Projection and Emotional Energy

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A group exploration into our unconscious minds, projected energy dynamics and the shadow parts of our psyches.


Projection is an attempt by our unconscious mind to offload our own uncomfortable emotional energy, traits or behaviours, that we’ve been unable to integrate, onto those around us. It's happening all the time and is fundamental to our own, subjective experience of the world. But that doesn't make it real.

Once you begin to witness and understand the mechanism of projection, you can proactively use your perspective as a tool to witness and integrate the shadow aspects of yourself - reclaiming energy and power that is otherwise inaccessible to your system. Through this process, we can also develop better defences and understanding to navigate the projections of others.


This is for you if you:

  • Crave deeper and more authentic connection in your relationships
  • Are holding onto grudges or resentment that you wish you could release
  • Feel unfairly blamed or attacked by people close to you
  • Struggle to let go of anger, sadness or other negative emotions
  • Are prepared to take an honest look at the ways you might be sabotaging your life


The shadow is made up of all the parts of ourselves that we can’t bear to accept. All the traits, judgments and behaviours that we deem to be unworthy. Good or bad - we deny many of our best qualities for fear of being unworthy of love, as much as we suppress our dark side.

All those traits that we’ve been unable to integrate into our being, we project out onto those around us. We become triggered - angry, jealous, judgmental of those who appear to inhabit those traits. But with enough awareness and practice, we can actually begin to use those encounters to help us identify and integrate these fractured parts of ourselves. In the process, we not only reclaim our own suppressed energy and power, we also free those around us from having to carry the burden of our projections. I have personally found this work to create healing and connection in my relationships, where I never thought possible.

It’s no surprise Carl Jung said:

“The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do 
is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”


In this session you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the mechanism of projection
  • Understand how unprocessed trauma, shame, and other emotions unconsciously influence our behaviour
  • Become aware of the unconscious narratives in your life and begin to break their illusions
  • Learn tools and defenses to navigate the projections of others
  • Develop a framework to take into your relationships - to help each other identify and release unhelpful narratives and projections
  • Understand the exchange of emotional energy that takes place in any interaction


All of the evil perpetuated in the world is a result of shadow projection caused by deep, unresolved trauma - passed down throughout the whole of human history. The work needed to heal all that pain doesn’t bear thinking about.

It is the central task for each of us to focus on reclaiming our own projections and heal the relationships around us as best we can. The change each of us can effect in the world, as a result, should also not be underestimated. Will you join us?



"James created a beautiful and multilayered experience which had everything from moments of lightness and humour through to real intimacy and vulnerability. James was excellent at managing everyones differing needs, emotions and capabilities through the process which created a feeling of safety and trust. It was challenging and enjoyable and the insights from the evening are still very much alive for me many weeks later." 

- Bruce, London



James Garside

James is a personal development coach and workshop facilitator who helps people build an unshakeable foundation of purpose and direction for their lives by reconnecting to their core values and what they stand for. He came to this work on the other side of his own long-term existential crisis - feelings of disillusionment at the contribution his career in advertising was making to society, and the lingering shame and self-criticism that told him he wasn’t ‘enough’.

After a painful breakup, losing his job and a subsequent breakdown, his deep pain drove him to explore every technique, workshop and healing modality he could get his hands on, in an attempt to overcome his own demons. Along the way, he realised that what he was truly seeking was more meaning and purpose in life - and that these could only be found by looking within. He now helps to guide people who have come to the same realisation - that there’s more to this existence than just material success, but aren’t yet sure how to move into alignment with the desires of their soul.

He also writes music for meditation and raving. Not at the same time. Find out more about his work at  Instagram @jamesgarside


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Check out James’s video on Projection and Emotional Energy over on the Embrace Everything YouTube Channel.

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