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Dearest women & womb folk, 

You are warmly invited to join Roxana, Faye and Anaïs for a lustrous half-day retreat dedicated to connection to the Red Rose and lineage of the Divine Feminine Mysteries. Rose is the highest frequency flower that supports us in aligning with our highest selves and universal energy of unconditional love. 

You are warmly welcomed to drop deeply into yourself, to the vibrant life force you carry within. Here we offer you the opportunity to pause, be nourished and nurtured in a deeply supportive environment - the sacred embrace of the feminine.

Over this beautiful half day retreat you will journey alongside other beings who are with you on a quest to rewild the ancient magic encoded within their sacred wombs and hearts - awakening to the unfurling of divine love.

If you have been yearning for the space to explore and reconnect to your divine feminine spark and the powerful transmissions of the Rose line - this exploration  is for you.

Enter the temple of the Rose and unfurl your potential in divine love.

Unfurling 🌹 

Activating 🌹 

Embodying 🌹 



What to expect? 

  • Rose & Cacao Ceremony
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Voice Activation
  • Somatic Embodiment
  • Rose Frequency Teachings
  • Anointing Ritual
  • Rose Water Blessing


We have carefully created this container to be a retreat from your busy everyday life, a space for you to drop into your feminine essence and connect with your womb space guided by the Red Rose. 🌹 


What to bring?

  • You are invited to dress in Red, White or Black ceremonial clothing (optional)
  • Yoga mat, cushion and blanket
  • Journal
  • Water bottle
  • Altar items/ Object of significance (optional)
  • Eye mask (optional)



Roxana - @imbody.journey 

Roxana is a Somatic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher with a background in Neuroscience and Mental Health. She believes in connection and community and loves creating spaces where people can heal by being their authentic self and being supported. 

Roxana draws upon her neuroscience and mental health knowledge to design holistic events and experiences that integrate the body, mind and soul, via somatic practices, intuitive movement and dance.

Anaïs - @unfurling.alchemy 

Anaïs is a multifaceted Space Holder, Rahanni Energy Healer, and Cacao Ceremonialist.  With her Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces her offerings are blending practicality with intuition on a soulful journey of healing and connection. 

Anaïs believes in infusing ritual and ceremony into community spaces to support collective healing. She draws spiritual guidance from her deep connection with plant allies like rose, blue lotus, mugwort, and cacao.

Faye - @divinelysoulful 

Faye is an Energy Healer, Space Holder, and Writer specialising in Seichim and Angelic Reiki, ceremonies, and Red Tent gatherings. Working with the teachings of the Rose Lineage and Magdalene Path, Faye supports women in reconnecting to their inner divinity through the gateways of the heart and womb. 

A devotional artist and perpetual student of the divine feminine mysteries, Faye also weaves in themes of Sacred Union, self-love, and oneness into her spaces.



  1. There is very little phone reception at the venue. We encourage you to take the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, and to fully immerse yourself in nature. Prepare the people you love prior to attending by letting them know where you will be.
  2. Our spaces are open and welcoming for anyone who identifies as 'woman' or resonates with the embodied female experience, femme folk, including non-binary womb folk, queer and trans women.
  3. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the venue. However if you are struggling please let us know as we will arrange a whatsapp group for lift shares etc.
  4. While this work may have therapeutic benefits, this is not supposed to be offered instead of, or as a replacement to, therapy. If you are seeking therapy then we encourage you to seek 1-1 support from a qualified psychotherapist. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges please contact us in advance so that we can have a conversation about whether this retreat is right for you at this time.

ACCESS:  We do our best to include everyone in our events, regardless of health circumstances. If you have access requirements please email Anaïs at directly to discuss.

REFUNDS POLICY: Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges.

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