Music Production Beginner Course with Ableton Live - Facilitated by Sun Anga (Stefano Sgarbi) ONLINE

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Music production is becoming increasingly accessible (and enjoyable!) thanks to programs like Ableton Live. 

From studio productions to live sets. With synthesisers, drum machines, live instruments and vocals. We now have easy access to the tools to make any genre of music. Whether it's EDM, downtempo, uptempo, psychedelic music, organic and ethnic sonorities, medicine music, synth-pop or crazy avant-garde experimentations. All are possible and can be made from the comfort of your own home.

Through this 4-week course, Stefano Sgarbi, with his deep and diverse experience in the field of music (specifically electronic music) will introduce you to one of his best friends: Ableton Live.

Stefano encourages a lively and dynamic learning environment and will take you deep into notions and exercises through a friendly and fun exchange. As part of this offering, he will also be available outside of each lesson for questions and exchanges about music.

His goals for this course are to:

- Help you take the first steps into the learning the software and electronic music making

- Prepare you with the beginning tools and knowledge that you need in order to start making music and have fun with it

- Guide and support you in the process to become a self-standing music producer

For those who want to go further, Stefano also offers private lessons and may consider offering a further advanced course depending on the will and energy of the group to continue learning. 


Do I need any musical background for joining the course? - No. The course is designed for anyone and any background.

What equipment do I need to join the course? - You need a computer that runs Ableton Live and Zoom. (Check the Ableton Live website for the system requirements.)

Do I need to buy Ableton Live? - Not right away. Ableton gives you a 90-days free trial of the full software. We will also discuss this in the course.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help you with any clarification!

Course Dates:

  • Day 1 - Wednesday 16th November, 7-9pm GMT
  • Day 2 - Wednesday 23rd November, 7-9pm GMT
  • Day 3 - Wednesday 30th November, 7-9pm GMT
  • Day 4 - Wednesday 7th December, 7-9pm GMT



Sun Anga / Stefano Sgarbi

Stefano is a producer, musician and workshop leader. He graduated from the Institute of Sonology (electroacoustic composition and sound art) at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (NL) in 2017.

His main electronic production and DJing project, Sun Anga, was born from a research of groovy rhythms, dreamy soundscapes, uplifting buildups and a balance of psychedelic and trance elements. 

Among his many collaborations, he is an enthusiastic member of Sweet Dreams Records, Melusine Records, Electrik Dream Records and the Anthropos Festival family.

Stefano is very active in festivals and events around the psychedelic world since 2012. He played and gave workshops in various events and festivals such as Mo:Dem, Samsara, Psy-Fi, Anthropos, Shankra, WAO, 7Chakras, ZNA Gathering, Forest Star, Mystic Mountain, Summer Never Ends, Wonderland, and more.

Listen to Sun Anga here:

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