Regens Unite London 2023

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The very first edition of Regens Unite London will be held at Cody Docks, an oasis for birds and boaters in the heart of East London.

A gathering, not a conference! A safe and brave space where we can meet each other and unite despite our different perspectives. Learn to restore a boat, how to use new (crypto) currencies, use ChatGTP for your work, about the management of green spaces in this unique part of London, how to mint a digital collectable, or take a guided nature walk.*

Some of us come from tech startups, regenerative finance (aka ReFI), Artificial Intelligence work, some of us come from activism, local cooperatives, the world of arts, permaculture, and eco-villages, some of us are yoga teachers, healers or embodiement practistioners... What unites us? We all want a better future, for people, communities and the environment.

It's the opportunity to get out of our respective bubbles, discover new solutions, build new friendships and find out how we can support each other in this journey.

This event has already happened in Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. In this edition, we're particularly hoping to bring together ecologists, technologists, and finance people with a connection to East London.

If you are working on or interested in sustainable solutions, either for yourself, your community, your business, or your environment, then this is the event to meet and connect with others. 

Our hope is that by attending a Regens Unite event, you will build new relationships, learn something new (sometimes outside of your comfort zone), discover new communities, and leave rejuvenated and inspired to build this regenerative sustainable future together.

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