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Sex Club Retreat II is another weekend edition with different themes and exercises to explore yet more areas of expansion and liberation related to your sexuality. You don’t need to have attended Sex Club Retreat I to attend Sex Club Retreat II.

★★★★★ The Sex Club weekend retreat gave me way more than my highest expectations. What a gift to take out into the world of future relationships. It’s hardly surprising after we’d all journeyed so far, and so intimately together, but I sense some of the new friendships forged there will endure for years. Amazing. Thank you.” - P. 

WEEKEND THEMES: Truth, Love, (no) Orgasms, Sensuality & Playfulness
TIMES: Sat, 15.3. 12h - 18h (Berlin, CET) + Sun 26.3. 11h-17:30h, incl. lunch breaks.
PARTICIPANTS: min. 10 - max. 24 people
PRICE: Low Income: 150€, Standard Income 210€, High Income 300€
Further discounted tickets available on request depending on your circumstances.
LANGUAGES: English, German

Sex Club is always evolving and growing, with each group we learn and refine our process. But, some things have held true from our first ever groups - the space we create together is brave and held, playful and deep, supportive and challenging enough that we stretch and grow without pushing ourselves to go anyway we’re not yet ready to go. 

The process is informed by a set of principles that help form the container for each person to go on their individual journey, to explore the parts of themselves that most need exploration and to find areas within themselves to expand into. 

It’s a beautiful and transformative process that invites you into a greater sense of joy and liberation in your relationships and your relationship to sex. 

★★★★★ “I can't thank you enough for the weekend. It opened my eyes to a lot of what I've been hiding from myself and really shook up the way I connect with other human beings in such a positive way. Each exercise brought me further in touch with myself and closer to understanding my sexuality. Some things were challenging to face but I am incredibly grateful I have been able to drop some of the burdens I've gotten so used to carrying." A.

★★★★★ “If you are into growth and discovery, challenging yourself, exploring new territories with others, join the club, you won't regret it” - Chris


As with every Sex Club, it's a clothes-on space where we inquire into our sexuality via spoken inquiry and embodied explorations all influenced and informed by modern psychology, psychotherapy somatic experience and conscious sexuality practises.

We’ll be exploring the following themes in relation to your sexuality…


The foundation of so much of what we do is a commitment to truth, to inquiring deeply to better know ourselves so that we can better know what we want, don’t want from our lovers, our love making/ having sex and communicate with ease.


The sense of openness and connectedness that comes from feeling safe enough to say what we feel and what we want creates the space for our hearts to open and love to come through even if only for a fleeting moment with a fleeting lover, in a committed partnership or anything in between.


The sensory pleasure of sex is a rich and juicy space for us to inquire into and enjoy. We’ll look at ways we might bring more of the senses into our sexual adventures. 

(no) Orgasms

We reflect on the relationship to our orgasms (regardless if we have them or not) and the (absence of ) orgasms of our partners. We explore what it feels like to take the pressure off and to move away from goal oriented sex.

Play (fulness)

Joy, play and creativity are magic ingredients in the soup of our sexuality. We look at how to introduce and increase them in our sex lives to move towards a more free, creative, present and connected sensual and sexual experience.

★★★★★ In connecting with others as I have done this weekend, I have re-connected with myself, my needs, and my wants. And in connecting with others I've remembered, as I do whenever I share in a well held communal space, how much I learn about myself by listening to and witnessing other people's experiences of themselves. Sex Club is a well held space thanks to the facilitators, and their empathy born of experience. It's such a blessing to have this space to learn with and from others." Jim H.


Each day follows a similar structure with content building on what came before. The flow of each day is designed to bring us deeper into connection with ourselves and each other. 

DAY 1 - SAT, 25th MAR

11:45h - Arriving into the space
12h - We begin with the principles and agreements of how we hold the space together
13h - Pods: a smaller group within in the group for you to check in with each morning
14h - Break
15h - Spoken and embodied inquiries into the themes of the day incl. breaks
16:30h - Check-out
17h - Close 

DAY 2 - SUN, 26th MAR

10.45h - Arriving into the space
11h - Pods: a smaller group within in the group for you to check in with each morning
12h - Spoken and embodied inquiries into the themes of the day
14h - Lunch
15h - Spoken and embodied inquiries into the themes of the day incl. breaks
17h - Check-out
17:30h - Close 

Over the weekend we will create a container together where through shared vulnerability and a commitment to each other we’ll create group trust so it will feel safe to go deeper into our experiences, de-armour insecurities and shame through exposure and find new confidence and comfort in ourselves as sexual beings.

Whilst we will offer a framework of exercises, this course very much focuses on tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of the group. No one has figured out how to do sex or intimacy, yet we’ve all learned something along the way. The space will be held safely yet bravely. It is confidential and we each share only what we feel to share.

As with every Sex Club it works on multiple levels. You have the opportunity to:

  • Practise speaking about sex in a trusted, non-judgemental and low stakes environment
  • Connect in person with likeminded people and join the Sex Club Community
  • Hear and learn from other peoples’ learnings, knowledge and experience
  • Process your sexuality and translate your experience into words
  • Inquiry into your desires and fears, and through awareness acquire agency to change patterns that don’t serve you anymore


  • This course is fully inclusive and valuable to everyone regardless of relationship status or model you’re in, age (18+), ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and experience, religious beliefs, income and otherwise.
  • Although this workshop is therapeutic, it is not therapy. Whilst we set up a container that enables trust and honesty, we ask everyone to take responsibility for their experience. Please speak to your therapist if you have experienced abuse or trauma through touch or otherwise before you decide to take this workshop.
  • No previous experience in Sex Club or similar workshops is required.
  • No partner is required and everyone will have the opportunity to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experience. Join by yourself, with your friend(s), lover(s), partner(s). 

★★★★★Really recommend this to anyone looking to explore and understand themselves better, in the context of sex but also broader wellbeing - spirtual and emotional. Attended this with my partner, and even though we didn't work direcly together for most of the retreat, we've learned so much together, and are applying what we've learned to our relationship. It's not meant to be therapy per se, but honestly as an experience it has been more supportive to us in a our relationship than couples counselling! The facilitators did an incredible job creating a safe space, in which to explore really important dynamics at play in our sexual lives." Nadia Schweimler


  • Please bring a negative Covid self-test regardless if you're vaccinated or recovered.
  • Please come wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle.
  • There will be a break for lunch. Please bring any food or snacks you’ll need to sustain you. There are also shops close if you prefer going out for lunch. We’ll provide coffee, tea, and fruits.


Unfortunately, this venue is not easily accessible for wheelchairs. If you still like to take part, please email us. The workshop features minimal visual cues and can be suitable for people with visual impairment. The workshop features talking and listening and might not be suitable for people with a hearing or speaking impairment. Please enquire with us if you have questions. Our events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask that you respect this request.

We want Sex Club to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. If you are a high earner please consider the High Income Ticket which sponsors people with low income. We have a limited amount of further discounted tickets incl. installments available for people with no income. If this is you, please apply at with your motivation to join the course. Please send an email if you don't have a credit/ debit card, you can also pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

★★★★★ “Honestly worth every penny." - A.

Sex Club @ Noisily Festival 22, UK


★★★★★ "The facilitators were fantastic examples of facilitation at its best. They took time to create and hold spaces which enabled us, the participants to develop relationships with each other within ridiculously short spaces of time. They included themselves and referenced their personal experiences and foibles which made them both human and relatable. Participants felt safe to share with each other, including some very private, never before shared experiences and that was down to the skills of the facilitators. I found the retreat exhilarating, challenging, an opportunity to learn about myself and was left wanting more please.” S.R.

Juliane Mueller
I am a counselor, facilitator and designer of transformational spaces to further our individual and collective evolution.

Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation, without which there can be no meaningful societal progress. To this end, I I co-founded Sex Club in 2017. 

When designing and facilitating group processes, I focus on tapping into the existing wisdom and resources of the individual and  group. Through exchanging their process with each other, creates by nature an up-to-date peer-to-peer learning environment.

In my therapeutic work, I support individuals and couples to resolve inner conflict and strengthen their self-leadership.


★★★★★ "What a wonderful experience! I am still integrating how much I learned! I felt very safe in the "brave" space Jules created. It was a fruitful exploration of the topics. Beautiful exchanges with the group, simple embodiment practices, and empathetic facilitation. Everyone should have the chance to participate in such an event!" - Louise Plessis, Berlin

★★★★★ "The space was held beautifully and created an environment where I could share things I'd never spoken about before. They also encouraged us and created a framework for us to feel into how much was right to share at any moment, to stay in the learning zone rather than the panic zone or comfort zone. Lots of depth, and also lightness and joy." - Emilia M., London

 ★★★★★ "Loved the weekend. It helped me to get a better perspective on some interesting behaviours and subconscious programs still at play. It was so good that the second day was flexible. When peoples rawness came up from the second day some of the activities changed to accommodate this which was perfect! Can't wait for the next retreat.” - George G., London


REFUND POLICY: Please note, we only arrange refunds in exceptional circumstances though you may pass your ticket on to a friend or a different event.



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