Bryony is the most humble and modest host who facilitates your journey in a way which enables you to discover your own path and insights whilst growing with the knowledge and beautiful practices she provides. I would highly recommend this course if it is calling to you, there is so much to be learned from our womb wisdom and it is a journey that is only just beginning for me and I am so grateful for Bryony for providing such a profound and long awaited path." - Jess


“Developing connection with my womb is the most significant process in my life. Bryony is the perfect guide to do so due to her ancient wisdom and knowledge. I highly recommend this course as I have been experiencing improved awareness and understanding in all aspects of my life. The 6-week course plus integration circle has been an absolutely amazing journey with a bunch of beautiful women. The aftercare is also outstanding, the meditations and playlists are very useful resources to practice alone. Very grateful for the space, working with ancient symbols is so exciting! Love, Annamaria” - Annamaria


“I've been to many of Bryony's Womb Alchemy events over the past year or so, including the six week course. The events have helped me enormously in a journey I've been on around healing from hypothalamic amenhorrea and reconnecting with my womb. The benefits have been astonishing and often unexpected. The movement exercises and meditations, in particular, have birthed creative visions and shifted emotional/energetic blocks. It's been a great space in which to connect with other women and feminine grace and power generally - highly recommended!” - Anonymous


“Yet again Bryony has succeeded in putting together three hours of mind, body and soul nourishing material which brings together a group of sisters who have never met and yet, share such a special connection, throughout the experience. By channelling the magical energy of the serpent, I managed to shed aspects of grief and trauma through a somatic movement practice and embodied visions of what I wanted to manifest. Bryony is a humble and skilled facilitator who weaves together ancient knowledge with bespoke practices to create a truly unique and unforgettable workshop that will have lasting effects in your day to day life. I can't recommend her work enough x x x Jess x x x” - Jess


I try to keep up a regular practice, but there is something truly magical in the space created and held by Bryony, especially in the group sessions. This session was an important moment in my journey, the stars literally were aligned. I was able to access depths of my inner self and womb like never before; it felt infinite and no doubt the 121 sessions I have been doing with Bryony helped me journey deep fearlessly. As a result I feel more connect to the world and the positive vibrations all around me, I am better able to escape the chatter of my mind, and be more womb led and in my phyical body. I am able to enjoy the delicious feelings of just being here in this moment, and channel the aliveness in my body. I am so grateful for the shared space and energy with all the other sisters. I highly recommend Bryony's beautiful work and encourage regular participation to really experience progress in one's journey.” - Meher


Such a gorgeous experience, witnessing and being witnessed is so powerful, since the session I've been celebrating a deeper connection with my womb and the life force, which we awakaned together. I highly recommend Bryonia as her wisdom, which she shares serves profound healing and supports awakening joy and creativity. The aftercare is also thoughtful and beautiful, the mediation and other resources shared supports me to go even deeper with this practise.” - Annamaria


Supporter: £777
Standard: £666
Low Income: £555
Early Bird (Until end of December): £444

Contact womb.nectar@gmail.com for payment plans and partial scholarships.

There are four payment options to support people on a lower wage. If you consider yourself to be a high earner, then paying the supporter option helps to subsidise places for people on lower incomes. We really appreciate your support. If you feel strongly called to come but cannot afford the low income option please get in touch to discuss something that can work for you.

Practical Info

To join this event you’ll need to create a free zoom account which you can set up here: https://zoom.us/ Instructions on how to join the call will be sent the week before the first session

Please note that we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. We welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know or via Ticket Swap

For enquiries please email Bryony at: bryony.darbon@gmail.com

Website: bryoniamelissae.com 

Facebook Page: The Womb Alchemist

REFUNDS POLICY: Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage reselling on Ticketswap.

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