Connecting with rose through touch

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In this experiential workshop we will connect to Rose through a sensorial tea tasting. Rose will create a safe and sacred space from which we can explore more fully our relationship with touch. The exploration with touch will start with self-touch, it will then extend to the environment such as objects and textures and it will slowly include touch with another human being. We will take time to bring awareness to that first contact with another by slowing it down. The session will finish with some bodywork done in pairs.

What to expect:

  • Learning how to receive your intuition in relation to rose
  • Connecting to your body to tune into a deeper state of receptivity
  • Exploring touch in a conscious and consensual way
  • Exploring touch through the guidance of rose
  • Self-reflection and sharing in pairs and in groups about your experience
  • Being held in a supportive non-judgemental learning space

Connecting to a plant such as rose in a group settings has the advantage to amplify and reinforce our individual experience giving us a wider understanding of what rose can offer to us.

All the plants I work with are non-psychedelic plants and are commonly used in herbal medicine. Some are native to the UK, all commonly grow on British land and our gardens. Journeying with common plants can be as insightful and profound as journeying with psychedelic plants with the advantage of being a more gentle process. It does require though a willingness and commitment to drop into our bodies and its sensations in order to tune to the plants’ level as it is a more subtle way of listening.

About the facilitator:

Claire is an insight herbalist who graduated from the School of Intuitive Herbalism in Stroud and offers mentoring as part of the School's online introduction course. She is also a movement artist and eco-somatic practitioner. Her movement art practice is strongly rooted in her relationship with non-human beings such as plants and the ecology of a space. She is the author of How to Be Feral: Movement Practices to Re-wild your Body, a philosophical movement book which challenges our human-centered perspective of the world and encourages us to think with our moving bodies and not just with our mind.

As well as running plant and movement workshops she also offers one-to-one plant meetings and one-to-one somatic movement coaching. For those who have never worked with me I'm currently offering 50% discount on the first three sessions. I'm also offering a free session to anyone who refers me a new client.



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