Return to the Roots - Interactive Poetry Recital & Sound Meditation at Plot9

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Hosted by Bristena G. Mantu
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Step into the poetic realm with Bristena G. Mantu, where she navigates the enigmatic depths of the human condition against the backdrop of perplexing complexity and the evolutionary upheavals of our modern era.

With a tender heart, visionary spirit, and boundless creativity, Bristena weaves a poetic tapestry that reflects her moral quandaries and psychological struggles and can evoke transformative thought processes.

The recital will involve an interactive dialogue with the audience based on the themes arising in the co-shared space, alongside immersive sound meditations facilitated by Soluminae, creative sound artist. 

In her lyrical journey ‘Return to the Roots’, Bristena will

  • Push the boundaries of human resilience amidst turmoil and adversity,
  • Plunge into the abyss of despair, retrieving glimmers of healing potential,
  • Confront the shadow of self-forgetfulness in a world rife with divisiveness,
  • Return to the primordial essence of the Essential Self nestled within our very core,
  • And embrace a sacred reverence for life and the interconnectedness of existence.

And as she beckons, she whispers:

Oh, and let us be soft with our edges

our growing edges, my friends,

those that stretch our being 

towards horizons of novel existence

and depths of yet unknown mystery!


Bristena G. Mantu, a psychospiritual psychotherapist and poet, is the author of 'Inner Callings - A Pilgrim's Diary', a collection of therapeutic poetry. Driven by profound inner struggles and a deep empathy for humanity's collective conflicts, Bristena has dedicated herself to personal and spiritual growth.

With a deep commitment to healing and the restoration of the human spirit, Bristena's work serves as a guiding light in these challenging times, reminding us of the importance of reconnecting with our spiritual roots to overcome personal and collective crises.


"Unusual for our turbulent times, fraught with pandemics, poverty and war, Bristena's poetry exults in light, love, soulful overflow, and inner peace. The recipe for such inspiration could consist of remembering her spiritual roots, a  rigorous grasp of self-knowledge gained through professional training and a burning desire to align her soulful experiences with the body. In a world of duplicity, fakeness and imposture, the honesty and courage to share such material of therapeutic merit deserve to be cherished." (P. Stoicescu, literary critic)

"Bristena's poetry urges us to accept our destiny with serenity, with no remorse, lamentation or revolt. Many trials will appear along our way, but we shall discover the quintessence of life within them. Bristena knows how to bridge the gap between two worlds or two hearts. At peace within herself, Bristena gifts us a kind of poetry that, I believe, will not only resound in the world of art connoisseurs but also across all communities who value love, kindness, generosity and true friendship." (I. Chiracu, engineer, reader)

"Bristena's poetry is not only a pilgrimage of self-exploration and self-analysis, for Bristena isn't just a pilgrim, but a wonderful "pelerina" (raincoat) defending us against the rain, the sun, the clouds, helping us to (no longer) be afraid of Ourselves! Bristena loves the human soul and encourages us: Don't forget where you come from! How many soul doctors write bilingual poetry, daring to expose the radiograms of their own inquiry, as if awe strikingly turned into art exhibits?" (C. Goldu, Ph.D., Romanian Language teacher)


Please arrive between 11.45-12 at Plot 9 Maze Hill. 

Plot 9 is in east Greenwich, a few minutes walk from Maze Hill Overground Station but a little bit convoluted so please look at video directions here showing how to get there from Platform 2 of Maze Hill where you'll alight if coming from central London.

It is also possible to travel via North Greenwich and get the 188 or 422 bus, alighting on Trafalgar Road or Woolwich Road, walking up Vanbrugh Hill, and turning right onto Restell Close. The space is halfway down the hill on the right. Google maps pin. Address: (opposite) Leamington Court, Opposite, London SE3 7RD

If you're driving, there's usually plenty of free space on nearby Humber Road. Plot 9 is not (yet) wheelchair accessible.


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