Community Building for Women: creating a space to be human together

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Are you seeking community but struggling to find your people? Looking to cultivate more authentic connections and have deeper conversations?

Join us for our monthly in-person Community Building workshop. We're sure you will love this space if any of these resonate with you:

  • You're craving for community and struggling to find your people in an overly individualistic society.
  • You're tired of superficial connections and are looking for a way to have deeper conversations about what really matters to you.
  • You agree that being human can be a very weird/intense/extremely confusing experience sometimes, and nobody should go through it without support.
  • You sometimes feel stuck and disconnected from yourself and others.
  • You are tired of reading/listening to self-development content on your own without a community to share your insights with.
  • You've benefited from therapy and are taking care of your mental health but feel you lack a supportive community to share your growth and insights with.
  • You're keen to connect with other like-minded women.
  • You're passionate about building collaborative supportive communities but don't know where to start.

If this sounds like you, we can't wait to meet you!

What to expect:

This is a very interactive, fun, deep and reflective workshop where we will:

  • Learn how to (really) listen to ourselves and make space in our minds to actively listen to the experience of others. We will do this through mindfulness, journaling, and reflection (bring your favourite notebook/journal and pen!).
  • Practice peer-coaching and peer-counselling skills to create a safe container for everyone to discuss their reflections and insights with others.
  • Use connecting questions to support our reflections and conversations. These are questions specifically chosen to help us understand and share what truly matters to us and others.
  • Have fun! (whilst setting the foundations for real supportive communities to bloom!).

This community building workshop is brought to you by Held in Community.

At Held, we facilitate spaces to nurture deep human connection based on authenticity, collaboration, and deep respect for the complexity of everyone’s life experience.

Let’s face it – being human is a pretty intense experience. The spectrum of our feelings and emotions is endless and yet, our current society does not seem to provide us with many tools or spaces to process the intensity of our life experience in a balanced and healthy way.

Held aims to tackle our generalised sense of disconnection from each other and the world we live in, by responding to the needs of those who long for real connection and caring communities.

We're extremely excited to share more events with you as we grow! Make sure to join our mailing list and follow us on social media if Held sounds like the space for you.

We'll keep you updated with future events as soon as they come out!

Instagram: @heldincommunity

Facebook: Held in Community

Much love! x

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