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Join Desiree, a powerful witch since her childhood, on this journey to reconnect with your own magick.

This month the New Witches Club founded by Desiree will be even more special bringing a bigger ceremony to explore witchcraft, cast spells, and celebrate Beltane


At Beltane we celebrate the time between Spring and Summer Solstice honouring the blooming and growth around us to invite the same within us for blessings and abundance.


During our Ceremony, we will journey with energy healing to call in the sun energy within us and invite deeper grounding within, we will create a special herbal offering for nature to help us recieve the abundance we seek and cast a powerful spell all together to help us manifest our intentions.


Who is this for: This is open to anyone that feels called! Witches can be any gender just experience the joy of meeting other fellow spiritual people!


In this Ceremony, you will:

  • Experience energy healing to help release stuck energy and call back power within
  • Create your own powerful spell to invite a change full of blessings and abundance
  • Learn the basics of Witchcraft and how to perform powerful rituals for manifesting

This Ceremony is for you if:

  • You are ready to shift away any heavy energy
  • You are ready to call in new blessings
  • You are seeking a supportive spiritual community
  • You want to experience the healing of energy
  • Coming together for this special time will help amplify your magick

Please bring:

  • A journal and a pen

An important note about arrival:

Please arrive 15 minutes before to make sure to have access to the space, late arrival will not be permitted to respect the timing of the ceremony and energy

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