Longo Dance Workshop

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Hosted by Dunya Ntinzizi
Enquiries to lilybloomfloral@gmail.com
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ongo Dance embodies the sacred essence of a shamanic ritual deeply rooted in Bantu African wisdom, inviting you to connect with your inner power and sense of belonging. With its 36 graceful movements, each infused with intention, affirmation, and rhythmic breath, Longo Dance nurtures a profound sense of grounding and empowerment. Through its codified movements, it offers a journey of self-discovery and a unique perspective on universal wisdom.

Longo Dance is more than just a practice: It's a holistic journey designed with intention. In Lingala, the Congolese language, "Longo" translates to "anchor," symbolizing its purpose to ground and stabilize the entire being. The essence of Longo Dance is to foster a profound sense of harmony, balance, centeredness, and vitality in every aspect of the feminine self: body, mind, and soul.

A sacred journey: Longo Dance intertwines ritual and wisdom to create a transformative experience. Beyond physical movement, It embraces sacred geometry and ancestral healing.

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