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Microsolidarity Summer Camp, Skamokawa, WA July 17-21

What can we learn from the more-than-humans we share this world with about how to build communities of belonging, partnership & purpose?

Microsolidarity is a practice for building and scaling high-trust communities. We create spaces where people develop relationships of mutual support & belonging for purposeful action. This year at Elkenmist, in Skamokawa, WA, the Microsolidarity Summer Camp will explore what it means to cultivate connection with both human and more-than-human beings in relationships of reciprocity.  

Whether you are new to or familiar with microsolidarity, this gathering is an opportunity to learn and share practices for fostering partnership with all life.

A dramatic sunset at Elkenmist

What to expect

Elkenmist is a lush and forested farmland where elk and mist invite humans to become alchemists. We believe there are mythical creatures living on the land which are half Elk and half Mist and who can shape-shift at will from being an Elk to being a creature of mist. We also hope to learn to shape-shift ourselves into the beings we are meant to be through the alchemical process of working on and with the land. Read more…

The gathering is hosted by Sara Bajor, Ioan Mitrea, and the more-than-human beings of Elkenmist. We invite you to join us here, at our home and emerging farmstead on over 120 acres in Skamokawa Valley, two miles from the Columbia River.  

As hosts, we’ll provide “the container”. This means we take care of the logistics and we’ll hold the minimum viable agenda: opening, closing, and some key moments throughout the retreat. 

The container is filled by whoever shows up! Part of the agenda each day will be determined by the participants. We use “Open Space Technology” so each day you can offer what you're ready to share and choose whichever offered explorations are most interesting to you. Offerings could include skill-sharing workshops, food preparation for the camp, discussions, movement practices, art, a walk in the woods, sauna time, writing circles – whatever feels present and alive for you. You will create your experience within a context we'll co-create.

We've worked to make this gathering as affordable as possible. If you would be further supported to attend by receiving some scholarship funds, please reach out to us here: https://forms.gle/GcsXJUADEMUpLeRE7.

A group meal from last year's summer camp.



Camp will begin July 17 and conclude July 21. 

Food & Accommodation

An evening meal will be served July 17th and a lunch on July 21st. Three meals will be available each day between and is included in the ticket price. The food hosting team will prioritize local and organic ingredients when possible, and vegetarian options will be available. If you have further dietary needs, let us know when you register and we'll do our best to accommodate.

 In the spirit of co-creation, participants are expected to contribute to the preparation or clean up of one or more meals. 

Accommodations are minimal and include shared bathroom facilities for tent & vehicle campers. A limited number of rooms with private bathrooms are available for additional cost; contact Sara at Elkenmist (elkenmist@gmail.com) to arrange a room rental. 

A variety of off-site accommodations are nearby.

The food will be delicious.


On the lands of Elkenmist, 90 minutes northwest of Portland, Oregon in Skamokawa, WA 98647, United States (Map). Venue address will be shared with registered participants.

The house at Elkenmist.

Financial Transparency

Money collected from ticket sales will go towards purchasing food and materials for the camp, paying Elkenmist for use of the venue, and paying support staff for preparing and running logistics for the event. 10% of the profits of the event will be donated as a contribution to the Microsolidarity Open Collective fund. 

We've tried to make this event as financially accessible as possible - if a full or partial scholarship would help you to attend, please let us know here: https://forms.gle/GcsXJUADEMUpLeRE7 

More info

If you’re new to microsolidarity, check out the website. There you’ll find articles explaining the theory, a resource library full of community-building practices & a podcast of conversations with microsolidarity practitioners.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask, we’ll be happy to hear from you. If you’re interested in joining, but you have some doubts, get in touch.​


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General registration $250
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